Saturday, March 31, 2012

If it pisses at least one lib off, it must be worth watching....

Here is more of the story. I'll admit I started watching it for the 2 obvious reasons, but stayed for the gun pr0n.
That is my excuse, anyway.
And now, for no other reason than the song is awesome, Volbeat:
What the hell, here's one more: Shinedown with the anti-hoodie(?) song Bully:
Guess they stand with Zimmerman?

Strange what is on clearance in the Cardinals webstore...

All sorts of jerseys for a former player with the number 5 on them seem to be discounted.......

Funny thing is, I am trying to score a Colt .45's hat or Jersey to wear to the I Cubs this year.

I wish I could make the opening weekend of the Cards- it would also give me a reason to go to the NRA convention. I may be going to a sCrUBs game @ Wrigley this year. Where can I get a vest?

Friday, March 30, 2012

NBC caught editing Zimmerman 911 call.

Reading Twitter updates (I don't remember what sock I use, think it is @jdrushia like on arf) and came across this. I wondered where all my coworkers get the strange ideas of what was going on. Turns out NBC can't wait to selectively edit even a 911 call. And people wonder why I can't stand to watch the MSM news.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

O ring fix.

I noticed the Brownells kit suggested by the gunsmith consisted of a blue buffer, four turn spring and an o-ring. My 6.8 upper had no o-ring, a black buffer, and an indeterminate spring. So I put an o-ring on it. Just as stiff as the Armalite extractor now. Which also has the o-ring. Think I will stop by the gunshop tomorrow and get new springs and inserts, even though they most likely are in the spares kit I picked up recently.

Finally broke out the 6.8 x 43

I'll get photos of the targets soon. It had some teething issues. The gunsmith at the range thinks it needs a stiffer extractor spring. So I fired it single shot. 30 rounds or so.
Also took the regular ar to the range. Had some Hornaday Steel Match 75 grain ammo. No problems. 3 full mags. Followed each mag with some brass ammo. No sticking. Think I will buy more.
The target lower left is the TAP with irons, as fast as I could get on target. The 68 for the most part is lower right, upper left and center. All at 50 yards. The scope mount (temp) kept coming loose.
And the picture is sideways. Stupid app. I was able to adjust the scope and get the point of impact to change. That is some of the reason why the 6.8 holes lead towards the centers of the targets. I finally lost interest in it between the mount and the fte issues. If it will run, I will decide on a proper one piece base or other sighting solution.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012

So I've been off reading DTM...

What has been happening? Just kidding. Between the nicer weather, and a wife who wanted me to go to a certain Movie of the Book, I've just been skimming blogs once or twice a day. I just noticed my page view count had spiked, and I never realized I had been linked by Saysuncle on my Koolaid M&P post.

Yeah, I, an adult male above the age of 35, have read The Hunger Games, and both of its sequels. Thank goodness, no shiny vampires, and what passes for werewolves were the people eating kind. And the love triangle was almost an afterthought.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anniversary today.

One year has passed since I recieved my Permit to Carry Weapons. (I know, shut up newbie) None of the crazy things predicted in media have happened to me. Other than getting my name in the paper last year in the annual shame the permit holders edition.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fun show time!

Finally got off my butt and joined the Iowa Firearms Coalition today at the gun show. It wasn't so crowded that you could not walk around and browse, but still busy. Looked over a Bushmaster 14.5 A1(! NOT A2, even had the large forward assist) upper model- new, made in the Remington plant just like the others I've seen. I was a little surprised that they actually made such a beast. Freedom group must have made a run of 14.5's, because I've seen them everywhere. The price matched the odd nature of the beast- $690, which was on the low side of the ARs at the show. The S&W M&P 15 Sport (the melonite non FA model) was $700 at one dealer. Just Right Carbine's were 650-750, and they stayed right on the tables. Colts all seemed to be 1250-1300+, and there were some LWRC's there at 'holy crap' prices, but that is normal for them (I think).

I ended up buying a SOTA 6.8 mid length upper. It's 6.8x43 chambered 5R rifling 11:1 12:1 twist- guessing one of the AR Stoner barrels that midway sells. I need to get a flash hider for it, but it was under $400 assembled. I am going to risk a no name brand for now just to see what happens. It uses a full auto BCG. Staking looks about average. He claims 8620 or Carpenter 158 for the bolt- it is marked "WTD" on the bolt itself. Not going full auto ever, or even taking a class with this. Coyote gun, deer in the forspecial late season in January, or hogs if I can find a way. Once I'm sure it works, I'll be looking into a rifle length hand guard and low pro gas block for it. For now I'm slapping a low power scope on it and will test fire it soon. At his prices, I may buy a bunch of parts for spares next show time.

Don't laugh too hard- it's all coming apart if it works. That is not the final scope mount, just a temp solution. I may run a scope, but if I get the handguard I want, it will have a BUIS and a red dot of some type. My wacky mount set up does put the scope's eye relief right at the nose to carry handle position for me.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

So if a tree falls on TV and no one watches.....

Did it ever really happen? Couldn't happen to a bigger* antigun hypocrite. Nothing pisses me off more than the 'No guns for you but I need guns to protect me from you' crowd.

