Friday, December 23, 2011

Hell hath frozeneth overeth.....

The Des Moines Register has published a CCW article that did not go straight to the Brady Bunch for scare quotes. Would have been funnier if they had a quote from one of the hardcase sheriffs that necessitated the modernization of our carry law. They did get the usual dig about wanting range time included in the permitting process. My tinfoil hat sensors are tingling a little, but for now I will accept that one article isn't a total ideological poo fest.
ETA-This was above the fold page one news.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yes. That is blueberry.

Dad is working his way thru the flavors . Not like I'm going to drink Daley, I mean Coke.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Airgun range time....

I picked up an Umarex M&P air gun last weekend. Mostly for practice, and fun, of course. Plus the range closes for holiday break, so I'll need something to shoot.

Like these sorry cans, or that mangy pumpkin. The box is actually sitting on a roll away trash can, with plywood behind it to deflect the BB's down. I have two containers, I'll need to make two traps to set on them.

The trigger on the pistol is not an exact copy of the M&P, but it is close. The take up is stiffer, but the break is not as bad as the real thing. I actually hit a little right and up if in a hurry with it. The mag is sturdy, made of metal. It is a pain in the butt to load, and I hope the clip that holds the top bb in does not wear out. No blowback action, but the barrel moves forward to load the bb (hence the stiffer trigger), then drops back to fire the round.
At 5 yards, I could slow fire under an inch unsupported. Or practice moving and shooting. And shooting while moving. That may come in handy; there is a USPSA match Sunday. Not that two times trying it make me great, far from it. But I can hit a can more often than not, that is worth something. Something small.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 degrees outside? Range time!

Decided it was time to play in the snow. Okay, the 1 inch of snow. Ran the M&Pxs in the cold. Sure, it's not -10, but what the heck. Think I had one fail to feed anything with the M&P9, with the nasty Remington 250 count special box. Tap rack bang, so might be time to clean some mags. Or my gloved hand touched the slide release. It just turned 1k today, with 1 cleaning at 250 and minor wipedowns/patches through the bore being the extent of the maintenance it has received. The 357 with the 40 barrel fired its carry ammo that sat in the truck all week. And some of the Fed elcheapo 100 rounders. Nothing to write home about there; no mess ups.

My M&P40c rang the 15 yard large target with every carry round in the magazine. And the next mag of el cheapo hit too. I wonder if the fact that I had been IWB carrying it right up until I shot it made the difference there? The other guns were cold, often cold enough to need gloves on when loading the mags. Thank you thick callouses.

Once I or the guns warmed up, I tried transitions between targets, didn't do perfect, but nothing to be totally ashamed by. By my poor standards, anyway. And I bought something that may help with my shooting. That will be for another post.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Occupy DM steal from the poor give to themselves .

65 year old man evicted. So the local ows crowd decides to help themselves to his stuff. Nice work 47%.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nice opinion you got there.....

Glad someone is defending your right to have it. Love the tired military industrial complex line. So many other government/industrial complexes exist today. Sounds like the professor is pissed that the College Republicans (oh, the humanity) are the ones collecting money to make care packages for soldiers. Probably pissed no one sends him a care package for teaching the unwashed masses in Ames (shudder) Iowa.

How can I send a care package to the guys at Gitmo*? Our guys, not the opfor. I'm thinking a bible, airline bottle of Jack, and some pork jerky would be a start. Or Tactical bacon...... That puts me on a list for even thinking about it.

*Aw, is that still there? Golly, that was one of the hopey changey things that actually was brought up in the campaign of '08.

Friday, December 2, 2011

So I'm hanging out at the gun counter...

Stopped at Sportsman's Warehouse to, well, waste time on a family free Friday. They still had one Black Friday Umarex Colt Rail Gun. Me really likey, but not in the cards this year. While I'm drooling over it (yeah, I'm weird) I got to listen to some interesting conversations......

Counter guy answers phone. "Yeah, we have a 12 gauge with with scope for under $300(?)." Pause. "Well, we are low on slugs, opener is tomorrow. And you will need to sight it in.......Really..." Click.
To me and the couple next to me- "He wanted to go deer hunting for the first time in his life tomorrow, wanted a gun with a scope, and was going to sight in in tonight (7 pm)!"
Cop (dispatcher, I think) standing next to me- "What range is he shooting at; I'd like to go there."
Me- "The no passing zone by my house all the other tools shoot at...."

