Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ATF operation Yakkity Sax

I double dare you to read this article about an ATF clusterfuck operation in Milwaukee and not start hearing "Yakkity Sax" over and over again.

They lost an M4- yes, an actual "only ones" M4, not an AR-15. A real assault rifle, in other words. Not the made up kind that people want to ban because they look scary. In addition, they were buying guns at such inflated prices people were buying guns at full retail and selling them to the ATF at a profit.

Maybe this is why Milwaukee's sheriff says you need to arm yourself- the ATF sure sucks at their job.

If taking away rights is so much work

Why doesn't Beth Bye (D) resign? If being stuck in a hearing is so much work, why doesn't CT just suspend all that public reading and testimony and go full Reichstag Fire Decree like New York did?

And a picture, found at ARF com:

 Guess the anti gun crowd really don't give a shit about the victims of loser boy Lanza. Just demonizing gun owners.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nice shop

Apparently The New Republic got suckered by a parody website. Nice.

I wonder

Wal Mart had a large stack of Winchester 12 gauge Sabot slugs marked "Do not sell." Wonder if that is because they are a new item, or they were hiding the 22LR/5.56/anything worth a crap behind them?


Monday, January 28, 2013

Just what we needed, our long national nightmare is over

5 years in prison and a 500,000 dollar fine for unlocking your smart phone to work on another network. Wow, that makes less sense than SBR rules. What's next, a penalty in Obamacare for smoking?


Aero Precision lowers have been "in stock" for over three hours. Either they have more for sale or people aren't biting as hard at $200.

Did I hear right that Widners sold 15 million rounds of IMI 5.56 in 3 hours?

Feinstein saw a Slidefire stock ZOMG

Guess she was on Face the Nation with Bob "I Hates Me Some Gun Owners" Schieffer whining that people could buy a Slidefire stock, saying it makes the "gun act fully automatic." Um, no. Even the ATF, who prides itself on killing people over a 1/4" too short of a barrel, says the Slidefire is not full auto. But, shoe strings are. Guess Diane didn't want to sound like she had gone full retard by bringing up that story.

Some loser just called in to Limbaugh repeating Feinstein's bullshit about "collapsible stocks" making the guns full auto. What a moron. Even Rush knew that it was a bump fire stock. So now the anti rights spammers are out there saying collapsible stocks = full auto. So they are going full retard.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oil filter suppressor

Just a thought. Guess having an oil filter spud and a threaded barrel are now constructive possession. But, that would still leave the gases blasting you in the face. Unless the filter has a drainback valve.

Wonder how well they work with a used filter? $75 plus the stamp. Too bad that A: The ATF artificially delays what should merely be a NICS check. And B: I can't buy one in Iowa, as we are an "only ones" state.


Sunday Gun Related Shopping

Both Sportsman's Warehouse and Bass Pro Shop look like they were robbed. A few revolvers (SA and DA) and odd caliber autos are all that are left. And a few 1911s at Sportsmans.  Shotguns seem relatively unaffected. Even the bolt action rifles seem to be down, but they are spread out more to make it look like they have stock. And the lever action pickings are slim to none. Most common reloading components are wiped. I've been doing my part to keep the 270 bullets in short supply, but I shoot the crap out of them. No powder that I shoot (Re10x, AA2200, H335,H322) in the stores. Most .223 bullets are gone. .308 too. Did find some .311 for the Mosin Nagants.

I'll admit I didn't go to the gun show this weekend. Not because of the ND one dealer had; I was working and found it very tough to get free. Plus I read on ARF com that the main reloading guy I go to was pretty much sold out. (See powder list above)

Nearly 1000 march against civil rights

So says the Washington Post. Sounds like the line to get in at a gun show.

The worst part of freezing rain

Is knowing you have to go out in it. If you like working, anyway. Guess I could go all FSA and stuff...

Fixed title. Fing autocorrect.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Great News Tom Harkin not running again in 2014

Tom Harkin (D,Bahamas) to retire. Or not seek relection. Either way, a win, win. Wonder who will jump in to out Commie him? Christine Vilsack? She won't even have to carpetbag to a new district. And, will the Stupid Party find some derelict loser to run, or try to move Steve King over to the Senate?

Update, because I don't feel like making a new post:
I've seen Tom Nutsack himself or former governor Chester "Chet" Culver being floated already. Mostly by people outside of Iowa. Mainly because those are the only Iowa politicians known outside the state. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air originally thought Culver was related to the Culver's restaurant chain. LOL. But in 2010 I did joke when he lost that they were going to change the name to Branstads...

Actually, Culver's family business is politics. Senator, no less.

Friday, January 25, 2013

And this is why they bailed out the banks

So the Democrats can strong arm them when it comes time to force their pet social programs on the companies. It's not like Rahm has solved homicide in Chicago by continuing the Democrat staples of carry bans and fighting court decisions lifting civil rights restrictions.

Sorry, haven't seen one bill offered up about mental illness. Why didn't Diane Feinstein drag Charles Manson, Chapman, or Hinckley up on stage and promote a ban on mental illness? They could just tax the mentally ill- isn't that how Obamacare "solved" the problem of uninsured people?

