Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sunday range trip

Took the 6.8 out for a few shots on Sunday. Nothing major; 350 reloads of various grains. I've it said before, if I don't shoot for whatever reason, I still reload a few more. Had to buy some more ammo boxes this time. Also ran some .223 reloads through Fugly. I am convinced it works much better with a commercial bolt carrier vs a mil-spec (m-16) carrier. Or my M-16 carrier sucks. Or I need an XM177 moderator....wait, that would be 2 stamps in one....

 I actually tried on this target-the corners are 110 grain Prohunters that I loaded in a ladder. The best groups were the lowest and second highest loads. There is a "but" I will get to later. Like a dumbass, I spilled the box of reloads after the first time through. So that batch turned into blasting ammo. Guess I could have brought it home and weighed them. Nah....

 The center was 130 grain of some type. I don't have a picture of the 120 grain Hornaday SSTs- I loaded them hot and they hit about 3" above the center of the targets. Ok, I do have pics, but they are of 25+ round groups. Not very informative.

Last of the zombie chick targets:

Zombie bacon:

I mentioned a "but" earlier. I was not shooting off my normal rest. Other people were using them, so I was shooting my ARs off a crappy sandbag and 2 loose 2x4s. Yeah, might be time to get/make a proper rest. It was funny, watching one of them resting the barrel directly on the 2x4s. Um, you have a bolt gun that is free floated.... ah, never mind. Says the guy shooting a non-free floated AR :)

All targets 50 yards, irons or cheap red dot. 1395 rounds since early October on the 6.8. Put 90 through Fugly, including some Fiocchi 40 grain v-max. Shoot that, then shoot 140 grain from a 6.8 back to back. The latter does not feel like a poodle shooter.

Soon to come- case annealing.


Angus McThag said...

Ain't you in Ioway?

Iwegians are forbidden the NFA.

JD Rush said...

Well, there is that, too. Not all Iowans are forbidden NFA goodies. Just the commonfolk. Since equal protection only applies to Adam and Steve getting married, we have a special class of citizens that can have "offensive weapons." You know, the kind that offend people.

Besides that, I'm not going to waste a $200 stamp for a moderator that only reduces the sound to that of a 20" AR. Batshit insane ATF rulings and moronic SBR rules aside.