Friday, October 14, 2011

Ok, I 'get' gunwalker, but WTF

Yes, this is old new news, but why did it occur to anyone to even think about doing it? The gunwalker prototype Linebacker was a clusterfarq and actually stopped by the Bush justice department once it was discovered.  So someone wants to, under the radar, whip up some good old fashioned support for gun control. Maybe among newly favored voting blocks, or just as a reason for amnesty-too dangerous for illegals to go back home. Or as ammo to back up the stupid news stories of the 90% lie on Mexican guns. Or sending weapons to another nation to back a 'winnar' in the drug war, but without actually telling said country you are arming the men killing their soldiers, police and citizens(Srsly, but I digress). So we have reasons. Now what?

 'They' er 'someone' ok straw buyers buying loads of guns and throwing them over the boarder. Yay, evil gunstores and gunshow boogiemen, not calculated plans to allow it, we can hide that. And then just flat out giving away NFA guns/ guns outlawed by the '86 firearms owners wrongs rights act. That could be twisted to blame LE distributors backdooring the guns. Great. Got it so far. Still blames Americans and gun owners and sellers. We be evil and all that. Where in the hell do you get 'nades in the mix? Is it part of adding the "E" to BATF? I've got nothing there. New low</sarc>. Makes Iran-Contra look like a cigar holder. Projection? "Bush is a moron, so we have to prove we are beneath him?"

One of these things is (not) like the others?

No comment. Wait, the Imadinnerjacket photo is not sized correctly. Yeah, that's it. Could they have not found a Mittens Obamney photo too?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Get some....

Very disappointed to find out it was just a jeweler. Had to settle for BBQ instead. Great brisket!

Friday, October 7, 2011

I had a post, but the dog ate it...

Actually, I pulled my head out of my..... Well, anyway, I had a good range trip last week with my el cheapo High Standard 1911. 220 rounds out of it. Problems with the same "Kim" mag, so it is in the crap pile. The "Sig" mag's baseplate shattered. Again, crap. Wilson mags- great. the ACT mag that came with the HS- great. The worn Taurus mags- no slidelock when empty. Need springs, very soft compared to the other mags. 50 hollowpoints fed great.

Why did both the PT1911 and the HS have the same POS sear spring? They must get the springs from the same supplier. Both now have Wilson springs, because they were in stock at the time.