Lots of bills punishing legal gun owners for the actions of criminals. Or banning non-PC guns. Or making criminals out of people swapping shotguns at "unapproved venues." But no real solutions, only the same stale crap they always peddle. Like Barbara "Shoulder thing that goes up" Boxer introducing her standard may issue carry bill to the Senate.

Maybe because nothing they have proposed adds anything to the fact that murder is a crime. Stealing guns in a crime. Selling guns to prohibited people is a crime.

Feinstein exempts retired government officials?

Seriously. Why in the hell are they special?

Also, primer ignition is a military feature. Just saying.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

We need a reverse Feinstein

I know I've said this before:. Dems will want to start the "conversation" or "compromise" with Diane's gun grabbing list. We need the opposite.

1: NFA totally repealed. All related acts/modifications null and void.

2: Nationwide shall issue tied to voting ability. You can vote, you can carry. If you are to crazy too carry a gun, why in the hell should you be trusted to vote? All fees for firearms ID/carry cards are EQUAL to fees charged for registering to vote.

3: All states can only arm their police with weapons available to common citizens. Cannot apply laws to non-residents.

4: Gun Free Zones must have death insurance. Or armed guards.

See, we would compromise at removal of the Hughes amendment, SBRs and suppressors normal NICS check,  nationwide shall issue, no gun free zones. Oh, and police limited to civilian available weapons if a state goes all New York.

Feinstein even wants target rifles

Her list even includes hunting rifles and target rifles. The Remington R-15 series are generally sold as hunting rifles, complete with 5 round magazines and NO scary features. So as not to compete with the parent companies Bushmaster and DPMS brands. And banning the Colt Match rifles- well, guess that is a giant middle finger at the NRA and the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

from the Daily Caller article.

Oh, and Diane got a special dispensation to show modern sporting rifles and normal capacity magazines, because she is special and above the law.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Supporting Second Amendment Friendly Stores

Went shopping today. Even found 6.8 brass. Figured I'd spend some money with Cabelas, since they aren't afraid of modern sporting rifles.

As a side note, Minnesota requires a permit to acquire scary black rifles. Of course, with Governor Dayton of Target fame as governor, what would you expect. He's ignored bills the past two years that would modernize Minnesota's reciprocity laws, among other things. Because (D). Okay, (DFL). Delano Franklin Lovers?

Slip something usefull into the debt limit increase

I don't know, maybe nationwide CCW, stress the 14th amendment applies all the amendments to the states, not just the random selection now applied, ban the Hughes only ones ban. Have some fun with it. See how committed to funding the FSA Obama really is.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sharyl Attkisson at it Again

"It" being actual journalism, not just strapping on knee pads and reprinting White House press releases. Sharyl has been going after Obama and his State Department over the handling of dead ambassadors in Libya. A story that was supposed to have been eclipsed by the heroic Obama taking on the NRA American gun owners for doing nothing wrong. But Sharyl is still on it, just like she is on the Fast And Furious program inflating the number of guns recovered guns in Mexico bought from American gun dealers. I'm pretty sure Sharyl won't be in the running for Bob Schieffer's job, hell, she will probably get some one on one time with her friendly local IRS agent pretty soon.

Typical of the Anti gunners

They have no ability to handle guns, so everyone has to suffer. The thumb on the AK47 trigger delegate in Virginia, Morrissey, "lost" two guns that he signed out once for an anti-gun show and tell session. Among other distinguished acts in his long career.

Too Long DO READ

Reading a good blog post I first noticed at Legal Insurrection. A long analysis of firearms and murder rates. Very long.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Nice antigun takedown

I'd call them Vichy Americans, those that would prefer to be disarmed in favor of an increased police state.

Little Fiefdoms

Yes- make everything illegal, then let the prosecutors play king and decide who they want to prosecute. Kinda like Joe Biden saying it would be too much work and too expensive to enforce the current gun control laws, so we need more. You know, like the DC prosecutor saying he won't prosecute David Gregory's knowing violation of the magazine ban in DC because Gregory agrees with the prosecutor.

German Gun Registry LOL

Leave it to the Germans to return to the old ways.

Love this excuse for the database:

If they are preparing a raid on a house, they can scout the address in the database to be better prepared for what weapons might lie within.

So, remind me, when do criminals follow laws? I'm still a bit confused on that point. So you bring in the SWATstaffel for Herr Schultz and his registered guns if he doesn't pay his parking tickets. What about Franz Scumbag who isn't registered, because he is a scumbag who could never legally own a gun. Still might have one.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Normal

Or just the current normal. When checking Midway, Brownells, Bravo Company, hell, any firearm related site, my reaction used to be, "Son of a bitch, they are out of stock" of that one fore end/bolt/widget I might need someday. Now?"Son of a bitch, that is IN stock!" And that is for the parts I don't need. Of course, if it is a part I need, I'm busy enough to not think anything. Add to cart, checkout, pay, hope it didn't go out of stock while trying to enter my CC number.

Once is an accident, twice coincidece, third time....

