Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finally broke out the 6.8 x 43

I'll get photos of the targets soon. It had some teething issues. The gunsmith at the range thinks it needs a stiffer extractor spring. So I fired it single shot. 30 rounds or so.
Also took the regular ar to the range. Had some Hornaday Steel Match 75 grain ammo. No problems. 3 full mags. Followed each mag with some brass ammo. No sticking. Think I will buy more.
The target lower left is the TAP with irons, as fast as I could get on target. The 68 for the most part is lower right, upper left and center. All at 50 yards. The scope mount (temp) kept coming loose.
And the picture is sideways. Stupid app. I was able to adjust the scope and get the point of impact to change. That is some of the reason why the 6.8 holes lead towards the centers of the targets. I finally lost interest in it between the mount and the fte issues. If it will run, I will decide on a proper one piece base or other sighting solution.

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