Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Wally World had 1200 round count boxes of 9mm. For $500. Must be some kind of dumbass test. $42 per 100 for Turkish 9mm? Maybe they will be discounted on black Friday. I'm too lazy to look it up.
They also had sample packs of 22lr last night. Well, they were Mini mags, those almost always come in sample packs.

Update: By 8 am, the 4 cans of Turk 9mm were gone. At least according to a co-worker on another shift. Wonder if they weren't supposed to be out yet. I seriously think only the severely mathematically challenged would buy 1200 rounds of 9mm for 2x the non-gunshow rate.


Robert Fowler said...

Come by this weekend at the show. I'll make you a good deal on 9mm.

JD Rush said...

Is the show just on Saturday and Sunday? Thanks, but I don't need 9mm ammo. Just brass in 40/45 and powder like WST in big packages. 9mm will be on my reloading to do list next year.