Three negligent discharges at gun shows nationwide yesterday. Just dumb luck? I've seen personally the number of non gun owners or inexperienced gun owners coming out of the woodwork lately. I've heard multiple gunshop stories of people bringing in grandpa's guns and finding out they were all loaded.  One of yesterday's ND's involved a dealer dropping the hammer on a pistol with the mag removed. Another was a guy reloading (reholstering? Gun free zones are dangerous in more ways than one, quit touching it) his gun after leaving the Indy 1500. And the third, ABC made sure to point out was bringing it to sell to a "private buyer."

Of course, 2 are dead and 6 wounded in Chicago Friday night into Saturday. I'll take my chances at the gun shows, thank you very much.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It does exist

I never knew CMMG offered a muzzle loading 50 cal AR15 upper. If the price wasn't so high, it might be interesting. Uses primed .223 cases to set off the charge. Looks like it was introduced at SHOT in 2008. Wonder if they have sold any since? I'd offer to T+E one. Too bad muzzle loader season is about 10 months away.

Friday, January 18, 2013

SBR rant

I think this is not my first. Why does the short barrel rifle (SBR) even exist as a category? Because handguns were supposed to be part of the NFA, instead of mufflers. The bill was meant to keep people from putting a shoulder stock on a handgun and calling it a rifle. The removal of handguns from the bill left a regulatory nightmare.

If they are serious about reforming gun laws, SBRs need to be put back on the table. Along with supressors. Gun bans, too. Just think of all the cash the government would get if they could tax new autos. Nationwide carry would be a start, with no local preemption.

New York and Cuomo DID ban Police having normal capacity mags.

Excuse me for a second.

Holder doesn't want Fast and Furious Documents released

Yup- might show how well gun control works when the agency charged with enforcing gun control plays games with it. Especially when they are trying to force fresh gun bans down our throats, reminding the subjects the agency running the laws is a bunch of reckless cowboys might hurt their cause.

Funny, the first "90% of Mexican guns come from the US" lie happened after the first failed attempt during the Bush administration. It spiked up again after Holder (or the ATF) restarted the program with even fewer controls than the first one. Who in the ATF informs the media where to look? Wasn't the ATF running guns out of Baltimore and Virginia back in the '80s and '90s? Coincidentally, the media knew to blame those areas, getting politicians on their "for the children" horse and getting gun control laws limiting purchases in MD and VA.

Do people in the ATF have "Richard Windsor" email accounts to get this info out?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Up Yours, Bob Schieffer

Comparing pro-civil rights activists to Nazis? Maybe Bob Schieffer just wants to take the crown from David Gregory as the anti-gun king. Well, Bob, David Gregory committed, and got away with, a gun control crime while he was opining. He set the bar pretty high.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Parts still exist

You just have to buy them when you find them. AO Precision from Midway. I made sure to do the NRA round up, too.

First Gun?

Lol, not for me. Today I overheard a gentleman in his 80's (guessing) looking to buy his first gun, or at least his first gun in decades. This is really scaring people out of the woodwork.

Fun with optics

It is cool that you cannot see the front sight at the normal eye relief.

Gun Store Trip

Decided to go shopping today. The LGS was darn near empty. He had to bump ammo prices on what little he has, as he can't get more in or the distributors can't give him a definite date for shipping. Just happened to be there when Obama's dead kid waving ceremony was on. I pointed out to him Obama will probably require him to do the private sale checks for free or set a price that is ridiculously low. Got a dirty look for that. No new 4473's came in over the fax while I was there.

Sportsman's Warehouse has limited primer sales to 1K per SKU and 2lbs powder per SKU. Or 1 bulk container of powder. I think most ammo was limited to 200 rounds per person, or one bulk box. But 5.56/.223 may have been even more limited.  The MSRs were limited to 1 per (none that I could see) and I think handguns were limited. The handgun shelves were near empty. Still had many shotguns. Even the bolt action rifle section was picked over.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No Wonder Gun Laws Must Be Rushed

The investigation is closer to being concluded into Lanza's mother. Much of the bull crap circulated about her is just that. More crap made up to smear groups the media and liberals (repeating myself) do not like. Remember, gun control is about control, and this crisis might go to waste if too much information gets out. Sounds like even the video game meme might be suspect. Hard to tell. Any time a government official tells me we must have a law now, I'm pretty sure the law can wait until, oh, never, and nothing will be hurt.

NYPD not limited to 7+1 rounds

I don't get it- they are the ones who can't shoot straight. Can't understand the random number 7 in the magazine limits, either. I do understand the dark of night passage. I laugh out loud at the "power" promised to the Republicans for voting for the bill. Fools. All to make it sound "bipartisan." Fools. Let the progressives hang themselves and be an obvious single party removal of rights.

Monday, January 14, 2013

I see what she did there.

And I like it. Dana Loesch, in a Twitter fight with Piers Morgan, goes off on the usage of "assault rifle" and "military style" by correcting him in the fact that the gun used in Connecticut was not an "assault rifle" nor "military style" as it had no full auto selector switch. Morgan can't even get the caliber right.