I'm still fingering the Umarex, Cop's hubby (CH) wanders off to find ammo for the Judge she is buying. You know where this is going. Comes back once to ask, "What does ACP mean?" Gets the answer, comes back with a box of .45 Auto. Counter guy doesn't say squat. I wait, make jokes about the deer hunter guy, finally.....

Me- "So, is that box of ammo for the Judge?"

CH-"Yeah, that other stuff was ACP so it wouldn't work."

Me- "Umm, you need .45 Long Colt."

CH, to counter guy, not trusting me, "Does this take .45 LC?"

Counter guy, finally looking at his box of ammo, "Oh, yeah, you need the .45 LC we keep (hide) over there."

CH- "Boy, that stuff is expensive."

Me- "!"
My true reaction- buy the LCR, Bodyguard, or SP101 they have on sale then. Quit telling your wife it will be easy, you don't have to aim, all the stupid cliches all rolled into one. Wow, I only thought those were ghost stories people told on the internet.

What the heck, I only chip in when I like a gun. No need get someone pissy over pistol choices. Or worse, screw up a sale and get chased away from the gun counter. I'm to the point a couple of the guys (and one girl) just start handing me the new, cool stuff as soon as they see me.....

Not an ammo sale, but.....

Safety glasses are half price this week at Menard's. And they left the gloves on sale even though it is 10 degrees out this morning .
I'm happiest that I can breathe without cold medicine. I hate those wonderful holiday bugs that knock you down. The gunshow last weekend may have had awesome deals, but I was in no state of mind to brave the ridiculous crowds. From what I saw browsing some of the cheaper guys large crowd pricing was in full effect .

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yep, I live in Iowa...

Listening to the traffic report for the trip home. It includes a cow loose near my house. Wow, I did not know that was worth calling in on, let alone making the traffic report. Glad I live in a little county. Polk, you know, where the capital, Des Moines, is located.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

So Canada is becoming less PC?

Canada may reverse their "your mean" (yes, I'm spelling it wrong on purpose) "hate speech" laws? That is unpossible! Those whiners earned their special right to be offended years ago. Any random person may, gasp, say something that doesn't conform to the 'correct' world view. How will the Canadian government stifle their citizens now? They are stopping the pointless long gun registration debacle too. Will this freedom spread to the other ends of the empire, like Oz or, gasp, England itself? /sarc

Quick wild prediction.....

HR822 will pass the Senate and be signed by the President only if Mitt Romney is the nominee. The sad part is that it would differentiate Obama from Mitt, half cocked gun schemes excluded. The funniest part would be watching the media newspeak transform from 'derp, gunses are ebil' to 'Look at this champion of our right to self defense we have in our President.' Bonus points if they amend it to force Illinois to join the Union. Triple points if they use words 'see Amendments 2 and 14' somewhere in the bill, instead of relying on the old, hackneyed commerce clause.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Phone post (obligatory)

So I got a droid. Well, el cheapo plan midrange Samsung exhibit 2. If it sucks, it will turn into something else.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And here I thought it was just me...

A sharpshooting pistolero I am not. I'm working on it, takes time and money, etc. But I did notice I could not hit the broad side of a steel target with my M&P9 on the steel beyond 15 yards. Did alright with the 40 and the elcheapo 1911 (leftward push notwithstanding) and shot just fine at all distances with sumdoods tricked out 1911...... 

So, I'm watching Shooting USA tonight. The protip segment on sighting in a pistol interested me greatly. Is this the early unlocking issue in action? At 10 and 15 yards, great groups from the bench. At 25 and beyond- LOL. I'm willing to bet Julie Golob is a pistolero who does shoot straight. My 15 yard groups from a bench look just like hers. And I have yet to put on paper further downrange, as I have been running it for reliability so far- no problems there. 800 rounds and counting. So it may just be me sucking with my M&P9, but less so with the M&P357/40.

And those Performance Center 627s look like fun. Must not watch again....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Range time with the spouse.

My wife went to the range with me today. Her first time in 9 years. This was her first shot. S&W 22A 7".
 Here is the upper target of the two. As I was shooting beside her, I had not noticed she was using the incorrect sight picture. She was aiming at the lower target for most of these.

