Monday, February 4, 2013

Fat Fudd Rifles Are Fat

Using my wildly inaccurate bathroom scale, it has settled on my scoped 6.8 weighing 9.2 lbs. And my TruGlo'd 6.8 stumbles in at 7.8 lbs. (Which has lived through 1395 shots, and the new battery is still going 2.5 months later) Both are Palmetto State Armory uppers.

No lights. These are my hunting rifles, and Iowa gets all whiny about casting artificial rays of light. I've actually sold my first 6.8 upper, mainly to finance the new 6.8. And I made no money doing it, as I agreed to the price before the SHTF.

Trying out the Grip Pod, I bought the plastic leg version. I don't plan on standing on my rifle for any reason. It is big and loud, but more useful (lighter) than a bipod + a vertical forward grip. And I can use my standard capacity mags with it. If you put it on a surface, then hit the button, it is acceptable noise wise.

Also planning on a front sight shaving if one rifle proves to be more accurate than the other. With a 13" or so hand guard. Most likely the Troy Alpha with the built in sight. Really liking the MI G2 2 piece free float hand guard though.


Angus McThag said...

My tacticool 6.8 is 8 lb. bare with a loaded 25 rounder add 0.9 for the Aimpoint, 0.2 for the light. I think I can ditch 0.4 lb. by changing to a MOE handguard.

The retroesque 6.8 tips the scales at 6.9 lb. with a loaded 25 rounder.

Add 0.4 lb. if using a 30 rounder, subtract 0.8 if using a 5 rounder.

JD Rush said...

5 rounder? What is that?

Guess I should get one if I ever decide to go to a ban state to hunt. They might not buy the 20 round P-mag=5 round 6.8 SPC mag excuse.