Profiting from Ammo Companies

Isn't the progressive theory that the nonprofit National Rifle Association is just a prop of "evil gun makers?" So what does that make Tom Harkin's Harkin Institute? It accepted money from the parent company and CEO of PMK, maker of PMC ammunition, among other things. Only $500,000. The article linked goes to great pains to not quote Harkin railing against guns or bring up the fact the PMK owns PMC and makes over 1 billion rounds of ammo per year.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wa Po NRA article

How sweet. They do love getting the cart before the horse. They discuss the NRA's 1977 Cincinnati revolt and some of the movers an shakers behind it. Or the ones that the libs want you to know about. It goes on to whinge about how the NRA will not agree to "compromise," i.e. surrender an inch.. And other aspects of the Pro gun side, too.

Democrats in Congress and some Republican allies passed an assault-weapons ban in 1994. That fired up the NRA base. The NRA’s rhetoric grew harsher. Out on the political fringe, the militia movement grew in influence, as anti-government activists warned of black helicopters carrying federal agents dressed like ninjas. The militants cited the 1992 shooting deaths of two civilians in a federal raid at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and the 1993 siege by federal agents of a religious sect’s compound in Waco, Tex., that culminated in a fire killing 76 people.

So, what they are saying is the militants are loons, but, grudgingly admit yes, the government was out to kill killing people.

Another funny part:

John Magaw, then the head of the ATF, recalls trying to set up meetings with the NRA to discuss gun issues. “They would not answer. They would ignore us.”

Why shouldn't they? This is America. We aren't compelled to be hauled before governmental bodies on a whim. The ATF response is "we will burn down your house and shoot your wife, because you violated our rules." Must suck for the ATF to be powerless over someone. Because they randomly interpret laws all the time, making entire groups of people felons over an "interpretation." The ATF also whinges that the NRA sits through meetings(that they just said they couldn't get them to come too?) and when they are over, tell them the wasted their time. Good. Someone needs to stand up in these closed door meets to take away rights and tell the tyrants they won't be their accomplices.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My day in a photo

Linux can be interesting and frustrating. I blame my age. I just missed the take off of the digital age by a couple of years.

Friends in high places

We've all seen the movie where the heavy guy is buddies with the law, so he gets to break it with impunity. Good thing to know that doesn't happen in real life. It would almost be like a Supreme Court justice failing to recuse herself from judging a law she helped write....

Friday, January 11, 2013

DC admits magazine ban does not apply to clear violations of the law.

Will not prosecute David Gregory's 'clear violation' (their words) of the magazine ban.

Nice. Gun control is for 'those people' not for the elites. This is a complete failure of gun control. Oddly, Sandy Hook was a success.

Mayors against anything

What the hell is it with Bloomberg? He is A MAYOR. Not a governor. Not the president. Not a Dictator. He may run a city with more people than many states combined. So what? MAYOR! Why does he feel the need to get involved in every little issue that comes to pass?* Salt, sugary drinks, smoking, guns, and now pain meds. He wants to ration pain meds in individual hospitals so drug seekers will..... yeah, the plan kinda does that. So, mayor Intended Consequences, now what? There will be daily deliveries of pain meds to each hospital. More chances for robbery. More chances for hospitals to run out, causing problems for everyone in the hospital. It's not like NYC has seen any thing in the past 13 years that could hurt transportation in the city or cause mass casualty events. I mean, he was mayor for Sandy, right?

From the article:

Mr. Bloomberg also argued the number of pain pills currently being prescribed had even contributed to an uptick in violent crimes outside of pharmacies from robbers looking to steal the drugs.

“You see there’s a lot more hold-ups of pharmacies, people getting held up as they walk out of pharmacies,” he explained. “What are they all about? They’re not trying to steal your shaving cream or toothpaste at the point of a gun. They want these drugs.”

You know, if your subjects could adequately protect themselves, or the PERCEPTION was that the average person wasn't just a mark, maybe people wouldn't need to fear being held up as they leave a pharmacy.

*I guess New Yorkers like patriarchal nannies. They have elected him three times. I thought New Yorkers were tough.

Now Biden is dictating to Churches

Promote gun control!   What happened to separation of church and state? Go forth and be political from the pulpit.

From the article:

Biden made a specific request to those gathered to preach to their congregations about the importance of enacting stronger gun control laws, said the Rev. Michael McBride, a participant in the meeting and a community organizer for the PICO Network, an alliance of faith-based organizations.

“The vice president shared how he felt this was one of the most important meetings of all the meetings, that the faith leaders, the faith community has a very unique role in engaging in the moral persuasion necessary to address the gun challenges in our country,” McBride said. “He called upon us to take that seriously and that the administration and everyone involved is going to be looking to us to help to make that argument across the different faith traditions.”

So, what if they don't pimp disarming law abiding Americans? Lose their tax status? Joe Biden can go forth and multiply. He is the Vice President of the United States of America, and he is requesting political cover from faith groups. This whole conversation is a joke.

More Gun Free Zone Rape

I give- the mall might not be a gun free zone*. Still, no one had a gun, so the criminals were able to herd people to a secondary location and sexually assault some. Sound like some victims had a phone and were able to use it. So why would a gun have made the situation worse than rape?

