Friday, December 28, 2012

Reverse Feinstein

Okay, she can introduce a bill unrelated to what happened in Connecticut. So can anyone else.

Introducing the 2013 We Must Do Something and Need More Laws Now Act:

1: Nationwide concealed carry: All permit holders and constitutional carry state citizens are covered nationwide. States without shall issue permits are constitutional carry states. -The following applies to states forced to make a permit system after date of passage- Permits to be handled in the same manner as voter registration, plus a NICS check. No fee for a permit can be more than a driver's license for the same time frame.

2: No local firearms regulations- must be state level action. (Form your own state, big cities.)

3: All state firearms regulations apply to police/state troopers/aldermen with no exceptions.

4: All states with registration fees or ownership permits are required to provide full tax deductions for all firearms purchased and registered. Additionally, all ammunition purchased in said states is 100% tax deductible. Proof of consumption not allowed.

5: Any place, public or private, off limits to concealed carry must provide armed guards and liability insurance. At any time someone may be in that place, employee or customer. Funding for public Gun Free Zones to come directly from the political party with the most votes for the authorizing bill, with a portion from the party of the governor who signs it.(heh, not Constitutional, but neither is the NFA) No public grants to private institutions to pay for guards, and their pay cannot be deducted as a business expense.

6: National Firearms Act of 1934 is changed to use the NICS to transfer weapons. SBRs are allowed 3 shot burst on the same stamp. Suppressors $5 permit, same day NICS permit. Hughes Amendment is removed from the 1986 FOPA. Constructive possession is not a crime. Local police are notified but have no say in transfers. The ATF is notified on all stamps, cannot stop a permit other than NICS failure.

7: States refusing mental health information to the NICS lose all federal school funding of any kind for a period of 2 years after they provide said information. Enforcement date of this provision is 6 months after passage of this law.

I guess the #5 provision does relate to Gun Free Zone shootings. Silly me. And #7, for that matter. Maybe if was called the  "Gun control act of 2013 that we must pass to know what is in it" Obama would sign it without reading it.

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