*Not a fat joke, that is an ego joke.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Did someone say Koolaid.......

My name is JD, and I have a problem.....

I need more holsters and Apex parts!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Gun Death" in Chicago

A 76 year old man bitten during a robbery (for $10) on March 6 died in Chicago on Monday. It also sounds like he had four broken ribs. One or the other must have done him in. But at least he didn't have a gun to defend himself, living in the land of Lincoln.

Also from the Second City Cop blog, (see sidebar) now scum are openly attacking off duty uniformed Police. You know, the "Only Ones" that can legally carry guns in Illinois. Guess this is a brazen step down in the victim selection process.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Maryland is good for something after all.

Firearms wise. Apparently the MD online training course for handgun purchase permits now meets Iowa's standards for weapons permit training. See here. I don't want to step on the toes of those who make money training here in Iowa, but as a person who prefers constitutional carry, this does make me smile.

If the link doesn't work, the short story is that an applicant was denied a permit based on taking traing provided by the Maryland .gov website, when Iowa law specifies that any .gov training is gtg. He won his appeal and the judge said the Maryland training must be accepted. Personally, one does need to read the Iowa laws themselves.

I'm not sure of the specific Maryland website.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Looked at an M4gery yesterday

It was a pinned and welded Bushmaster. I'd wanted to get the feel of one for a while. Didn't really help my decision making process- I actually liked it with the 16.1 OAL barrel. Also looked at a build by one of the clerks- a BCM 16" hammer forged midlength on a RRA lower. DO WANT. None of this helps my decision making process.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Horrid 4G connection last few days

Could it be the stupid solar flare? My 4G tower connection is tenuous at best due to distance, the last 2 nights it has been crap.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The interview with Jay Rodney Lewis

It is up at WHO Radio's podcast page. Look for hour 3 from 3-6-12. Have not listened yet.

Listen to about the 30 minute mark. There is a caller that is just about a complete weiner whining "he had too many guns. It's terrible, one man shouldn't have that many guns."

Also, the Register reports of "street racing" are the complete bs. (I know, it is the Register) That street is two blocks long and his driveway is square in the middle. Those drunks were looking for a fight. And kept coming back. Would love to see the squad car video and what was said by the carload of aggressors.

So there is going to be a Dark Tower 4.5 soon

I'm out of the loop on this one, but it looks like I'll have to get a copy. I've always liked that series.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On the radio today

Simon Conway of WHO radio will be having Jay Rodney Lewis on today. He posts a podcast from his page at the station. I'll try to get a link later when I'm not on my phone.
As of 830 pm the third hour is not up.

Get away from the situation (has auto play video unrelated to story, but more detail.)

Unfortunately, this story seems very familiar. 4 time loser boyfriend. (by age 26, hopefully #5 puts him away) Past articles noted that the police had been called to the house 5 times over the past year.

I did not know the victim. But I do have about 1 degree of separation from her family in this area. Bad deal any way it is looked at.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finally got around to finishing something

Not my second AR. Nope. But I did finally paint my carry handle to match the receiver. I had bought an Armalite carry handle in some oddball winter camo pattern on sale in town last year, mainly because it was on clearance. I went and sighted it in, and then was hesitant to take it off because I was too busy shooting to give a dang about looks. The Iraq war vet at work laughed and called it airsoft looking. I think what finally moved me to do it was my wife calling it cute. So out came the paint stripper and flat black paint. Underneath the white paint and litho was a black carry handle. The black paint mostly was to even up the color, and I baked it under a halogen light until it was too hot to touch. All of the adjustments work, nothing sticks.

Okay, so the curtains don't match the drapes. At least they are mostly the same brand. The P-Mag did something funny once. I put the silver marker on it to differentiate it from the others. It has not screwed up since- must have been the ammo.

Hey, that doesn't look like an M&P. How did that get there?
Now I have to resist the M16 A2 uppers at Ohio Ordinance Works. Or not... I do love the old school stuff.

So our elections are secure, huh?

Meet the newest DC school board memeber:

Fits right in with Marion Berry
"It was too good an opportunity to pass up," explained Professor Alex Halderman from the University of Michigan. "How often do you get the chance to hack a government network without the possibility of going to jail?"

I like the fact that the team hacking in actually made it more secure and prevented access by other people. That and the whole rigging it so Bender won.

Stupid laptop designers.

Who is the fool who decided that touch pads need no physically defined area? Nothing pisses me off more that trying to type something and coming to the realization that half of what I typed is somewhere else on the screen, all because I brushed the stupid pad. Or all of the sudden the screen scrolls because the idiot scroll areas have to be so large for my fingers to activate reliably. I never have these problems when the pad is slightly depressed into the surface.

Friday, March 2, 2012

And I was in a good mood today

Until I read this. It was on Drudge, under the heading 'LA Schools ban making butter.' I had not followed the story about the pervert teacher out there except to note the headlines. I'm frankly disgusted by the Penn State's issues, and the LA teacher is no different. Reading it really ruined my day. What is it about sick individuals and kids anyway?