Guess it is time for an Anti Gun truism poster:**

*California is may issue, mostly NO ISSUE, so gun free zone. May Issue is soft tyranny.

**The posters are fakes, apparently from 4 chan, but they use the arguments of the Anti gun crowd quite effectively. I didn't feel the need to explicitly point that out last time and really feel like I don't need to here. So, yeah, maybe I should....

Do FFLs need to be nervous?

Biden's task farse met with Wal Mart and Bass Pro. Did they meet with Robert's Gun Shop or your FFL down the street? I didn't think so. I've bought the majority of my guns from small local shops, gun show retailers and small chains like Jax or Sportsman's Warehouse.
Wal Mart treats you like a fucking criminal and I have not bought a gun from them in over 15 years because of this fact. I only buy ammo when they are giving it away. I've heard Bass Pro is the same way. Their prices are a joke, so I have never bothered to buy a gun from them. Dicks? The only interesting thing they had were the Troy rifles. Since they screwed that up and then backed out of the market, well, screw them. Funny how Democrat Pols are conspicuously buying 'approved' guns from Dicks because of their little show. Of course, if a politician did buy an AR from a retailer, suddenly the focus would shift to how did HE get that gun, a regular person would have to wait around and he just walked right in and got it.
My point is, are small ffls about to get the shaft the rest of the way? Clinton started it by cleaning out most of the kitchen table ffls in the '90s. Is part of the lecture on guns going to be only XXXXX square footage or some random other variable? The sellers have no bearing on what happened in the past few shootings (just like legal person to person used transfers) so of course the Biden task force will be all over that.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hell yes Iowans

A coworker said the Sportsman's Warehouse parking lot was jam packed tonight. I checked; Carry Permit class. Well done, ladies and gentlemen. Well done.

Tactical (Political?) Dress-up

Yep, AR-15s are Barbies for gunnies.

Yeah, I know. I posted them yesterday. But, they weren't on a gun yesterday. The MOLON LABE and Gadsden grips were on sale/ clearance for $6.72, and actually have 2 panels in the box, not just one.

DC protest for Gun Appreciation Day

How hard would it be to make fake 30 round mags? A bunch of solid boxes molded out of rubber that look like normal capacity gun magazines. Then, everyone marching in DC could have one on a stick, walking around chanting- You can't arrest at me/Now go get David Gregory.

Did this guy just go there?

Joe Nocera, in the NYT, calls on Bloomberg to do more. He feels that what the anti gun movement needs is another Limousine Liberal making pronouncements from on high and funneling money into anti gun groups. Because the blood is getting cold. And all those people in the flyover states are getting uppity and getting their rights back, rights that Joe and his ilk took away unopposed before the NRA woke up in 1977.

Damn, it would be funny if New York gets owned by the Supreme Court and has to give out permits to carry to the little people.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What you buy when everything else is sold out

While ordering some minor parts on Midway, I needed to bump my order. Look what was on clearance. Didn't even know the Ka-Bar was a zombie product. Best of all, the free shipping* on the knife paid for itself. Not that it was expensive. I also did the NRA roundup. Every little bit helps.

*Midway's shipping software is weird sometimes.

Chicago police will shoot civilians

Guess this is what you get when you start in the police state of New York City and then move on to run the gun free Chicago PD. Garry McCarthy sure has as bad a case of the "only ones" disease as one can have.

“You say concealed carry I say Trayvon Martin. Police officers make mistakes all the time,” McCarthy said. “We spend six months in the police academy, six months of field training and ongoing training on a regular basis and the fact is once in a while we’re going to shoot someone with a cellphone; we’re going to shoot somebody with a flashlight and none of that is okay. But now you take John Q. Civilian, you give them six weeks or 10 weeks of training and you say ‘have at it?’ The fact is more guns are not the solution to the firearm gun violence problem in this country. Less guns and reasonable gun laws are. And just because it’s 49 states to one doesn't mean the state of Illinois is wrong on that one.”

Wow, he would piss himself if he realized us dumb hicks in Iowa take about a 4 hour course and are turned loose with our permits. And we don't have shootings every second; nor are the police gunning down every permit holder they see. Get a grip, man.


I forgot this is the jackass that got caught shooting out street lights. And got arrested throwing his weight around in New Jersey. Remember, this is the head of the Chicago Police Department.

Washington DC says 30 Round Magazines Okay -Update

They will not prosecute the crime David Gregory committed. The 105 other people they arrested in 2012 didn't wave them around on TV. But we don't have selective prosecution in this country. Or a biased media carrying water for one side only.\

Mention David Gregory at every chance when "high capacity" mags are brought up.

Emily Miller noted they changed their minds and may or may not charge Gregory by the end of the week. Guess they want to see how the optics go on the free pass idea first.

Trillion Dollar Coin

Okay. Here is a rough layout. Pardon my crappy photoshop skills; I have none at all. Kinda like Obama and  economics.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey, McChrystal, I'm not gonna buy your book

Guessing Stanley thinks he is still playing occupation in Afghanistan. Must be, if he thinks the 'locals' here in the United States have no business owning those "weapons of war." Just paraphrasing there, but that is the gist of his argument. Sorry, thanks for your service, but we should be allowed to own the same firearms the military carries.

