Sunday, June 30, 2013

Out and proud?

I quietly send Illinois Rifle Association info/alerts to my in-laws living near Mordor Chicago. While they are out of one closet, I don't know if they are out of the gun owner closet to their liberal friends. So I keep the Facebook messages to them on the down low, so to speak.

Finished that book fast

Just finished Monster Hunter Legion. Guess I need to branch out to Correia's other books.

Protip- I read books to the exclusion of most other things. Plus following the Zimmerman debacle takes up the rest of my time.

Speaking of recent progressive stupidity, my apparently sheltered wife has never seen Blazing Saddles. I thought the fact that she had never seen The Blues Brothers was odd, considering what a fan of SNL she is. But the way she loves The Producers and Spaceballs, I'd assumed she had seen most of Brooks catalog. I see CNN will be having a special on The N Word next week. Wonder if they invited Soledad O'Brien back to pontificate?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Funshop time

Bought most of the 300 AAC Blackout from the local gun shop. He has lowers in stock at almost pre-Newtown prices. Still very little .223 ammo.

I've got to stop looking at Ruger SR1911s. I need another 1911 like I need a hole in the head, but I still want one. 45ACP (social) is as hard to get as 22lr. It would piss me off to have one and not be able to shoot it enough to trust it. Yes, that is one caliber I didn't stock up on. The SR1911 has been perpetually on my #5 to buy spot due to availability and/or pricing. Maybe I can sneak off to the funshow this weekend and trade a G22 for one.

Can you believe that an actual sporting goods store has a crap selection of tennis racquet bags? Tennis really has fallen off in popularity. Of course, I was looking because they happen to be the right shape to fit an AR pistol. The MMA branded section was larger than the tennis section.

I wanted to like this

The Redfield Counterstrike. Played with one at the gunstore. Nearly the same price as a Vortex Strikefire, one piece base/unit set up for an AR. Red/green dot, sure. CR123 battery- okay, my lights use those, have a big old box of them. Integrated laser- WTF? Your hand will block the beam! Not to mention a backup sight or a front sight post. If I ever wanted to use it for hunting, I'd be screwed- no lasers on hunting weapons in Iowa. (global warming or poaching or FUDD! or all three) Push button controls- up in the air if I like them or not. The Strikefire seemed too small, the Redfield seemed merely okay. Battery might be a bitch to change mounted with a rear BUIS. Of course, why have one if you can't run a front sight?

I know, buy an Aimpoint PRO and get it over with.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big Bird Laid off

They told me if I voted for Romney, Sesame Street would go broke, and they were right!

Actually, on air talent is not affected. Apparently, Sesame Street is running $24 million in the hole this year. Guess the Count finally had a crack at the finances, and decided layoffs were the best bet.

Progressives love death taxes

Unless gay people have to pay them. That is my takeaway on the Windsor/DOMA decision. Too bad they couldn't declare death taxes unconstitutional.

Prop 8? Roberts is a real statist. His dissent in Windsor was because "Congress passed a law."*   His opinion on Prop 8- "I can't hear you, people who voted for Prop 8. We have people for that, and because it passed, you aren't them." Didn't Republicans in Congress have to pony up for DOMA lawyers themselves, since Obama and Holder were too busy spying on us to defend laws in court?

*Funny, sounds familiar. At least he didn't declare gay marriage a tax. Although calling it a "mandate" would have been punny.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Range Pr0n

You know when someone posts about a range trip without target pictures, well, they had a bad day. Nah, just learning to shoot something new.

Finally found a barrel to my liking- 8.5" Rainier Arms Match 300 AAC Blackout, 1-8" twist. Aero upper and lower, AR Stoner nickel boron bolt carrier with a Windham C158 bolt. Ace pistol stock. Right now, I am using the Midwest Industries G2 2 piece free float rail and am topping it off with a Troy Claymore.

Robbed the TruGlo off of one 6.8 for now. Quick impression; it sucks on a pistol. Needs to be bigger.

