Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Iowa house good news

Looks like RKBA amendment and Castle doctrine passed the Iowa House on a partyline vote. Hopefully Gronstall doesn't lock it up in the Senate. So was all the grandstanding worth coming out on the losing side against a civil right?

Added: My understanding is the RKBA amendment was fixed and is currently a total and complete RKBA that pretty much invalidates ANY and all gun laws in the state and shuts down any avenue of attack via taxes or banning ammunition.
The Dems were also flat lying, this was put on their agenda Tuesday at 8:02 am, more that 24 hours before debate was scheduled to begin. They acted like children to score media time, because they knew they were totally outmaneuvered this time.

Somehow, knowing this is even worse.....

Back to the Zombie Mohammed judge. So he is not a Muslim? Instead, he's playing the race card? I just about invented a time machine to place a cup of coffee in my hand, so I could perform a spit take. Just a straight up progressive judge feeling bad for the violentdowntrodden follower of the religion of peace. Guess that atheists, normally the shining star of the progressive flag, have been trumped. (By a religion. Heh) I could have vaguely understood all the judges strange requests to ignore the video evidence and eyewitness testimony had he been Muslim and offended, odd as that might be. So he ignored all evidence because ???? Was he afraid he would be a target had he found the attacker guilty?

Iowa Democrats go searching for more Strawmen, instead of debating

That must be where they went, instead of sticking around for debate on the Stand Your Ground bill. 15 of them bolted today instead of sticking around to debate. Guess they can't handle looking like tools after the Jay Rodney Lewis debacle.

Supposedly they left because the bills would make Iowa like the "Wild, Wild West." Yeah, that movie sucked.

Today is the big* Black History Month celebration at the statehouse, too. Guess the antigun sentiment is still very high on the Democrat agenda, even outranking honoring civil rights struggles of the past. So all those shill articles online about Democrats caring about gun rights are wrong? Push come to shove moves like this are awesome. It truly shows where politicians loyalties lie. The BS excuse of "you can't surprise us" with these bills is how the press Dems are going to roll on this one, forgetting all the times they pulled it on the Republicans. The Repubs should have restored the bills to their original wording and passed them on to the senate. That is where the real fight is going to be, anyway.

*2nd edit. They shortened it to a 10 minute speech by the Governor.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Targeted ad fail?

You make one comment on Facebook about some gun banner developing urinary incontinence over the lack of MOAR gun control NAOW and this is what you get.....


I've been cross shopping upper assemblies for a while. Trying to decide between drinking the kool aid and buying something like a Bravo Company upper or getting the cheapest turd I can just to see how bad it can be. I noticed on Midway's site that the Bushmaster uppers in 6.8 SPC II went from "no back order" to "discontinued", and now are flat gone. Looks like several other Bushmaster uppers are flat gone too. Freedom group discontinuing Bushy uppers, or just selling too many rebranded DPMS rifles to sell the uppers separate? Not that I was wanting a Bushy upper, other than the last price on the 6.8 ($505) was cheap enough for me to risk it. Really should just buy a 2nd 5.56 upper, just for the two is one aspect, before branching out into strange calibers.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Home Baking part 2

Part one was here, then I got off track. Buying all these weird pistol things instead of rifles. Well, bought an Armalite LPK in town this week, plus the tube and assorted parts. Got bored tonight, put it together using the FAQ's at Took me between 45 minutes and an hour, mostly looking for tools to put the stupid 3/16" allen nut bolt for the carry handle in. And I need real punches, but took it slow and didn't break the ear on the trigger guard. Just need a wrench on the tube, stake it and it is ready to try.
The MOE stocked lower is the new one I built. Went with black just to say I had an Evil Black Rifle. And they were out of standard carbine stocks. Now, 2nd upper in 6.8, 300 AAC or 5.56? Hmm....

Edit: This is my first lower build. A little too much fun.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Update on the Self defense acquittal from a few days ago.

Here in the Register. Our church (I have nothing to do with this, don't go congratulating me.) is the one taking donations for helping Jay Rodney Lewis get his life back together.

The church, which already has arranged a used laptop and “just a big care package” for Lewis, is now setting up a fund to assist Lewis. Donations should be sent to Westminster Presbyterian Church, 4114 Allison Ave., Des Moines, Iowa 50310. Include a note or write on a memo line that the donation is to be used for “Jay Rodney Lewis.”

Don't dress as Zombie Muhammed in Pennsylvania

Because a Muslim judge will find you guilty of "your mean*" and justify your assailant based on his own offense to the act. Now I'm not one to poke momma bear in the ass with a red hot poker while putting one of her cubs a head lock; common sense dictates that followers of the religion of peace do not tolerate even perceived slights, let alone anything to do with M. Here, the judge flat ignored all evidence and actually cited his own views in finding the defendant not guilty.