Nemean Skinning

I saw this pic and thought, "Tugg Speedman." Sad. So sad.
From some foreign Elle magazine.

Yeah, the Panda hat isn't really open mouth, so it is not quite Nemean style.

Mass Murder plus Drugs

No, not the illegal kind. The legal kind. The kind with warning labels saying "may cause suicidal thoughts" and “homicidal ideation” are side effects. The kind many killers involved in "mass shootings" have been on. Oh, no, that is kook fringe stuff there, we can't look into that.

News is out that "prescription drugs" bottles were found in the Aurora shooter's apartment. Of course, they won't say what was in them. Hell, could be athlete's foot medicine. Could be happy pills.

Maybe that is the rush to ban guns, before anyone can spend 5 minutes talking about medicating society. Hell, the ATF giving guns to Mexican cartels was kook fringe stuff.

Monday, January 7, 2013

BoA Anti Gun Actions yet again

I'm not sure if this is new or not, but they just froze the account of a FFL/SOT because "scary gunses" and "selling parts on the internets" or some such reason. Is this part of Obama's conversation lecture on gun control?

More here.

 And here. And here.

I think I've heard of this happening with Bank of America before.

H/T to Simon Conway.

When the headline contradicts the story

This AP article has a headline:

" Fewer excited gun-buyers in Colo. and Conn."

Okay, then the article goes on to state:

The numbers of checks in Colorado rose from 35,009 in October to 53,453 in December; checks in Connecticut went from 18,761 to 29,246 during the same period.

Emphasis mine

52% increase in Colorado. 55% increase in Connecticut. In other words, more guns bought. Do they require a NICS to buy if you have a permit to carry?

Numbers for other states were listed:

In Georgia, the FBI processed 37,586 requests during October and 78,998 requests in December; Alabama went from 32,850 to 80,576 during the same period.

Georgia 110% increase. Alabama 145% increase.

I guess, technically, they are not outright lying in the headline. There were fewer NICS checks done in Colorado and Connecticut. Then they totally fail math altogether:

Tennessee saw among the highest increase in gun checks at the end of last year, with 91,922 background checks in December, up from 59,840 in November.
Emphasis mine.

That is a 53% jump. Less than Connecticut. I dug around and found Tennessee's October numbers-40,032. (Warning, PDF) Making their increase 130%. Reading further, Louisiana had a 55% increase, too. And those also used Novembers inflated reelection numbers, not Octobers like the previous comparisons.

Using their round numbers of 2.8 million NICS checks in December vs 1.6 million checks in October, the entire country had a 75% increase.

Other facts- 7.1 million NICS checks were done in 4 months of the year. The June to July jump was only 25%, from 1.2 to 1.5 million sales. It would be interesting to do a year to year comparison, once the full totals are released. The FeeBIe .PDF linked above only goes to October 2012.

Mandatory stolen gun reporting

You should do it. But, guess what- the Police don't care. At least in Detroit. Told her to call back later, I'm guessing taking information down was a lot of work and all.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gun Owner, But. With a helping of quitter.

Ah, FUD from Fudds. The same old column- I was a NRA member, but now I'm not. Because the NRA supports "armor piercing ammo" and "guns that I don't own." It's not about hunting, even the Supreme Court says that. And any given rifle bullet can pierce a vest. So the anti tactic is to ban all rifle ammunition.

David Gregory is at the Scene of the Crime RIGHT NOW

Washington DC MPD SWAT swarm! Form of- Second Amendment violating gun grabbers!

Shouldn't a journalist be treated at least as nicely as one of our veterans?
Maybe it is because Gregory is white? After all, gun control in the country is, at its root, to keep guns out of the hands of the free slaves. Selective enforcement stems from that. Yeah, I went there. But Brinkley followed the law to the letter and was arrested. Put through hell, then found not guilty. Maybe they should equally enforce the law, or remove it.

Will the DC police get some phone calls 11 AM EST

After all, people shout be calling in to report the location of a person who committed a violation of the magazine ban. Or is David Gregory still in hiding? After all, they have him on tape holding a banned standard capacity magazine for an AR-15, after being denied permission to use said magazine on air.

If the Speaker of the House had a pair

The fiscal cliff has only been postponed.  Boner did do one thing- tax rates are locked in, even on "the rich," so it would require an Act of Congress to raise them. Obama can't just sit on his hands and say- look, not my fault they went up. But the debt ceiling is still there. I don't think Boehner has the stones to do nothing and let the real cutting take place.

Wonder if he has any guts to stop the firearm kneejerk bills? Or is the fix in?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gun store report

The local Sportsman's warehouse has people standing waiting to look at or buy guns. Stopped at Rhine; he's having to raise prices. A curious thing happened while I was there. A guy came in looking for an AR-10, as he didn't want one of those "little poodle shooters." Fine, I like my larger stuff too. Turns out his nephew had an AR-15 on hold from over a year ago. Short version, turned out the nephew forgot he had it on hold. He was refunded the down payment, as he didn't want it now. Let that sink in. The price was $825 he had locked it in for. A gun he could have turned around on consignment for $1200 easily.

