Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lowering BAC

Because activists and the government would never keep chipping away at something. Exactly what would lowering the BAC to .05% do, anyway? Make the loser driving at .15% be triple illegal? Or set more people up to be criminals?

We banned texting while driving. Now everyone drives around looking at their hidden phones. So that worked out well.

I realize BAC was either meant to be the news of the day yesterday or a distraction. (NTSB! We haven't done anything unethical. Lately.) Kinda overshadowed by the despotism coming out of D.C. and Angelina Jolie's !boobs. Which actually makes sense, she wants to be around and carries that gene. She has the money to do it now as opposed to when Obamacare ratchets up and she has to let the government decide if she needs to do it and when. (Hey, that !choice is probably in the law somewhere) Her dad is a Republican. And her husband admits they have guns for self defense. The IRS is practically salivating to deny her something.


Angus McThag said...

0.010 was the BAC for decades. Going to 0.050 would increasing it... Damn decimal places.

This is nothing new MADD has been on this for decades too.

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JD Rush said...

% is silent on my phone.

I was going to go off on JBT, I mean DUI checkpoints, but getting digs in at the IRS is more fun.