Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gun Owner, But. With a helping of quitter.

Ah, FUD from Fudds. The same old column- I was a NRA member, but now I'm not. Because the NRA supports "armor piercing ammo" and "guns that I don't own." It's not about hunting, even the Supreme Court says that. And any given rifle bullet can pierce a vest. So the anti tactic is to ban all rifle ammunition.


JD said...

I love it, he leads with:

" Their propaganda was, say no to any form of registration because when the communists take over, the government would confiscate their guns"

Then he goes onto:
Assault rifles should be banned for sale to the public. Those owned should be confiscated.

2. Magazines for guns over five rounds should be banned and confiscated."

Way to prove the NRA was correct in their "propaganda."

JD Rush said...

I've written better blog posts drunk than that guy wrote trying to sound reasonable.

Robert Fowler said...

Yep, get rid of all the assault weapons. Then next year they can go after those eeeevil sniper rifles.

Oh. That's your deer rifle? So sad for you, we are taking your sniper rifle and in it's place you can have a single shot 22 and a shingle shot shotgun. Because we are the government and we love you.


JD Rush said...

Why, someone in the military might have walked past a gun store containing any given weapon, so lets ban them all just in case.
But, anyone committing a violent crime with a weapon, well, we'll go easy on them.
/gun control mindset off

2KFHAWK said...

That's it I'm turing all mine in tomorrow.