We slapped on a stick on target,, drew her a better sight diagram and she settled down to this. She fired around 250 total rounds. And she blew through them very fast, so I can't fault her shooting too much. Only one FT Fire the whole time using Federal ammo. As opposed to Remington's failure drill practice rounds.
My slow fire target. There is some .357 Sig Ranger on this one, and some 9mm el sucko (independence) too. The upper is in tatters, 200 assorted 9, 40, 357 will do that. Asked the rangemaster; the .357 SIG is not allowed on steel. They tested them and it is the only non magnum that always blew through a car door.......So at $20 a steel target, glad I asked. My wife said the .357 sounded the loudest of all the rounds (excluding the AR). All targets at 15 yards.

My wife did not care for the LCP or the 40S&W. The 9mm may grow on her. Hopefully it doesn't take her 9 more years to shoot again.

We also noticed that the range is next to a cemetery. The leaves are gone this time of year and  now you can see it. At least we know where the zombies come from for the zombie shoots!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Armed Services Tractor

Just in time for Veteran's Day. Air Force. To go with the Marine tractor posted before.

This reminds me of MST3K somehow.

The movie was City Limits. The quote was, "Hey, that's not Old Milwaukee, it's Colt .45!" when the cases of beer were found to be hiding, well, Colt .45's. It is at the 7.45 mark. That is my favorite quote on MST3K, and the one that hooked me on the show.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So I ate lunch with a radio talk show host...

My wife is one of those radio contest junkies. She wins. WHO Radio has a contest to win a lunch with Simon Conway. They do it once a week. He is the drive time host, and often speaks at TEA Party events and other political activities. As you can guess, he tends to lean right. As do I. Anyway, she won and we ate lunch today at Splash. Great restaurant. I've never had a bigger piece of Key Lime pie without actually eating a whole pie.

I stayed almost apolitical in my conversation, which is weird for me. Well, maybe not that weird. I tend to STFU when I am nervous or trying to make a good impression, which usually makes the impression that I have nothing to discuss. When 95% of what the man says you agree with, about all you can do is nod your head yes and enjoy the great food. Plus my wife can talk to anyone about anything. Period. Hell, she can manage to talk to me. Not an easy feat.

Great afternoon at the range.....

Went to the range today. Decided to just shoot steel. Was very dead today and they had fresh paint on the targets. The big target is 15 yards away, the round one on the spring loaded post is a bit closer, maybe 13 yards. The further targets are 25, 30, 35, 40 with a 50 yd backstop. And I do push left when shooting

Can't say I was trying to make a smiley, but it sure looks like it. 15 yards.

One .40 box was half full. Plus I shot a full mag of RA9124TA. I'm sure the M&P9 is going to work. It is near 800 rounds with no problems at all. 200 hollow points between the elcheapo Wally world Remingtons and the Ranger ammo. I seriously feel like the 9mm +P social cartridges shoot just like the .40 loads. Maybe my 6'5", 250 lb frame helps with the .40.

The 165 grain .40 WWB was fun- flat nose, looks like a hollow point. By the end, I was hitting better with the M&P357 (40 barrel) than I was with the federal 115 9mm. Dry firing is paying off immensely. And the High Standard 1911? It was an absolute beast with the Federal round nose. By beast I mean ding, ding, ding. I would hit twice, change targets 2 shots, change back. For the most part it was deserted, so I was moving around, crouching behind the range tables, gun pointed downrange when moving, of course. Makes up for not being able to put targets at 5 or 10 yards.

 One guy showed up just to run some handloads. He let me shoot his slicked up STI Trojan. I hit all but one target; that one was a quick double tap. That thing was wicked and I felt like a complete bad ass hitting different targets in quick secession, further and further away, with a gun that was literally handed to me.

I kept both eyes open for 95% of my shots. Caught myself twice shooting with one eye shut. I really think that plus the dry firing has improved my shooting. May be time for a class next year. Now I just need to stop pushing left so much. At least the milk can target is smaller than a standard silhouette target.

Coming to Dec 24 soon..

Knock, knock..

Yes officer, what is the problem?

Papers, please.

What papers? What is this about? We are only decorating our tree for Christmas.

That is why we are here. Where are your papers proving you paid your Christmas Tree Tax?

Why do you have a SWAT team with you?

We are far more serious the the Department of Education, ma'am.......

Update: Doh! We thought that you wouldn't notice. Um, nevermind. Hey, it was supposed to be like the pork checkoff, er, um, cough, cough......