*"your mean" is my favorite explanation of how our society is going. Not only is it spelled wrong, showing the poor educational standards of this era, it distills into two words the petulant arguments of people offended by every slight out there.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gun range or Act of Valor?

I can do one but not both tomorrow before work. In theory I could pull it off, but I don't like to rush myself.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How do I put this....

So, after Obama stops drilling as much as possible, shuts down the Keystone XLWTFBBQ pipeline, puts the brakes on coal usage via the EPA, he pulls a Jake and says it wasn't my fault.


This is why the Strawmen invaded the Capitol!

I first noticed this at Robert's place, and he does a great writeup. As I pointed out here, Sarcone practically jumped up and down about the crime on our streets and about how hard (Law is hard!) his job would be if he couldn't just lock up any one for defending themselves. Turns out, he didn't have a strawman locked up in the Polk County Jail, but an actual anecdote. But, hell, anecdotes are ignored by antigun people all the time, because they don't count. Only strawmen.
And stop the insane scraping and bowing to the notion that 2 unarmed men committing a felony do not deserve to be shot. This isn't the movies were the good guy puts his gun down, has a righteous fight, and prevails. This is real life, where people bleed, have broken bones, and/or die when they are attacked. But, according to antigun people, this is awesome and the expected outcome, because at least no one got shot!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Formula for success...

1: Send email to institute requesting re-emailing important docs to alternate address.
2: Create fake doc that uses liberal buzzwords, insert it into document dump online.
3: ????
4: Profit Internet hysteria.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just give them the money is the meme, right?

You will be left alone and be safe? Well no one told these guys. They opened up on the clerk after he complied. Fortunately his boss put at least three rounds into one of the punks (another Brady candle!*) and held the other one at gunpoint until the police arrived.
 "Baaaaa But gun free zones solve all that." "I have I right to be gun free."
 No, you don't. You have a right to NOT be robbed, assaulted, maimed and murdered. All gun control does is lower the risk to the aggressor. A gorram sign will do nothing to slow the murdering thieves and crazies.

*Remember that- the people who wish you to be defenseless include aggressors who die committing violent assaults in their gun victim stats. The people who are quoted in the Media as "experts" no less.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm guessing a couple of laws were broken here.

Shooting down an animal rights group's photo recon drone might be a touch illegal. I'm not sure about the laws in SC on shooting over roadways, though. I'd like to see pictures of the damage myself. Would not put it past one of these groups to do the shooting themselves. Have DB stand off camera, go bang bang bang, then smash the drone down near you on the highway.
Edited to add:
Gizmodo has a picture. Looks like an owie from a crash landing. Not bullet holes. And I watched the propaganda video on youtube.  They cut from the drone feed before the hit took place.

Friday, February 17, 2012

What do we have here?

My friend Ace sent me (via text) a little picture and a suggestion:

I have a blog post for you. I will send you a ridiculous pic. I was just at Dahls for work, looking at mags. I saw this one the store that won't let you carry but they sell pro carry mags. But i refuse to buy anything there till they support my right to carry. F- them.

Well said. Love the irony that an antigun business sells pro-carry magazines.

Two sided gun rights story...

Too bad the anti rights side is the typical scare quotes and Brady filler. Half the links are broken (one flat said spam and my browser gave me the finger- it linked to a .exe!) or say little to nothing to support the anti freedom contention. What it boils down to is this: "OMG, did you know someone might have a gun where you might go? We have to put a stop to that." Love the "Minnesotan felons get their gun rights back" when released from prison line of thought. Hey, lefty, guess what? You support that 1000% when they vote "D" at the ballot box. "Bu bu bu but we forgot that gun rights come with having rights restored." Take your medicine.

Onto the loophole fallacy- all the gun laws in the world will not stop a criminal from walking right into all of the places mentioned and putting a bullet into your brain. Unless you post a cop at every door, public and private, and strip search everyone coming and going. We have places like that. They are called prisons and people earn the right to be there based on their actions, not the fear that something might happen.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Excellent pro 2a piece

In the Iowa State Daily. In the interest of fairness, I've bought an M&P from his employer before. Good place to buy guns, even with the local option sales tax to rip off the college students. (LOL at that theory- you are also ripping yourself off everyday)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So I went twice

Not often do you get to thumb your nose at the antis twice in one day. Plus it is my birthday.

No ID? No cupcake for you!

