Friday, June 29, 2012

More on the last range trip

7.62x54R reloads, described below. Plus a few .223.

7.62x54R at 50, 175 grain bullet, 45 grains (Must have missed one? This gun does that sometimes) Win748. Plus some .223 reloads.

110 grain 6.8- Hornaday or Nosler, 27 grain or 27.6 grains Re10x

Now that we have a breathing tax, and CO2 is a pollutant

Will the IRS become a eugenics organisation by combining with the EPA? Every person denied lifesaving treatment could be counted as a carbon credit. Hell, some of the more militant environmentalists would be tripping over themselves to be on death panels.

Phone updated

Did not brick, or de-root itself. I think. But it is a Samsung ExhibitII 4G, but now the splash screen says ' 'Galaxy Exhibit' on startup.
Added: silly me, now it screws up usb-mtp mode. And won't restart all the time. 

Projection in the tea leaves

When Nasty Nancy Pelosi rushes to the microphone to declare the prosecution of Holder to be a political act, not a law enforcement one, my projection meter pegs. Maybe it was hearing her crow the same lies about Obamacare yesterday as she did in '10 (guess Roberts had to not read it to find an inactivity tax) or it is the fact that they walked out on family of Brian Terry and others....I know it is red tofu to her base (and Ol' Tommie Harkin's) but it comes off as uninformed and blindly lashing out to those in the know.


You set up a time for a tech to come out to check your DSL. Then it starts working. Hopefully something shows up.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme watch tres

So, do I have to engage in commerce or get forced at gunpoint to pay tribute? The world wants to know.

"We've solved the uninsured problem""


"We'll put you in prison if you don't have insurance! We are brilliant!"

100 degrees out- range time

Hottest day in 6 years? Yesterday was the perfect day to go to the range. Not too many other people thought so......

Did some reloads for the 6.8, .223, 7.62x54R. Shot Zombie consumer chicka (phone and doggie, even hit the phone with the m44) at 50, others at 100. No home intertubes for some failtastic reason, so these pics are all I bothered with so far.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bloomberg gets cool

Telling New Yorkers how to save on AC costs while having his own personal car window unit.

The article says he has been in trouble for idling his evil SUVs, and still wants a nice cool truck to be driven around in. Hope that truck's cupholder won't hold a Big Gulp.

That annoying guy at the range

That won't shut up? I know, it is me sometimes. Half the time I do it just to see the caliber of knowledge other people shooting have. Sometimes, I learn new things. Sometimes I get to shoot cool guns.* Sometimes, I meet morons that think they know stuff. The range I joined seems to have a decent number of good guys belonging to it.
*Positive reinforcement always brings about a behavior, right?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I hate to point this out

But does that sick f'er Sandusky think he is Rorshchach, wanting to be in the general population? Or is he really as messed in the head as everyone all imagines understands him to be? I could see this as a possible attempt by his lawyer to get him put in special housing. (no concern for his own safety)

My only concern would be, were I on the firing squad, is how could I be sure to -not- get a blank......

Things I pay for

Ads during Rush Limbaugh and other talk shows urging me to use my free Obamacare benfits. While the irony is strong, stop using my money to tell me to you are spending more of my money. I'm going to drink some TEA.

End solitary confinement?

Better get it done before too long.* Sandusky isn't getting any younger.

*Hate to side with the Every Single Punishment is Cruel and Unusual crowd, even if only to make a crude, insensitive joke about a perverted, powermad child molester/abuser.

Yeah, I could have linked to the Time version instead of the Hot Air version. Where is the fun in that?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Range time part whatever

Yeah, I kinda treat this as a reloading log, too.
Very nice out tonight, a breeze but not a swirling maelstrom at the range. All targets at 100 yards.

Barrett and SSA 115 grain. AFAIK it is the same stuff with a different headstamp.
Hey, a guy has to make more brass somehow!
A repeat load- 90 grain Speer TNT over 30.7 grains of Re10x.
The Nosler 110 seemed to improve at 27 grains

Picked up some Tula 148 grain ammo- I'm tried of cleaning every time I go
to the range. 9of 10 hit the target. The last five were fired quickly- one of them
was a miss.

One more Nosler 110 grain group, 26.7 grains of Re10x

My goofy 6.8x43 Frankengun. The  2 stage Armalite tactical trigger is set at the
lowest setting.

And a non-action shot of the borrowed M44, bayonet properly extended.
 Like the high tech rest? Nothing but the best!
Yes, I went to the range and only expended 40 rounds. And I'll do it again later this week.

