Saturday, February 23, 2013

Four eyed chick having a bad hair day calls bloggers fat losers

Them's fighting words, ma'am.

And she says you can't be mean to her, or she won't do her job and talk to you, either. And fat loser bloggers are below her high falutin' position as talking head. She prefers "only ones" who have journalism licenses (Does CA have those?) because she can have them fired or something. The first amendment is for her to poop on, I guess. Don't forget, this is the department with the chief wanting to stamp out gun owners within a generation.

Actually, I blog from a chair. It is quite comfortable. Upstairs. And equally suited to blue jeans, pajamas, or formal dress.

I did like the cranky lady's comment about one blog being "left of Lenin." Guess she hasn't read most newspapers these days....

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