150 rounds today. Mostly reloads. Even ran factory Hornady subsonic fine. Hornady supersonic was harsh, but locked back okay. More on that below.

Protip- do not run an extended charging handle on an AR pistol. Luckily, my nose is big and has plenty of crush space.

Why no SBR? State of Iowa is an Only Ones State for NFA weapons.

Lancer 20 rounders, Troy 30 and Pmag 30 ran my reloads fine, even the 30-30 bullet reloads. It hated with a passion the 30-30 reloads from a Gen 3 PMag 20 rounder. Same rounds fed like a top in a 30 round Pmag. 

The factory Hornady 110 grain in the QD hole is the one that got my nose. Those fookers are loaded hot. I'm running a carbine buffer, not an H2 buffer. The latter might help with taming it some, it landed near 6 o'clock. Subs landed 3 o'clock, and my other reloads landed 4-5 o'clock.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Parts inbound

All parts but one are here for my latest build. Oh, yeah, three if you include back up sights. Okay, four or five if you include the optic. Crap. I'm not near as finished as I thought.....

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Um, okay

Noted criminal and supposed journalist David Gregory wants other journalists arrested.  So, we know where he stands on Eric Holder's warrants to investigate journalists.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Too bad Snowden seems to be a big mouth POS. It is good to know the extent the government has been spying on us. Bad news is, the dumbass doesn't seem to know when to shut the hell up about foreign intelligence gathering.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Probably not a good idea to read Monster Hunter Alpha right before a supermoon.

Meh, I've always been a risk taker.

Brb, gotta check out that strange howling. Must be coyotes......

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New interwebs

Fiber optic dsl is fast. Latency seems to be down over the tin can and string dsl I was using. Actual download speed only went from 3 to 4 mbps (459 KBps, should hit 512. I hate megabit vs KB.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MAIG loves terrorists

Why else would they claim one of the Boston Marathon bombers was a victim of gun violence? Were they deliberately trying to provoke people? Oh, wait, they were. And some guy got arrested. Sounds like a decent guy, with two sons in Afghanistan, from what I read here and there. Wonder if his arrest came before or after the MAIG declaration of love for murdering terrorists.

I didn't see any Big Gulps in the video. I thought those were required at any MAIG counter protest.

$70,000,000 in IRS bonuses

Because civil rights violations deserve rewards.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How cute

The county speed camera is in a Jeep Patriot. At least, this one is. Don't they know they will get audited for using a Patriot?

Not pictured is the Suburban hiding with the real police in it. Today it is parked in a little 45 mph zone on the shortcut from Ankeny to 65/330. This is the free month, so on the return trip I rolled up to the speed limit sign at 57 mph before slamming on the brakes just before the sign, to see where they were checking the speed. I see they parked it so no one could "break down" and park right in front of or behind the stupid thing. If I wuz smart, I would have plugged my Passport in and checked what band they are on.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Light blogging

Read Monster Hunter Vendetta yesterday. My wife is enjoying the books, too.

Might be light blogging all this week. I'll be changing my ISP. Not that they host the blog or anything. Just anticipate (more) reindeer games from my current provider. Took three times for them to even admit they had a lock on porting the phone number, let alone the pain in the anus stuff we will go through to cancel service. Irony is, we have never had trouble with them, and are only changing providers because they do not offer a decent cable package, period.


Oswald and Ruby. Uh, short for Oz the Great and Powerful and Ruby Slippers. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Friday, June 14, 2013


When building AR lowers, scratch the blem lower, not the good lower.

I almost want to bitch about Palmetto State Armory having a poorly machined selector detent and no buffer retainer in one kit. Then, I remember one Armalite kit having an AR-10 bolt catch in it. Now that is a big mistake. The ALG QMS mil-spec triggers are nice, though. Even included a shorty pin to install the trigger and disconnector as one unit.

So Sharyl Attkisson was hacked

Confirmed by CBS News. So, what secret kangaroo court gave them the warrant?