Supreme watch deux

Maybe today the Supreme Court will announce decisions on O-care and SB1070.  Or not. Drama queens.

Don't know why 'we' would get penis-y, er cocky(Family Guy). I figure whatever the most incompetent solution to either law is will occur. The mandate getting severed while the rest is upheld. Or states being told to officially butt out of all immigration law. I could see the former(and laugh), the latter might be interesting (bad interesting). Of course, if states could not make immigration laws, can they make gun laws? But I am no lawyer.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fun show!

Last local fun show until September. (that I know of) Didn't exactly buy all the 6.8 spc ammo. Sure bought the last of the new brass, though. Saved a haz-mat shipping fee- found some CCI 41 primers at the show (Across from Robert, no less). Had to pass up on a decent Mosin Nagant 91/30 from 1939 that I really liked- I'd blown my cash on the brass and primers, and that dealer was a cash/check only dealer. He also had a Chinese M44.

A lot of AK's for some reason, or I just noticed more.

The guy at SOTA seemed surprised at the groups I've been getting from his upper. He confirmed that it was a Midway barrel he used on that run. Don't know if I'd buy one at Midway's price, though. For that price I can buy one from H at and be on the bleeding edge of the 6.8x43. When he gets done shipping his shop, anyway. (I think I just gave something away there.....)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot chick up on stage tonight

Went to see Idina Menzel's Barefoot at the Symphony tour at the Civic Center.

Pretty funny, instead of "Freebird" you want to shout, "Defying Gravity!"

Eating at Zombie Burger Tonight

Like the title says

Below is the #1 Zombie Burger Triple

And if you drink too much, head into the little zed's room

Last Saturday's Range Trip

12 gauge at 50 yards. Plus some .223. Looks like the red dot needs adjusted left sightly.

Some ammo at 100. Might be 6.8 or 7.62x54R. 2 shooters, 2 guns, one target.

Some of the 7.62x54R @50, and .223

7.62 @ 100

Home on the range

New place just delivered. Whaddya think?

Names matter

Don't forget Brian Terry, Mr Spinmeister. Government is hard, I guess. In the rush to blame all of this on a program that was stopped when it was discovered under Bush, is must be easy to forget the names of those killed by this failed ivory tower bullshit scheme.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back at the range again

It was not as windy tonight. I'd loaded up some new Hornaday 120 grain SST. (no green tips, safe to use on non-zombies) The first picture is how I did with them. I think it was 26.8 grains of H322, CCI 450s, Barrett brass. All loads 2.295 OAL.

I'm really liking the 90 grain TNT's- These were loaded fairly hot with 30.7 Re10x. I think the center group was 110 grain Hornady, 26.4 grains Re10x, and the top left group is the Nosler Accubond- also 26.4 grains. My barrel does not care for these, apparently. I have targets from Saturday somewhere that back this feeling up. I'll play with loads and see what happens. At twice the price, I'll stick with the 90 grain TNTs. The top right (ish) is 60 grain .223 Nosler Varmit wackers (PN 34992, good down to 1600 fps) with 25 or so grains of Win748. Iron sights from my 11.5- that's why I like the lower effective speed range. Still haven't adjusted the sights after the scope test last time- looks like it shifted right a little.

Seems that when I do my part, and the wind isn't trying to pull the targets down, I don't do too bad. Also, the wind groups all looked like the Nosler group, so even in the wind it would still kill a critter. (coyote, hog, deer) Now I just want to see what the next group looks like without cleaning the bore.

Nancy barking up the wrong tree again.

If you are going to bring up voter suppresion in context with Eric 'My People' Holder as a reason for the contempt charges, don't ignore the New Black Panthers case. Honest voter suppression gift wrapped with a bow, case already won, and Holder flushed it down the toilet. Nope, wrong angle, fired Speaker of the House.

Latest bus tire tread protector

The chief in Florida that didn't arrest the Lean Beatdown Killer is canned. Guess using judgement in law enforcement is not allowed. Mob rule for the MFL.

Democrat accuses Republicans of murder

Over an energy bill, no less. Guess DUI off a bridge is old hat for them. Or giving guns to drug cartels too passe. Or cutting off water supplies over environmental concerns.

Big day in DC

We should find out today if states can enforce federal law (Arizona) or if Obamacare is/isn't/kinda Constitutional. Also, we get to see if the House will vote for the Contempt of Congress resolution soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not that kind of hippy

I have an all natural style neighbor,  may have posted about her before. Well, she was out blasting predators on her farm last night. So she is not that kind of hippy. Too bad the farm is not closer, I would have helped. ;)

Firefly-Avengers mashup fixed

I wouldn't mind seeing The Avengers one more time before it is out of theaters, or before The Dark Knight Rises is out.