Yes, I asked if I could buy it, but it went to the next guy on the rifle list. Darn dealers with integrity.

Ban high capacity alcohol

Because it worked so well last time. Some group of prison minted lawyers has decided to sue alcohol makers for the products they willing bought and consumed, and then randomly decided to commit crimes after said consumption. Because someone else has to be to blame for their being pieces of crap.

Do you suppose they chose the amount, $1 billion, Dr Evil style?

Propping up the Anti Gun groups

Shouldn't the antis consist of more that a few people, a rent-a-mob, and politicians? It almost looks like it is solely the government who wants to grab guns and limit magazine capacity, based upon their own failures. Failures like not enacting better mental health reporting, allowing victim disarmament zones, and existing gun control that had no effect on shootings.

Faking NOT running out of bullets

That is what this woman did- she armed herself with a .38 when some POS broke into her house. She emptied it into him, then held him   scared him off with the empty gun. Guess Mr Out on Parole doesn't count too good.

I don't think he was going to last very long:

Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri learned from Chapman late Friday night that Slater has been placed on a ventilator and suffers from punctured lungs, a punctured liver and a punctured stomach.
He said if Slater survives the night, doctors will try to operate in the morning to repair the damage.
Chapman said Slater has four exit wounds.

He still would have had time to take her or her child with him. I don't blame her- it is damn hard to corral a child, get your gun and phone and hide. A spare speedloader would not be the first thing I grabbed.

 But we can repeat this nationally with a normal capacity magazine ban. Of course, then the only people with normal capacity magazines will be criminals and David Gregory. But I repeat myself.

The real reason why I carry

I've owned firearms since I was legally able to buy (and afford) them. Bought my first .44 Magnum at age 22, then a nice used P220 during the Clinton years. Never got a Permit to Carry, as we had may issue, and the Democrat sheriff only allowed his buddies and special people to get permits. Iowa used to be real insipid about loaded magazines in cars, too. So, never even tried to get one- didn't want to waste my money getting all the training to be denied. This info was straight from the guy who did the training for the sheriff. So I never pursued a permit.

A few years ago, I got a phone call. My mother asked me a very strange question:

"Did your uncle ever, um, touch you?" (Uncle is by marriage to an aunt)

Me: "No, what the hell are you talking about?"

"He just got arrested for molesting ALL of his adopted and foster children!"

Me: "Holy hell."

So, now I am wondering if this sick fuck I used to call an uncle was going to turn up near me and need put down. A week or so later, the story turns sideways.

Mom on the phone: "They just found your uncle's parents dead on their farm."

Me: "Me- bye mom, got to call my wife and tell her to go somewhere without our last name in the phone book..." In the meantime, I sit tight at work, thinking, "Great. I guess I have this stick here." It turned out, my uncle's brother did it, guess the crazy really did run in that family. (No clue what that site is, but the link has the story pretty well laid out)

So, I still have this feeling that a gun would be a damn sight better than standing around with a stick, so I leave a loaded mag hidden at work and keep an empty gun cased to meet Iowa's pantywaist laws in my truck. Woo, that makes Israeli carry look pretty bad ass, huh?

A guy I work with, but lives in another county, came in a year or so later. He just got his permit to carry. I told him, "I wish, Polk County sucks."

"No, all you have to do is take the course and write 'demonstrated responsibility' in the 'reason for permit' box." My co-worker went on, "When the sheriff changed a few years ago, they threw out all that bullshit buddy system crap."

Me: "!!!!eleventy1 Wonder why that wasn't published in the Des Moines Register?" Wait, they probably bumped that story for a Reka Basu or Don Kaul rant on eeeevvvviillll gun owners.

So I did jack crap, of course. Kept putting it off, not signing up for the course, feeling intimidated by all the paperwork. Midway through 2010, Shall issue was passed- so I waited until the end of the year. Funny how gun bans take effect the second they are signed, but laws allowing some semblance of freedom to be returned to you need time for the government to 'figure out how it will work.' All in all, I was not happy with myself during that time frame.

Some of you from Iowa might point out that we could always CCW at a place of business. Well, that is fine and dandy if your place of business is stationary...

****Details of conversations have been altered. For instance, I believe I answered my mother with something to the effect of "I know he didn't touch me, he is still alive, right?" but that conversation --may-- have happened at a later date.****

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hey Saul! We read your book!

I've heard all the arguments that these Brady posters do our side no good. Guess what? I have a demotivator of our troops pissing on dead hajjiis at the bottom of my blog. Show the antis arguments to their logical conclusion.

Gun control is still failing

Last time I checked, David Gregory was not charged with a crime. And it is an open and shut case, unless they are building a massive conspiracy case against NBC. Yeah, that's a stretch.