Welcome Zimmerman Trial Jurors

Now is your last chance to find out what really happened behind the scenes. If you are sequestered you will have to rely on the facts selected for you by politicians prosecutors. A good resource is at Legal Insurrection. And remember, iced tea and skittles are actually combined with cough syrup to get high, but a high that makes the user irritable and violent!

Another war for oil?

I'd buy that excuse before I'd buy any ginned up reason for going to war with Syria. Is there a third side we could ally with in this mess?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Found in the wild

Jordanian military overruns? Federal in a plain white box usually means that, right?


Monday, June 10, 2013

These guys enforce ITAR

The State Department is in charge of treaty enforcement. Also, hoes and drug rings fall under their jurisdiction. Wait, those are charges against State department officials.

Zimmerman trial begins today

I hope this is the result.

Might lead to this.

Wow, when searching for images of Detroit or LA riots, google basically says "which one?"

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mags in stock

Found Lancer 20 round mags and Troy 30s locally. I bought a few to try with the 300 BLK. Now I get to play with the 200 grain loads. Yay.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Good thing the President is a constitutional scholar

Otherwise, all this spying on on American citizens would be illegal. The Won claims to be "keepin' it legal." Sadly, with the blank checks passed by congress, he is right.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Obama/Bloomberg pen pal arrested

For sending ricin laced letters. So, because she was on The Walking Dead, does that make her a gun nut? Do all the penis jokes continue?
I smell divorce shenanigans. Oh, my husband sent them. FBI- that's not what this intercept says.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oh, shi...

Can you hear me now?

If you have Verizon, Eric Holder knows who you are calling. Because apparently they need a network wide secret warrant. Remember, if you have nothing to hide, they will find something you should have hidden better.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Range time

Made a hipster load for the 300 Blackout. 130 grain round noses meant for a 30-30 levergun. Speer 2007. In my gun, they feed fine.  The lighter of the two didn't lock back one time with a Pmag, but ran fine in GI style magazines. No clue what the OAL is, I made samples that loaded in the mag properly and fed, then based the rest on those. Update- 1.90-1.91" Short bullet is short.

50 yard target. Top left, top right and bottom right 130 grain 6.8. Center is my hipster 300 BLK load. Bottom left???? Center bottom is a 30 round mag, irons, 125 grain TNT 300, 17.5 grains H110, Rem 6 1/2 primer.
Center- 5x2 attempts at subsonic. 200 grain Speer. The only functional loads- 12.3 grains H110. I think they were supersonic. Bottom left was 150 grain Speer Hotcores over 16.8 and 17.2 grains H110. 6 1/2 all around. 25 yards. Top left 30 rounds of the 125 grain load, irons. Top right and bottom right were the 130 grain loads, adjusting the irons L to R and up to where I want them.

The enloudenator

When an 11.5" AR with a 5.5" flash hider isn't loud enough, you can buy this from JSE. I kinda want one, but think you would cause hearing damage to the future progeny of anyone standing near you. I think it might actually double as a flame thrower. Only closer.

Another Feral Agency Illegally Releases Information

Not just the IRS giving up information on donors to other groups. The EPA had a sad at all the harassment they weren't getting in on, and had a go as well. By releasing information on farmers to busybody environmentalists. Including information on farms not even covered by the EPA.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Signs of recovery

Naw, not the economy. Most I've seen outside a gun show in some time.

McDermott: You whores were just asking for it

By whores Jim McDermott means citizens not satisfied with their government. And by asking for it, he means applying for tax exempt status given to 501(c)4 groups. I thought slut walking was the new liberal pastime.

Media members cirling the wagons

Those darned Republicans are just too mean to Obama. Of course, the gang of 88* (a few rogue employees my ass) who actually did target the non-liberal groups are either claiming the "I know nothing" defense or the "just following orders" defense.

*That article struck me as funny. 88 socialist enforcers. Heh Heh. I'm just not very nice, am I?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Okay, I lied

Re: Lautenberg

Buh Bye

Lautenberg is dead? Thanks for your WWII service. Got nothing else nice to say.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What's in the box?

I just love the name on the bottom right box.