My wife sent me a better version.

Less JD post number 3 or so

The scale officially read 223 pounds this morning. That puts me at 30 pounds down since mid March. Yay for bacon, eggs and bratwurst!

I do miss Pepsi Throwback some, but I've found I don't crave carbs any more as time has gone on. It started with just ignoring them because of body-image disgust, but now I really don't want them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Texas grand jury no-bills self help dad

The grand jury declined to charge the father in Texas who performed a public service while defending his daughter from a child molesting sick bastard. Good- glad to see some real social justice in the country for once.

Found link here. There are excerpts from the 911 call too.

First heard it on Simon Conway's show on WHO Radio.

No word if the inJustice Department will airdrop any special prosecutors to deal with the situation, as they are threatening to do in Florida if the bag of cats Corey drops the ball any further on the Lean Hoodie Killer Zimmerman persecution

Aliens- the new zombies?

Found on the ocean floor. Or just a big round rock. Where is my phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range when I need it.

So I did not go to the range

Not because of the heat. The wind stopped me. I want a calm day to try new loads, not play windage master in a hurricane. Plus I had to put the bathroom back together after painting. Plus it was hot out.

Added: plus I received some new bullets via ups and wanted to load them for Thursdays planned trip...

Monday, June 18, 2012

And people wonder why the Queen doesn't step down

Prince Algore Charles just can't resist the global warming hokum. Maybe mum loves it. I don't know.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good night

Smokin a cigar(#2, cuz the wrapper wuz sexy in the store) drinking a Guinness and burning firewood. How did that become rebellion against the man? Plus I went to the range and burned up ammo made in a communist country today. And used an evil black rifle too. Good times.

Not that I like Romney

But wouldn't making a similar video about current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue earn a visit from the MIB? Or the $PLC?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Take this large portion size

Too small

Secret cigars

FDA wants to crack down on cigars and the racist sexist homophobic cancer-pro-ic? sales practices employed by tobacco shops. They claim juris-my-diction from the 'herp derp zomg teh kidz might be smokin act of 2009'; The nanny that was the sponsor of the bill did a spittake, claiming he never thought that unelected busybodies would rush out and try to regulate something that the 1% might like. (among others, ahem)
Wow, a Feral agency 'finding' new powers 'hidden' in poorly written, unneeded laws. Sounds like a Progressive feature, not a bug. Guess the Feral Agency rule is 'f!ck you, we are the government' not, 'well, it doesn't say we can enforce it, guess we need to go regulate something we are expressly allowed to.'

*title refers to the fact that for some damned, fish brained reason customers would have to choose cigars from a black and white catalog- no smelling or feeling the merchandise allowed. And the windows would have to be blacked out so no children could see the evil tobacco products being sold. For shame!

Throw away movie lines

Now that I've seen The Avengers twice, one line stood out to me. Captain America says something to the effect of 'is it worth fighting for and all the things we've lost along the away.' Now I know they cut 45 minutes out of the movie, and a large portion of that supposedly dealt with Rogers dealing with waking up in modern society. I haven't looked for the script online or anything(I'll wait for the BRD Steelbook supercombo set) but I wonder if stuff like this is what he is talking about.

It might be a stretch, but considering the EPA goes cruising in planes and drones looking for trouble helping to enforce the Clean Water Act, what would stop a civic minded local goverment from raising taxes, um fines with drones.

Maybe I'm overthinking it

But the wind at the range last night was bad enough that it ripped targets clean off cardboard. And ripped the cardboard off of the target frames. The loose targets actually blew back and forth across my lane. The guy shooting black powder pistol had given up and moved to the 15 yard line to save walking time.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crappy range time

Mumble mumble barn door closed mumble mumble still miss the barn....

The 6.8 and I weren't seeing eye to eye tonight. (3" groups at best) I'm unsure if it was the wind or what, but I could barely get any kind of group with Nosler 110 grain Accubonds, nor with factory Hornaday V-Max 110 grain. I'm going to double check the scope mounts. Or the loose nut behind the trigger.

Speaking of scopes, I slapped the old setup  (1.75-4 power Bushnell) on the 11.5 for the hell of it and fed it a mix of 55 grain xm193 and a Hornaday 53 grain HP handload. I managed a decent group at 100, (not MOA but 2" across and 4" high for the 15 handloads)

Ok, so there are some fliers.
 I had torn it all down after it was on the 6.8. Puttting it back together, on the 11.5, it was only 4-5" low and 2 clicks right.

