Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fun show time!

Finally got off my butt and joined the Iowa Firearms Coalition today at the gun show. It wasn't so crowded that you could not walk around and browse, but still busy. Looked over a Bushmaster 14.5 A1(! NOT A2, even had the large forward assist) upper model- new, made in the Remington plant just like the others I've seen. I was a little surprised that they actually made such a beast. Freedom group must have made a run of 14.5's, because I've seen them everywhere. The price matched the odd nature of the beast- $690, which was on the low side of the ARs at the show. The S&W M&P 15 Sport (the melonite non FA model) was $700 at one dealer. Just Right Carbine's were 650-750, and they stayed right on the tables. Colts all seemed to be 1250-1300+, and there were some LWRC's there at 'holy crap' prices, but that is normal for them (I think).

I ended up buying a SOTA 6.8 mid length upper. It's 6.8x43 chambered 5R rifling 11:1 12:1 twist- guessing one of the AR Stoner barrels that midway sells. I need to get a flash hider for it, but it was under $400 assembled. I am going to risk a no name brand for now just to see what happens. It uses a full auto BCG. Staking looks about average. He claims 8620 or Carpenter 158 for the bolt- it is marked "WTD" on the bolt itself. Not going full auto ever, or even taking a class with this. Coyote gun, deer in the forspecial late season in January, or hogs if I can find a way. Once I'm sure it works, I'll be looking into a rifle length hand guard and low pro gas block for it. For now I'm slapping a low power scope on it and will test fire it soon. At his prices, I may buy a bunch of parts for spares next show time.

Don't laugh too hard- it's all coming apart if it works. That is not the final scope mount, just a temp solution. I may run a scope, but if I get the handguard I want, it will have a BUIS and a red dot of some type. My wacky mount set up does put the scope's eye relief right at the nose to carry handle position for me.

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