Saturday, August 24, 2013

Machine Gun Cherry Broken

With the MG42, no less. I need more cash next year.

At the Iowa Firearm Coalition Second Amendment Rally today, at Brownell's complex in Searsboro. Nice place.

My wife got in on the action too. She chose the Browning M1919.
It has been pointed out on FB that the 1917 has a water cooled barrel. I'm going off of what I remember the rental sheet saying. It might well be a 1917. NFA in Iowa is the important part.


Knucklehead said...

I well remember the first time I sat down behind a tripod mounted Ma Duece and pressed that butterfly trigger. (I was a tanker, we didn't mess with tripod mounted anything, but I was a fish out of water in this case.)

Shook fillings loose.

I was especially pleased about it because I had figured out the repair it needed where several more experienced people had failed. Also because we had a dental plan and I could get the fillings redone.

Watching .50 BMG tracers just KEEP GOING down range at night was oddly pleasing to me.

I'm guessing that MG-42 was a real experience also. That's some rate of fire there.

JD Rush said...

You could always tell when the MG42 was being fired. It was even better when someone ponied up for a 100 round belt.

Chaplain Tim said...

Now we just need to get the law changed so ordinary people in Iowa can own NFA toys. Personally, I'm looking for a 105mm Howitzer to tow behind my M35A2, but it needs to be in usable condition.