I noticed that the 11.5's trigger seems smoother than the tactical 2 stage tonight-or I was just disgusted with the 6.8 and everything to do with it. That, or I just really like the 11.5. It really has grown on me. It is supposed to be all wrong (an SBR that isn't because it is pinned @16" w/flashhider, thanks NFA) with the Rock River Fugly carry handle, and it is one that I built (in a cave! With scraps!) from lowest bidder parts, but I can't get over how much fun it is.

When is a 6-71 not cool?

In its natural habitat.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not only soda sizes are too big...

But now milk and popcorn servings are too big in NYC. It is nice to see that 46% of New Yorkers are all for this fascist food portioning. And by nice I mean HOLY CRAP!  Does almost half of the population really need their asses wiped and meals portioned by the government? Wait, I think I know the answer to this riddle.

We've got to justify our phony bologna jobs

Guess every overpaid, under worked petty functionary has to justify his job somehow. It is not like the father had the guy drawn and quartered.

What does nationality have to do with finding sumdood molesting your child anyway? If I had ever caught my uncle molesting his kids (true story), you can bet the first thing I did would not be to call Joe Paterno. It sure as hell would not be a 'hate crime'.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Range report

I really need to stop my Shakes the Clown impersonation while shooting. 30.4 grains of Reloder 10x 90 grain Speer TNT (6.8) with CCI 250 primers. Cleaning the gunk out of the other upper (not the 11.5) let it run fine on Tula.

These reloading posts are more for me than anything. Take any loads with a grain of salt, and don't blow yourself up.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Zombie bullets in high demand?

I wasn't going to post today, but I'll make an exception for this. Hornaday must be eating this up. The disclaimer might actually prevail in court- 'well, he was eating his face, how could I tell he wasn't a zombie.'

Maybe I will get some green tipped bullets, just in case.......(joke, unless the boys in Grand Island want to make a special run of the 120 grain SST 6.8 SPC bullets for me....I'd pimp the heck out of those, I do have a rebate for bullets with my press)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Always wondered what happened to that guy

The Energizer Dust Bunny:
Found under a shelf at work.

Been there, done that, have the T-shirt

I think I may have been to Kentucky or Tennessee as a small child, but that was during the Carter years, so it doesn't count..... And possibly Delaware during our last vacation to Maryland.
From here via NJT.

Yay, finishing a post from yesterday

This target was making me nervous. From 100 yards, it looked like I was missing. Turned out I was antsy over nothing. Factory Hornaday 110 grain V-Max. The reloads for the Mosin were nothing to blog about. All over the target. They did settle down some as I shot it. Hope I didn't screw up on bullet selection. I'll try a different powder charge. The 223 made with win 748 powder was smoky; that may have been the ATF/Mobil One mix. It ran the 11.5 just fine, no magnum primers needed. 
4 clicks left aught to do it

This was the first target after I removed the stuck bullet and gave the barrel decent cleaning (ok, I ran a brush through it, then some patches until they came out clean) Not bad for having to go down and set up the target holder frame, then realize I forgot my targets, run back because other guys were waiting, run back, set them up, and jog back. Felt like a douche during the second trip.

Tuesday I screwed up by staying up too late (12:30 am) trying to beat a lap time in a Forza 4 Rivals Challege. (with a full on Bandit '77 Trans Am) I did, and paid for it Wednesday. 5 AM came too early. I was pulling stupid stuff like the double target holder trip all day.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Double, triple check reloading tonight

Loaded up some .223 with a new powder- win 748, small federal primers. 25.2 grains. 2.255 OAL. Weighed them afterwards- only the case to case variation between brands; within brand groups only .2 grain variations. Into my second 100 round box of .223. Also loaded up some 7.62x54R. Hornady FMJ/BT .310 bullets 174 grain over 41 grains of win 748. Loaded 5 to recommended OAL, 5 +.030 to see if that helps or hurts group size. In the S&B brass- no clue if they will last or not.

Let me get this straight

Pot is going to be legal in NYC? I mean, not 100% legal, but for personal use, they will just whistle and look around if you are found to have some on you. Guess that does line up perfectly with mayor for life Bloomberg's portion plans.

Why don't they apply this logic to firearms? My M&P 9c only carries 47* rounds between the short and 2 fullsize backup mags. Why, that's not even a full box. Most NYC police shootings use 2x that amount on unarmed guys, let alone actual criminals. I hold that people carrying under a full box of ammo should just be allowed on their way in NYC too. My gun is legal, not one of those 'illegals' that get Bloomberg so worked up.

