Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yay, that worked

At least the PT1911 worked fine with new springs. I never fired the darn thing before I replaced them all with Wilson and/or Ed Brown springs. Not like it was new or anything.
What is missing here?

Dirty much? Only 200 rounds.
WWB will do that.
Nice shooting. Shoots better that I do. When I rested my support hand on a bench, it was dead on and 4" low. 2 fail to feeds, both on a new Kimber mag 1000133, with RA45T. The first was the final round in the mag. The next was the first round, and a rack tap fed it with no problems. I noticed the Wilson 47D mag tilting the bottom round with 7 in, so I started tapping each mag as I loaded the last round with no other problems (other than shooting low.) Didn't tap before that, and the RA45T came in after 5 mags of WWB. I ran a total of 200 rounds today. 50 Magtech, 50 RA45T and 100 WWB.

Other guns, not so good. My new to me Springer 9mm, guessing 85-88 production, shoots left unless it shoots dead on. From the bench. Foot left. Loose as hell, knew it when I bought it. But it fed hollow points all day through its nasty looking mags. Even ate up +P Ranger. I'm guessing dropping it in the mud would have helped the accuracy. The 9mm barrel for the M&P 40 extracted funny once, but I wasn't there to proof that gun, so I left it alone. Felt like shooting a pop gun with the 9mm. Loved the PF9. Only fed it hollow points. It liked them.

I'm ready to say screw 40 S&W and go 9/45 all the way butttt I still like the option of having 40 in the case that one of the other calibers "disappears" like 45 did for a while there.

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