Permits up in Iowa

Not just permits to carry, but permits to acquire pistols. Yes, in Iowa the subjects have to play "mother may I" to be allowed the right to buy a handgun.  In Polk county alone, 400 permits applied for in December, a record for the past 3 years. Plus 700 carry permits applied for. I'm guessing people are waking up. The only reason to get a PtA is it usually takes only a week or less with no additional training, while Polk County drags out the permit to carry process to almost the full 30 days they are allowed by law. I'm guessing people are waking up to the fact that they need to buy the handguns now, not after another AWB or mag limiting law comes to pass.

I wonder how many rushed to buy a handgun after Sandy Hook, only to find out that gun control does exist and there are all these fancy ass hoops you have to go through.

Reading the comments at the article, they first had pictures of NFA weapons, which the commoners of Iowa are not allowed to own, either. Looks like they swapped it for a photoshopped Glock.

And people wonder why I carry

Out of prison 36 hours, charged with murder and kidnapping. Wow, dude wasn't letting the grass grow under his feet. Parole or aged out of juvenile justice system?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Darned open carry crowd

Wait, it was the police carrying. And a namby pamby diner at a Denny's complained. You would think they would feel safer in a restaurant full of cops.

Uh oh

Midway's AR mags went from out of stock, backorder okay, to No Backorders. Brownells is still offering backorders. Still at pre-dbag prices.

I'm afraid to ask them

My aunt (in law) and her wife live in Illinois. They often ask me about guns and what it takes to get one. They, as of last check, didn't have a FOID card. Guess they will be stuck with whatever they are stuck with if this shit rolls that far down hill.

Not that it isn't coming nationally, in some form. Besides every blue state with a chip on its shoulder.

Case study: Response to court decisions

Massachusetts and Iowa were told to have gay marriage or else by courts. Good ol' Mitt Romney moved heaven and earth to make that happen in Mass. Iowa, on the other hand, has seen Republicans pass bills out of the house to ban it, regulate it, etc. They all are stopped in the Democrat controlled Iowa senate to prevent the state lefties from having to come out of the closet (heh) and vote, one way or the other.

Contrast that with the state of Illinois- they have been told to allow carry or have it forced upon them. What do the Democrats do? Go completely insane and attempt to ban any firearm that is worth defending your life with. One party sure seems to be better at playing politics than the other. Of course, the political opportunists can't let a crisis of their own doing (gun free zones) go to waste, now, can they?

Additionally, gay marriage rulings stem from Equal Protection Clauses. So how do they get around that when states say police can have something the regular subjects can't? It would be novel to apply the "protection"  meaning of the word to weapons. Hey, an ordinary citizen has at least as much right to defend him or herself as well as any public servant. The person paying the public employee's salary has a right to come home alive at the end of the day, too.

I know, it means protection from the state and random laws depriving citizens of (certain) guaranteed rights.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Salesman of the decade

4.8 Million background checks in November and December, per the FBI. 2 million in November and 2.8 million in December. That doesn't include those who don't have to get NICS checks due to holding state permits. Both months were records. Pretty easy when every AR pattern rifle in the country sells out in a matter of one week.

Any racist lefties wanting to blame this on Obama's skin color really don't get it- any Democrat would be given the same benefit of the doubt when in comes to firearms.

NYC needs subway control

Darned suicidal people. Maybe they need a mental health check and force people to fill out a 4473 each time someone buys a subway ticket.

No one was killed by a subway train in Iowa- we don't have any of those death machines here. Maybe New York City needs to look into that idea.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

LaRue Tactical ending .mil .gov discounts

Posted here and here on ARF com. Apparently they sent out an email to existing customers explaining it, placing the blame on increased costs due to Obamacare. Another poster claims Cabelas put a 2.3% medical device F.E.T. on his bill. Don't know if that is F.U.D. or a cock-up on the software Cabelas uses. Considering the epic fail Obamacare is, we probably owe 2.3% tax on anything sold at a store located in a state with a Republican governor, nothing would surprise me anymore.

From Hell's Heart, I Stab at Thee...

Wow, thieving politicians in Illinois just don't quit. They have been spanked numerous times in court, to the point that the SAF is practically funded by Chicago and the state, so they are going to Quinn-tuple down on the totalitarianism. They plan tomorrow to attempt to ram through a bill banning just about all firearms-not just evil scary black rifles, but apparently any gun above a single shot. Even your duck guns, Mr Fudd. Confiscation is the aim. Made possible by the insanity of a FOID card. But all the apologists say registration never leads to confiscation.

We need a constitutional amendment applying all laws equally to the government that they would apply to the supposed citizens.

Bullying makes you a terrorist. Um, Okay....

The Daily Beast isn't The Onion, is it? Seriously, the author of this article is trying to say that some terrorist caught being a little terrorist bitch online was "bullied" by the US and Jordan, so he because a triple agent to kill our troops 3 years ago Sunday. Sounds like the CIA had a case of poor double agent selection syndrome. I'd hardly call torture bullying. Last time I checked, bullies call you a fag and punch you. They don't black bag you, (possibly) threaten to waste your family for being a terrorist (conjecture on my part) and then send you to Afghanistan to become the terrorist you pretended to be online. Sorry if I'm a little confused with someone comparing the first world problem of being picked on for being different with the reality of a grown ass man playing terrorist and succeeding, to our detriment.