*I forgot, the portion size ban in NY also applies to self defense. So it would only be 31 rounds. Why, that is only a few more than those little sample size boxes they sell in the stores (seriously ammo makers, 20 rounds is a joke. That barely fills one mag these days)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Search term disapointment

Can't be sure just what this person was looking for- I'm guessing they didn't find it.

I have noticed about 3 .govs in my past history- most seem to be from the boring types (FDA, National Park Service, etc) or so you think. I also get several hits a week for Chiappa Rhino, Skittles and Iced Tea, and the persecution of Rodney Lewis.

Guns and Kids (and their parents)

 After yesterdays little screw up at the reloading bench, shooting corrosive Comblock ammo, and running a 22 LR CMMG kit with lead ammo, I was kinda stuck. I had 4 guns to clean (one to fix) and no desire to stink up my house with bore cleaner. I also have a 4 year old who likes to play with nosy neighbor kids. I decided, screw it, cleaning guns outside is my choice, let's find out how the neighbors roll with it..... my contribution to O/C weekend, as it were.

 So I cleared out the garage, put all the ammo in the house, and before I had even setup my table in the garage, the neighbor kids were begging my son to come out and play. Exactly like I thought would happen. I know their father hunts (hell, he has a deer skull bleaching in the sun as I write this) and the kids seemed more annoyed that they couldn't play (help) in the garage. I discussed it with their father later in the day, he was cool with it. I think the kids actually help with the animals on the hippy farm they coop at.

 Nothing was said by my other (childless) neighbors either- I even had the Mosin-Nagant stock sitting on my truck bed cover to help remove more cosmoline for an hour or so. (holy crap, it's still everywhere) I'm pretty sure they have seen me open carry before, or caught a flash of M&P while I'm getting stuff out of my truck.

 Only one other neighbor kid (6 ish) was over today- he actually talked to me for several minutes while I was abusing cleaning the leaded bore and did not ask one thing about what I was doing. His parents- I have no idea how they would react. Guess I will find out soon enough.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Big loss in Iowa Broadcasting

Mark Pearson, host of The Big Show, passed away Sunday at age 54. I'm not even (directly) involved in agriculture (1 step removed) and I enjoyed listening to him on the radio. He will be missed. There is already talk on one Facebook post (by his producer) about a 'missing man' formation on the WHO Tractor Ride.

This is a first for me

I am 37 years old and bought from an ice cream truck for the first time today. Why? Crap like Bloomberg's portion size ban. (TL;DR: 1 kid was hit by a truck 40 years ago so they outlawed ice cream trucks) Irony is, I've never lived in Des Moines in my life, but due to the lack of size in the suburbs, it has not been a common business until recently.
Below is the aftermath of a trip to the ice cream truck: few glasses of water to cure ice cream headaches. No one died or even got hurt.

Enjoying a post failure cigar

Why? Because my first reloading cockup did not involve a trip to the hospital, morgue or gunsmith.
Or a witness......
Plus I hate the smell of Hoppes......

M44 @ 100

Like it sez. 6 oclock hold. The lower half of the stock is free floated. If the upper half of the stock is left off, it still shoots right 2". With it on, it hits like below. This is with East German 123 grain ammo. All 60 I've shot so far went off without a hitch.

Also learned a lesson: do not reload while distractred. I spent Friday reloading 6.8 while listening to the Squirrel Report. Stupid ass me was laughing so hard at one point that I forgot to fill a case with powder. Lucky me the bullet came out easy.

I did practice zombie shooting; even clipped her phone with the Mosin.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Joe Biden is confused

The Giants are wearing their New York throwback jerseys tonight.(1912) The Cubs are also in 1912 uniforms. They still look like a team that has to buy tickets to the World Series. Don't get me started on the Cardinals; I need some more beer just thinking about it:(

At local hippy fest

Moar of this please....
Actually they are offering free admission to vets and active service members tonight. Listening to Milk and Eggs right now. Hanwell wasn't bad either.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Interesting Civil War Info

A member of my church is in the middle of writing a book about a particular operation in the Civil War. Cool interview. I know if you get him talking about the Civil War, that is all you will hear about for hours. When he travels, he spends more time going over old history records of that era than doing anything else. I'll have to get a copy of his book when he publishes it.

Gimme some sugar, baby

So mayor Bloomberg is against salt, smoking, sugar in drinks over "x" oz. But for the empty calories in donuts. So he was against sugar on the same day he was for it.
So will they send violators with Big Gulps to fat camps? I've heard authoritarian socialists love camps. Some of them have trouble remembering who ran said camps, but, hey, who would that offend?