Thursday, April 18, 2013

Well, now, I hope that is over

If I can start finding 22LR on a regular basis, I can get back to shooting once a week (or more). Hopefully the $12 for 20 .223 boxes are not the new norm, just the price of having stuff in stock.

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Chaplain Tim said...

Went to a gun show in Council Bluffs last night- 22LR is available at $70-100 a brick. Plenty of it there, but when old Winchester Wildcat (white boxes, used to be the bargain bin variety at a buck a box) is selling for $7.00 I will not be buying.
AR-pattern rifles all over the place, and tables overflowing with Glocks. A bunch of hunting rifles and shotguns, but revolvers were scarce. Some bulk ammo in common calibers, but still overpriced. Found a few guys selling reloading supplies, but $7.00 for 100 CCI small pistol primers seemed high to me. Not much powder anywhere.
All I walked out with was a set of dies for 257 Roberts (a friend shoots it and I want to be able to reload it for him) and a Lee Loader in 30-06 (one can never have too many simple tools).