Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finally got around to finishing something

Not my second AR. Nope. But I did finally paint my carry handle to match the receiver. I had bought an Armalite carry handle in some oddball winter camo pattern on sale in town last year, mainly because it was on clearance. I went and sighted it in, and then was hesitant to take it off because I was too busy shooting to give a dang about looks. The Iraq war vet at work laughed and called it airsoft looking. I think what finally moved me to do it was my wife calling it cute. So out came the paint stripper and flat black paint. Underneath the white paint and litho was a black carry handle. The black paint mostly was to even up the color, and I baked it under a halogen light until it was too hot to touch. All of the adjustments work, nothing sticks.

Okay, so the curtains don't match the drapes. At least they are mostly the same brand. The P-Mag did something funny once. I put the silver marker on it to differentiate it from the others. It has not screwed up since- must have been the ammo.

Hey, that doesn't look like an M&P. How did that get there?
Now I have to resist the M16 A2 uppers at Ohio Ordinance Works. Or not... I do love the old school stuff.

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