Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yay, that worked

At least the PT1911 worked fine with new springs. I never fired the darn thing before I replaced them all with Wilson and/or Ed Brown springs. Not like it was new or anything.
What is missing here?

Dirty much? Only 200 rounds.
WWB will do that.
Nice shooting. Shoots better that I do. When I rested my support hand on a bench, it was dead on and 4" low. 2 fail to feeds, both on a new Kimber mag 1000133, with RA45T. The first was the final round in the mag. The next was the first round, and a rack tap fed it with no problems. I noticed the Wilson 47D mag tilting the bottom round with 7 in, so I started tapping each mag as I loaded the last round with no other problems (other than shooting low.) Didn't tap before that, and the RA45T came in after 5 mags of WWB. I ran a total of 200 rounds today. 50 Magtech, 50 RA45T and 100 WWB.

Other guns, not so good. My new to me Springer 9mm, guessing 85-88 production, shoots left unless it shoots dead on. From the bench. Foot left. Loose as hell, knew it when I bought it. But it fed hollow points all day through its nasty looking mags. Even ate up +P Ranger. I'm guessing dropping it in the mud would have helped the accuracy. The 9mm barrel for the M&P 40 extracted funny once, but I wasn't there to proof that gun, so I left it alone. Felt like shooting a pop gun with the 9mm. Loved the PF9. Only fed it hollow points. It liked them.

I'm ready to say screw 40 S&W and go 9/45 all the way butttt I still like the option of having 40 in the case that one of the other calibers "disappears" like 45 did for a while there.

Friday, September 16, 2011

More goodies arrive!

Sweet, my PF9 steel guide rod arrived to replace the plastic (wtf?) guide rod. And the Wilson spring kit for the PT1911. I am most impressed with the new plunger spring. Even though it wasn't kinked in the middle to aid not flying out. Is now. It really improved the safety feel. Now it feels like you have to push on it to release it. Factory was too light for my tastes. Since this was a new to me Taurus, I decided to replace all the springs, assuming the previous owner was like me and shot the heck out of it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm back- not that it matters......

Yay, I passed my background check. Now I'm sure that I'm officially not dangerous to society at least 3 different times this year.

If I had my camera, I could document a bad (good) problem I have. Most of the time when I buy a new gun, I get the desire to immediately buy a second compact or service model of that gun. It normally goes away after 2 weeks. So, after my 2nd 1911 took up residence in 2 months, with piles of parts coming soon or here......well, shit. I have to thank the guys at for ordering some parts for me. Course, they do be local and all.

Though the M&P 40L (not pro) on Buds has my interest......