Looks like the Iowa Federation of College Republicans are doing a take off of the progressive bake sale idea next Tuesday. Free cupcakes for lawmakers, but with a catch- they have to show ID to receive the cupcake. I'm tempted to have fun with this, but how much trouble could I get in if I show up with, say, a utility bill with my name crossed out and, say, Mike Gronstal's name written in above mine in Crayon? For those unfamiliar with Iowa politics, Gronstal is the governor majority leader of the Iowa senate, and no bills see the light of day that he does not like, especially those that might get passed with support of the non-Koolaid drinking Democrats. I know they want a photo ID, but I want to press the point that the current system allows for abuse.

Supporting Starbucks

And civil rights. Silly me. Did not have any $2 bills. So I left 2 one dollar bills.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Buycott tomorrow.

Don't forget, tomorrow is the Starbucks BUYcott. I'll be going. Tipping with a $2 bill too.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

More range time..

My brother went to the range with me this time- haven't been shooting with him in years. He did fine with the M&P's and loved the AR with the 22 conversion. He was impressed that it hit bowling pins at 50 yards with no sight adjustments.

I put an Apex sear into the M&P 357 frame a week or so ago and this was the first range trip. Wow. Did two things for me. Improved were I was hitting, and showed me exactly when I mess up by not focusing on the front sight. I also did the top end swap with the 9mm to the 357 frame (the front block is larger on the older frame.) That really kicked ass. Mostly the trigger combined with the lighter recoil, but that combo was damned accurate. In no way would I carry the gun with just the sear, I do want the carry spring kit too. I'm not sure about the striker block. All that does (in my head at least) is smooth out the take-up in the trigger? I will most likely get the carry kit next time with the striker block, just for the heck of it.

Also put a new hammer, pin and strut into the Taurus 1911, mainly to get rid of the abortion of a hammer that came stock on it. Ran 50 or so, no problems.

I also screwed up a reload on a M&P. It comes from my dryfire habit of minimal slide movement to reset the striker. It was a condition 3 reload and I muscle memoried the 1/2 slide movement. Partially stripped a round and held the mag in. Stupid ass me didn't lock the slide back and managed to get a double feed that would have needed a New York reload.  1. I need to practice with snap caps clearing that fail condition. 2. I have to stop resetting the striker that way. I keep telling myself that I won't do it when shooting. Proved that wrong today.

10* F today leaving the range. Was 6*F when I got in my truck.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Civics quiz...

I pulled 31/33.

The Puritans I confused with the Quakers, I think. I knew the former hated all mankind, just couldn't remember how anal they were about killing. And I thought the new states thing was decided 10 years prior to the Lincoln/Douglas debates. Whoops. Guess it wasn't all that settled. As to the econ type questions, lucky me, in college I had a free market econ teacher 2 semesters in a row. Don't think I missed a question on a test after the first quiz- he explained politely, and I am paraphrasing here: "That commie bullshit stops at the front door to my classroom" That was a great class.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Too grumpy to comment....

And they can't wait to persecute for the violations of DC's inane gun laws.

They carried how much?

Damn, that was stupid. Carrying $100 to deliver food? And the Register piles on the fail by reporting the amount.  Just like posting the addresses and photos of people who have just been robbed. "Oh, look at all this missing stuff!" is the usual caption. Hey, dumbass, look at all the stuff that hasn't been stolen. And now all the professional thieves know where you live and that your security sucks. Back to the Jimmy Johns story. Assuming this isn't some inside job- like thieves are going to police their butts- JJ may need to look into their deliver policies. Maybe a quick google search to see if an address exists.

Typical anti-gun reaction

The NYT hit piece from Dec '11 was a typical quarter-truth ridden piece of propaganda, your typical MAIG tripe designed to molder in the corner until needed as a reference. As Sean at NCguns notes, the reporter won't even release his supposed data to an "only one with the need to know," in this case a North Carolina legislator.

Good Fisking of the Today shows "ZOMG people bought guns from teh interwebs" "report". Might want to save a copy.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I went to buy a zombie movie...

And all they had was this:(

Actually, season(series?) 1 didn't piss me off too much. I figured what the hell.

Maybe I get out too much....

I'm starting to recognize other customers at gun stores. (Hey, it's that guy looking for the perfect single stack again! Ohh, look, an M&P I don't have the exact model of! Shiny!) And hear the same questions asked over and over again.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The sky is heating up...wait, what?

Oh no, all of our fake progressive scams are failing at once. Screw it, double down on teh stupid./prog

Interesting read.

Via Uncle, an article at ARF. Pay attention, don't be a victim.

Obligatory better things to do article....