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun Show Find

Picked up a used M&P at the local fun show. Night sights, 3 mags, and funny markings on the slide.
But wait, there was more in the box. Pictured installed below with my 40c and 9mm plastic bullet hoses......

A shiny new .40 barrel, unfired! The dealer had two, his story was they were demos of some kind. 2 mags have been used, the other was undropped. The SKU 609702 does not show up on the S&W website.

Have no 357SIG - the prices at the show and in stock locally are LOL funny even for FMJ. is ordering me 2 boxes of RA357sigT (that I get to pay for, go away FTC. Plus they don't sell the ammo online as far as I can tell). Have I mentioned that I love living 6 miles from a guy who has competitive prices.

Looks like Speer GoldDot in .357sig is the way to go from online research, and the prices locally are within the shipping/tax window for me if I really want to use it as a .357sig.

Ran about 150 .40 through it today including a mix of 30 Ranger subsonic/20 RA40T. Had fun running 300 through my M&P9, compared the RA9124TA (+P) to the RA40T in the same size gun. Honestly, between those 2, the recoil and muzzle flip felt very similar to me. Kinda like the 17+1 in that case.

The M&P357 is early '10 production. I notice several differences. The front locking block has longer rail surfaces than the 9 or 40c

 The extractor pin is solid vs a double roll pin.

 The bottom of the slide is machined differently after the striker. Don't know if that is 9/40 specific, but the 40c looks like the 9. The green spring is .357sig specific apparently.
My plan is to turn the 357 frame into an Apex parts storage device. If I like it, the other full size may get made over as well.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I wish I had more pictures...

A local company that we are doing some work for has 4 tractors with a special graphics package. One for each branch of the armed forces. The eagle on the hood is cool as heck. I have no photos of the Army tractor, but they used an Air Force uniform due to issues with the digital camo. They even had to patch the graphics to remove the rank from his sleeves. The Navy tractor has a battleship; I am unfamiliar as to the exact class. The Air Force tractor is due next week.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ok, I 'get' gunwalker, but WTF

Yes, this is old new news, but why did it occur to anyone to even think about doing it? The gunwalker prototype Linebacker was a clusterfarq and actually stopped by the Bush justice department once it was discovered.  So someone wants to, under the radar, whip up some good old fashioned support for gun control. Maybe among newly favored voting blocks, or just as a reason for amnesty-too dangerous for illegals to go back home. Or as ammo to back up the stupid news stories of the 90% lie on Mexican guns. Or sending weapons to another nation to back a 'winnar' in the drug war, but without actually telling said country you are arming the men killing their soldiers, police and citizens(Srsly, but I digress). So we have reasons. Now what?

 'They' er 'someone' ok straw buyers buying loads of guns and throwing them over the boarder. Yay, evil gunstores and gunshow boogiemen, not calculated plans to allow it, we can hide that. And then just flat out giving away NFA guns/ guns outlawed by the '86 firearms owners wrongs rights act. That could be twisted to blame LE distributors backdooring the guns. Great. Got it so far. Still blames Americans and gun owners and sellers. We be evil and all that. Where in the hell do you get 'nades in the mix? Is it part of adding the "E" to BATF? I've got nothing there. New low</sarc>. Makes Iran-Contra look like a cigar holder. Projection? "Bush is a moron, so we have to prove we are beneath him?"

One of these things is (not) like the others?

No comment. Wait, the Imadinnerjacket photo is not sized correctly. Yeah, that's it. Could they have not found a Mittens Obamney photo too?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Get some....

Very disappointed to find out it was just a jeweler. Had to settle for BBQ instead. Great brisket!

Friday, October 7, 2011

I had a post, but the dog ate it...

Actually, I pulled my head out of my..... Well, anyway, I had a good range trip last week with my el cheapo High Standard 1911. 220 rounds out of it. Problems with the same "Kim" mag, so it is in the crap pile. The "Sig" mag's baseplate shattered. Again, crap. Wilson mags- great. the ACT mag that came with the HS- great. The worn Taurus mags- no slidelock when empty. Need springs, very soft compared to the other mags. 50 hollowpoints fed great.

Why did both the PT1911 and the HS have the same POS sear spring? They must get the springs from the same supplier. Both now have Wilson springs, because they were in stock at the time.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yay, that worked

At least the PT1911 worked fine with new springs. I never fired the darn thing before I replaced them all with Wilson and/or Ed Brown springs. Not like it was new or anything.
What is missing here?

