Monday, September 30, 2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Stopped by the gun show at the fairgrounds last night. Now I know where all the 22lr bricks are going. Almost bought a red SR22. Stuck with powder and some once fired brass. The latter so I can stop the Gollum routine at the range over 45 auto cases. Picked up more steel targets.

Also ran into the Ruger American Rifle in 22lr. Hmm. And a Rock Island in 10mm. 300 blackout was $13 a box from one vendor.

I've never had a vendor just give me something. Thanks Robert.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Prepped 700 cases tonight. That kinda sucked. Including 200 odd cases that needed the Glock bulge removed* and 40 or so that needed a trim. But they are ready to prime and go anytime now. Though I do need to check the case length on the 45 brass...

*I had to buy more storage bins today for all the 40 S&W brass I've collected. Oh, woe is me, I know.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Range fun

Should be a dead werewolf. If I had silver bullets, anyway. Even shot the moon.

The pile of crap on the ground is my new steel target holder. Actually, it is funny what happened. I burned through 500 rounds today. The final shot from the final mag left the gong swinging so hard that it fell over. That is probably a bad thing, getting it swinging like that, but it is fun getting my timing down to keep it going. I actually made it able to be weighed down to keep it from falling over, but it is funnier having it fall down.

It is safe to say the round count on the FNX 45 just passed 1K. The only problems have been reloads not strong enough to cycle the heavy slide.

I fired quite a few left handed today. Supported and unsupported. Actually shot better than I expected. We did note that the M&P fired very nicely with the reloads. I was able to keep it on target even when firing it so fast it sounded like a subgun.


Between the end of the baseball season, reloading, shooting and a new GTA, something has to suffer. Internet time (and blogging) seem to suffer the most.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Forty is awesome

When you reload and all your friends give you their brass. I've been finding enough bullets, primers and powder to reload 40 (and 45 auto) plus build up a small margin of extra components.

I have shot more 40 and 45 this year than 22LR by a factor of about 20. Just throwing that out there. Most of that was today through Ace's MKIII Ruger. It annoys him that I shoot it better than him. That one is easy- I always shoot other people's guns better than I shoot my own. He asked if I wanted to buy it. (not right now, plus, if I buy it, I won't shoot it as well.)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Son of a....

Hugh Jackman is in Iowa today to premiere his new movie in Iowa Falls. I guess his agent's dad is reopening the theater there. I briefly considered going, but tickets were starting at $100. So what pops up on Facebook? A picture of one of my cousins with Jackman. Hanging around town. Damn.

So there I was in Los Santos

Bought GTA V. After the initial missions, did the usual. Explored and "test drove" cars. A Boss 302 is pretty slow when you want to pass tractor trailers on two lane roads. I was happy to find a pre-86 Toyota pickup, and excited to find a '50s Powerwagon. Which I promptly destroyed on a mountainside. Whoops. Hit some deer. Punched cows. Literally.

The cops are definitely modeled on the LAPD. Expect to see many shot up blue pickup scenes. The police will and do react to NPCs as aggressively as they do to you. Strangely, I got in more trouble shooting coyotes than dogs. Professional courtesy?

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Back from exile

I returned last night from my work imposed exile.* I was met at the door to work by a coworker. "OMG I've been playing GTA V since I got off work until I came in today it is badass you have to get it you can do this and that and holy crap it is awesome." He actually went on longer, but you get the gist of it right there. Thanks for the spoilers, I'll be sure to forget to ask him to go to the range with me next time...

*My crappy tin can brand sail foam (T-mobile, not an Obama phone, those would work) doesn't play well with I-wireless, and I don't have data roaming because: cheap! So I lived with the hotel Wi-Fi. Since I've laid off some of the political posts, I don't have a lot of content stored up to dump out. I probably should throw those posts out there, I feel better bitching about stuff like that. I do feel pretty good about the post I nuked Monday, since it was based on the bullshit news of that day and not what really happened.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Miss a day, miss a lot

So, I've been busy, with little to no internet. Did I miss anything?
Besides the mass shooting (without a rifle) by an Obama voter? (Because his family claims just that, not the black thing)

Oh, and I guess Jay G is moving out of Massachusetts. You really do miss a ton once in awhile.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

How did that get in there?

5.9 Cummins in a 68-74 Vette

I'm in a boat

Friday, September 13, 2013


Playing with 40 S&W reloads. 135 grain Nosler jhp over 7.2 grains bullseye. Punchy. 180 grain Berry's over 3.8 grains bullseye. Ran. Dropped it to 3.6 grains for the next few to try next time. CCI small pistol.

I like the Lee deglocking kit. I saved a metric ton of Tula brass cases fired by a coworker's G23. The kit removed the bulges just fine for use in my M&P.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All the news

That is paid to print. So, the Impala is the best full size car with the best full page ad.....

Monday, September 9, 2013


Is that short for "Putin owned?"

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Reloading bench 1.4

I would say 1.4 would describe it properly. I was operating in beta mode for the last year. The press was attached via c-clamp to a drafting table, as was the powder measure. All of my tools and brass were organized along the lines of "where the hell did I put that?" This is a vast improvement over that mess.

The bench might be a little tall- it is actually more comfortable to drop powder while standing. I am debating pegboard vs a cabinet for the top half. But, all that costs money. So far, I'm out a box of screws and the plastic bins. The lumber was scrap from work. I might build a second bench in the garage.

Reloading for the win

HSM 230 plated flat nose. 4.6 grains of Bullseye, CCI 300 primers. Had about 5 stovepipes. The FNX has a heavy slide and could use a bit more powder. This puts the FNX 45 over 600 rounds fired.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breaking in my steel target

I drug the target out to 15 yards, just to see how poorly I could do. And, hopefully, not get hit by lead fragments.

Mix of FNX45 shooting Federal 230 grain FMJ and M&P357 (Fo-tay barrel) shooting WWB 180 grain.


I forgot how much I like shooting the M&P in 40. Even though I suck at it.
It is fun watching the lead explode off to the sides of the target. (Is that bad?) The holder is shredded along the edges. I really need to rework it to a simpler, A frame design.

Added: I always roll video after I shoot a good run. And proceed to shoot my worst runs of the day. Pretty sure there is a rule for that.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What's in the box?

I know what it isn't.

"It" is a mug from Dragon Leatherworks. I actually won* it responding (incorrectly) to a contest Dennis was having to promote his new store on Facebook. Go, like it, etc. It is a little too early to fill it with a frosty beverage, but I will correct that later.

Sweet logo.

Maybe someday I will get around to ordering a holster. 

*Gee, if I claim this on my taxes, I'm also going to expense a ton of ammo

Monday, September 2, 2013

That's a good Labor Day

Fast N' Loud on all day. I could see me watching it all day. Can't say why it appeals to me, other than the crappy resto-mod builds they do look like fun. Maybe it is the fact that Richard doesn't scream like an ass at his staff.