Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Marketplace unFairness Act of 2013

I was looking over text of some version or other of the Internet Sales Tax bill S.743. Don't know if this is actually it, since "read it after we pass it" is the name of the government game. Besides, what it lists isn't 900 pages long and full of bullshit bureaucrat summoning weasel words. Only 2-3 pages of weasel words. And free shit.

I think the smelly thing actually requires a state to mandate 1 tax rate for the entire state* if they want their interstate excise sales tax. So does that mean the states get to hash out internally who loses out on the free $$$$? That makes too much sense, because then there would only be 57 50 tax rates, and half the bill is dedicated to setting up a government monopoly on sales tax calculation software.

tl;dr: Boner, don't let it pass the house. :(

*Nope, read it wrong. The bill just makes the state setup/designate one "entity" to deal with. So, yay, it requires more government to do the job of collecting money for the government. I actually like my version better. Imagine all the fighting over local option taxes being mandated statewide for interstate purchases; or better, all the crying by localities not getting their "cut" that they suckered people into enacting upon themselves.

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