Dirty much? Only 200 rounds.
WWB will do that.
Nice shooting. Shoots better that I do. When I rested my support hand on a bench, it was dead on and 4" low. 2 fail to feeds, both on a new Kimber mag 1000133, with RA45T. The first was the final round in the mag. The next was the first round, and a rack tap fed it with no problems. I noticed the Wilson 47D mag tilting the bottom round with 7 in, so I started tapping each mag as I loaded the last round with no other problems (other than shooting low.) Didn't tap before that, and the RA45T came in after 5 mags of WWB. I ran a total of 200 rounds today. 50 Magtech, 50 RA45T and 100 WWB.

Other guns, not so good. My new to me Springer 9mm, guessing 85-88 production, shoots left unless it shoots dead on. From the bench. Foot left. Loose as hell, knew it when I bought it. But it fed hollow points all day through its nasty looking mags. Even ate up +P Ranger. I'm guessing dropping it in the mud would have helped the accuracy. The 9mm barrel for the M&P 40 extracted funny once, but I wasn't there to proof that gun, so I left it alone. Felt like shooting a pop gun with the 9mm. Loved the PF9. Only fed it hollow points. It liked them.

I'm ready to say screw 40 S&W and go 9/45 all the way butttt I still like the option of having 40 in the case that one of the other calibers "disappears" like 45 did for a while there.

Friday, September 16, 2011

More goodies arrive!

Sweet, my PF9 steel guide rod arrived to replace the plastic (wtf?) guide rod. And the Wilson spring kit for the PT1911. I am most impressed with the new plunger spring. Even though it wasn't kinked in the middle to aid not flying out. Is now. It really improved the safety feel. Now it feels like you have to push on it to release it. Factory was too light for my tastes. Since this was a new to me Taurus, I decided to replace all the springs, assuming the previous owner was like me and shot the heck out of it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm back- not that it matters......

Yay, I passed my background check. Now I'm sure that I'm officially not dangerous to society at least 3 different times this year.

If I had my camera, I could document a bad (good) problem I have. Most of the time when I buy a new gun, I get the desire to immediately buy a second compact or service model of that gun. It normally goes away after 2 weeks. So, after my 2nd 1911 took up residence in 2 months, with piles of parts coming soon or here......well, shit. I have to thank the guys at for ordering some parts for me. Course, they do be local and all.

Though the M&P 40L (not pro) on Buds has my interest......

Friday, June 3, 2011

And your little dog too!!!!

Darkotic targets from Birchwood-Casey. No problem with them at Olafsons. I just need to shoot straighter.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bored on the Youtubes

Weird, watching music videos on You tube, loved the Country Song video.

Great, did not expect that, has jack to do with the song other than the western elements, old school music video craziness.

Then watched Jesse J, whoever that is...

Reminded me of this video from Kerli.

No punchline, just bored and staying away from TV Tropes and deciding if Grey's Anatomy jumped the fridge or nuked the shark recently.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buh bye

Good luck with your 72 virgins. Peace Burn. In. Hell.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We're (in)famous

Thanks Cityview, from me and about 5k other people for publishing the carry holder's names. Nice. I've noticed a ton of blogs talking about it too. I'm not sure if it really matters, now the Register will feel all silly and second to the table and stuff when they do it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well, I make own <*> at home.

Guess this is step 1.

Look out zombies, I'm waiting....
for more parts.

It's a hobby, I figure.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For shame......

First rule of going to the gun range- bring enough ammo to fill 1 hour of time. This is about the first time I walked out with 'zero' rounds for what I wanted to shoot. I was even sitting there going- dumbass, WTF are you going to put in your carry piece. I wasn't totally out- the Anaconda was biting as hard as usual with the Hogue grip and the right hand shooting glove was missing from my range kit. I laid off after 10 rounds of 300 grain to avoid the backstrap grooves in my palm. I must say the LCP was a hoot. Wish it locked back after the final shot, but at least I don't flinch with it.
 Even the AR ran like a top. The suspect pmag worked great, not one FTF thru 2 full mags. Ran it wet. And my  groups were about were they should be, even though the 25 yard target holders were broken. My pet peeve- no holders at 5 or 7 yards for the pistols, broken holders at 25 to zero the AR. Time to join Ikes, I guess.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

When you've lost Karl Rove......

