Monday, December 31, 2012

Wheel of Compromise

The wheel of "compromise" will be spinning soon.

What will be loaded in it?

Slot A: AWB- complete failure, Connecticut has one, made no difference. So did New York. And the cases need to be brought up where lack of military utility was a disqualifier for short barrel shotguns. Every gun sold should have a military application or feature by that precedent. Columbine was done with 10 round mags.

Slot B: Magazine bans: you have a man commit a violation of a magazine ban live on national television. Nothing happened. No SWAT teams rappelled in from the lighting rigs to shoot his dog haul him off. Even a week later, no charges filed. So the Democrats really don't care about magazine bans or they would have had David Gregory arrested. Democrats cannot honestly say they care, and this needs to be pounded into every single mention of magazine capacity, to the point of "David Gregory" being the only answer to any magazine ban topic. If you can kill a man's wife and son for making a shotgun barrel 1/4" too short, David Gregory can spend $1000 and 364 days in jail.

Slot C: Registration: complete failure, made no difference in Connecticut.

Slot D: No crazies with guns. That will be the most work. So it will receive the least thought. Or everyone who wants a gun will be called crazy.

Slot E: The complete failure of gun free zones: Too much blood on too many hands to admit they are a failure. Hell, 500 murders in the Gun Control Paradise of Chicago, Gun Free zones like Fort Hood, Aurora and numerous school shootings nail it home. A sign is not a shield. It is a talisman. Or a false idol.

Slot F: Banning private sales: Not applicable to any of the recent mass shootings, or already a crime. Connecticut douche got a ballistic discount. Crime. NY arson murderer was already a murderer, who paid a moron(s) to buy him guns. Existing gun control law. Columbine- straw purchase, never prosecuted. See David Gregory.

Slot G: Violence in media/video games. Under age 18 exposure will come up. Possible full throttle censorship to that age group, like smoking rules. Personally, smacks of "everyone gets a trophy" madness. On the other hand, everyone gets a little pain on this deal. Spread the FUD around. A point. I have an achievement for killing 53,394 zombies (x2 different games) and 72,000 zombies in a single 8 hour play through. Guess what - those are achieved with cars, not guns. I own both in real life. I don't run around shooting people or trying to run pedestrians down.

Slot H: Media coverage: Hmmm- balancing the need to know with copycats playing monkey see, monkey kill. I do not think anything needs to be done here. By the government. Remember the Fox News mistake when the guy shot himself live? Here is my sick, twisted idea. Show more. You don't hurt anybody, you get your 15 minutes. You hurt people, kill others, refer to them only as "that f'ing loser." All get a derogatory name. They would need to be vetted, not aired live.

Slot I: Complete repeal of the NFA and other federal gun control acts, to be replaced with commonsense, easily understood rules. Never happen. Most of the NFA is related to banning handguns. That never came to pass. (SBR, stupid grip rules for handguns) I can see registration of full auto weapons, $500 fee, (I know, burn the heretic) but most of the rest of the NFA taxes are insipid rules for a growing federal enforcement apparatus who were about to be laid off due to the end of Prohibition. My favorite part was using the deaths of gangsters to argue that you had to be disarmed to protect criminals from criminals.

Hey, I had to throw that last one in there. After all, this is a conversation, not a lecture, right?


Robert Fowler said...

Hell, in not real gun friendly Europe, suppressors are required and are a sign of a good neighbor.

The whole NFA needs to go. The ATF has the firearms registry so screwed up no one even knows where all the machineguns are.

JD Rush said...

I'd have several cans if we common folk could own them in Iowa. I'm just a kind and considerate kind of gun owner.