Somehow the Iowa State Daily drew the "legislature is too busy" card in the firearms debate. They actually admit McDonald vs Chicago exists, guess that is a plus. But they claim a constitutional amendment goes "too far!" without saying what "too far!!!11!" is. Some mumbling about forcing the state out of the pistol permit business, constitutional carry, and "OMG! Random potentates can't be dictators." Then we get to the better things to do- Raise taxes now! But lower business taxes in special zones! Brandstad pwned that line of thought last year- 2 year budget and all. Just minor tweaks are all that is required.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On one hand....

There seems to be a little whine fest going on in DC about a study involving the effects of diesel exhaust in mines and the effects on health. The mining industry wants to see the study before it is released to Congress and the salivating dogs in the media(aw, see which side I'm going to come down on?). Guess they don't want to be blind sided in Congress and the media when they release the study. Because the one thing Progressives truly hate is for their targets to be prepared and have ammo to fight back with. Kinda interferes with the sound bites if the target has good sound bites of their own. Besides, while the study applies to mines, it will be used to make policy decision for everyone. We all know that the EPA is only slightly less power mad than the BATFEIEIO, and love new regulation to "apply" to anything they see fit. Congress is too damn lazy to rein them in- might interfere with the dinner circuit.

 Now, a disclaimer here- I hate what diesel exhaust does in an enclosed area. Can make you feel like you smoked a carton of cigarettes. Not that I smoke. It would suck down in a mine. The newest diesels with urea seem to smell the best, with a hint of ammonia in the exhaust. Some of the intermediate steps they took will burn your eyes out of your face after only a few minutes of exposure. Seems that those made the particles finer, and more irritating. But, that is not all concensusy sciency talk, just exposure to what is out there.

Whiners about the movies...

Ok, fish in a barrel time. I watched the movie Harry Brown last year, it was a good movie for the most part. Love this quote from the IMDB boards:

The film seems to push an anti gun-control agenda, glorifying vigilante gun violence.

Well, we can't have that now, can we? Showing the downside of not punishing criminals for their actions, while simultaneously denying victims the ability to defend themselves. Why, that might keep someone up at night. While the movie does show actual vigilante acts, actual self defense does not a vigilante(self offense?) make. I recall another thread whining that the "old man" had no right to interfere with the younger men lives. Like his life was less valuable. May have just been a troll, or an insight into the minds of those who benefit from the oppression of gun control.

Friday, February 3, 2012

No guns in this post. Speed cameras, though.

Love the opinion piece about speed cameras. Let me summarize:

I don't like them. I drive like crap, and get a shitload of tickets, so I'm an authority on the subject. (apparently)

Traffic cops, when traffic is moving smoothly, just let speeding happen. Now, when some douche is making an ass of herself, she gets a ticket. 

Simon Conway is against them, so I have to be for them.

The ACLU doesn't like them. Simon points that out every time he mentions them.

More money for the state=good.

More money for the state- to mismanage. And half goes to an evil, private company!

Patriot act, suck it righties!
Free love! Gay marriage!!!

I think she works these into every piece, must just have a template ready to go.

I'm shocked she didn't get an anti-gun quote in there. Must have overrun the column space.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What is the world coming to? Can't rob a gun free zone anymore!

Too bad Wisconsin's "criminals welcome here signs" have force of law, especially after this. Some of these guys will have to look for honest work and stuff.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shots I can never repeat again

Everyone has a shot they could never pull off again. One of my favorites was sighting in shotguns for deer season. Dad ran (still does) a 695 Mossberg with no scope. Here's why. At 75 yards we sat a golf ball on an old barbell hand grip. My brother and dad each took a shot, then it was my turn. "Aim 3 inches low" was his advice. So I did. The ball went flying! Had I hit it? Hell no. I hit the damned hand grip 3" below the top! At $2+ a shot, we didn't need to waste any more shots. Plus I knew I could shoot dad's gun just fine. But no way could I pull that one out of my butt again.

Great, an article with a poll

Another antigun antirights article to read. Plus a poll.

What is so lax about the shall issue method of obtaining a permit? The old method had no set requirements. Some counties the only requirement was knowing the sheriff. Other counties required divine intervention. They new method REQUIRES a background check and eliminates the personal prejudices of individual people. Also requires a minimum of exposure to the legal background of the law.

I realize the fantasy situation that 'may issue' allows for the anti-rights types. One person overseeing everything and making decisions on a whim. With no legal ramifications for making that decision.

The poll was 188 to 4 in favor of shall issue, when I voted.

Aren't the Brady Types a Little Late to the party

Shouldn't they have been pushing the mental health angle since, I don't know, 1981?