Hell, if Karl Rove doesn't like The Donald, that makes Trump THE MAN in my book. Getting marked by 0's staff on Sunday and Bush II's hatchet man on Friday. Do they think he is Sara Palin or something?

Not Romney(D) is a good start. I may switch from no pref to R this time just to hang at a caucus site and see what kind of D crossover stuff happens. Not that Romney (D) is dumb enough to waste 5 seconds in Iowa after McCain (D) used that tactic in '08. Hey, New Hampster, focusing on losers who ignore Iowa gives you a sucky candidate. Buy some bandwidth and read other states birdcage liners once in a while.

Not that I don't have my doubts about Trump, but they are in areas
A: I don't frigging care about
B: That's what the Iowa circus caucus is all about
Get these ladies 'n gents out with the people to see if their stories stay the same. At least he didn't let Willie Horton pardon a serial executioner because he bought some BS reform story. Huck will have fun with that one at some point. I know that any mention of his name on a cop blog invites quite a few comments.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Holy crap- does he ever rest?

The first thing I thought of when I heard Johnny Mac also does firearms training was this....

Too bad there is no application for that in IA. I guess it is legal in TX for hog hunting (There I go again).

I cannot believe some of the Google results that popped up while searching for this. Not about him, but about what other people search for using KCCI+<insert random personality here> + <state of dress> as a search term. Creepy.

Yep, I'm blog dumping today- internet no worky sux.

Edit: SO says- you mean he can teach me how to use this thing? Yes  I don't what courses he teaches, though.

Less habanero = slightly less hot

Fresh pot of chili. I think I have my fast and dirty chili down. Stock must be bought in the Rotel diced tomatoes and habanero mix.
1 lb pork + 1 lb beef browned  with applejuice and 3 tbl spoons chili powder (off brand, out of chili 9k)
Onion powder 1 tbl spoon (normally one big yellow onion)
No jalapeno - too lazy this time, normally 3 peppers cut up.
2 cans chili beans
1 can Rotel diced tomatoes with habanero
1 can Diced tomatoes with onion and pepper (left over)
2 tbl spoon chili powder in pot.
15 oz can tomato sauce - I just like that way, may not be needed.
My 3 hour crock pot sample is not hot enough to need a kleenex or make Pepsi TB taste like cinnamon. That was the last batch with 2 cans of Rotel plus 4 large jalapenos. I'm trying for something that has a kick even reheated at work.
Next time venison and pork.

Intermittent internet

I knew not voting for Algore would bite me in the butt. Guess I get to play the 8 to 12 game waiting for a tech to see what's wrong. Woo hoo.
 Here I thought it was watching Grey's on Hulu that killed it. Hell, Callie had to be brought back- does that make her a zombie? People on IMBD seem to think the whole episode needs to be put down for the count. Karev's lampshade was awesome- "She works at Seattle Grace Mercy, she'll either go crazy, get cancer, get shot by a gunman or hit by a truck, so don't get your hopes up." Yeah, I'm really current with my TV. Give me a break, other than sports and Sponge freaking Bob, it's all I bother watching. Oh, and NBC's crap reality on Sunday. Can't explain why on that one.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I don't know what is worse

That I look at sit and read hog hunting threads for hours or that this is stuck in my head the whole time.

I prefer the old version myself. 'What's in the bag? I can't read!!!!!!'

Shutdown FTW.... Huh, what?

Crap. I had this all MS painted and everything.

I spent minutes fooling with that. Now I need to find a donkey kicking an elephant in the........nevermind.
Lol. I have a cable channel to run and it might screw with my ratings.

Failure of a second post

I was all set to post about my awesome zombie not killing skilz in DR2 when I found out my SO deleted the pic of the proof. Ending S, 0 zombies killed. 65 survivors, if you believe it. That should be an achievement. Bloop, You played the game for 8 hours straight and didn't kill one zombie. Candy ass CURE member.

The second hardest part was the ass on the bike that had the crush on you. Took some hits until the tool thinned out the herd. After that, I could open up on him with a decent weapon. Hardest of all was just not going, oh, look, a zombie, face smash. Damn, now I have to reload. It was like breaking conditioning. Honestly, were they not needed to kill the survivors psychos, I would love to do a full run with no weapons once.

My survivor crew was awesome, they looked like the poster for Sucker Punch w/o the mecha bunny.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fail upwards

One of these days I will have this down. Using the failtop does not help. Or it is my router.