Monday, December 31, 2012

Chavez in poor shape

I guess getting the finest medical care Fidel Castro has to offer will do that to you. Couldn't happen to a more compassionate guy.

Wheel of Compromise

The wheel of "compromise" will be spinning soon.

What will be loaded in it?

Slot A: AWB- complete failure, Connecticut has one, made no difference. So did New York. And the cases need to be brought up where lack of military utility was a disqualifier for short barrel shotguns. Every gun sold should have a military application or feature by that precedent. Columbine was done with 10 round mags.

Slot B: Magazine bans: you have a man commit a violation of a magazine ban live on national television. Nothing happened. No SWAT teams rappelled in from the lighting rigs to shoot his dog haul him off. Even a week later, no charges filed. So the Democrats really don't care about magazine bans or they would have had David Gregory arrested. Democrats cannot honestly say they care, and this needs to be pounded into every single mention of magazine capacity, to the point of "David Gregory" being the only answer to any magazine ban topic. If you can kill a man's wife and son for making a shotgun barrel 1/4" too short, David Gregory can spend $1000 and 364 days in jail.

Slot C: Registration: complete failure, made no difference in Connecticut.

Slot D: No crazies with guns. That will be the most work. So it will receive the least thought. Or everyone who wants a gun will be called crazy.

Slot E: The complete failure of gun free zones: Too much blood on too many hands to admit they are a failure. Hell, 500 murders in the Gun Control Paradise of Chicago, Gun Free zones like Fort Hood, Aurora and numerous school shootings nail it home. A sign is not a shield. It is a talisman. Or a false idol.

Slot F: Banning private sales: Not applicable to any of the recent mass shootings, or already a crime. Connecticut douche got a ballistic discount. Crime. NY arson murderer was already a murderer, who paid a moron(s) to buy him guns. Existing gun control law. Columbine- straw purchase, never prosecuted. See David Gregory.

Slot G: Violence in media/video games. Under age 18 exposure will come up. Possible full throttle censorship to that age group, like smoking rules. Personally, smacks of "everyone gets a trophy" madness. On the other hand, everyone gets a little pain on this deal. Spread the FUD around. A point. I have an achievement for killing 53,394 zombies (x2 different games) and 72,000 zombies in a single 8 hour play through. Guess what - those are achieved with cars, not guns. I own both in real life. I don't run around shooting people or trying to run pedestrians down.

Slot H: Media coverage: Hmmm- balancing the need to know with copycats playing monkey see, monkey kill. I do not think anything needs to be done here. By the government. Remember the Fox News mistake when the guy shot himself live? Here is my sick, twisted idea. Show more. You don't hurt anybody, you get your 15 minutes. You hurt people, kill others, refer to them only as "that f'ing loser." All get a derogatory name. They would need to be vetted, not aired live.

Slot I: Complete repeal of the NFA and other federal gun control acts, to be replaced with commonsense, easily understood rules. Never happen. Most of the NFA is related to banning handguns. That never came to pass. (SBR, stupid grip rules for handguns) I can see registration of full auto weapons, $500 fee, (I know, burn the heretic) but most of the rest of the NFA taxes are insipid rules for a growing federal enforcement apparatus who were about to be laid off due to the end of Prohibition. My favorite part was using the deaths of gangsters to argue that you had to be disarmed to protect criminals from criminals.

Hey, I had to throw that last one in there. After all, this is a conversation, not a lecture, right?

Spoils of electoral victory

So, how is the plan to raise taxes on X to run the government for Y days going? (Y<10) Has Obama gotten his lame tax spike so he can run around saying "I bullied those Republicans for months, look, they raised taxes. Look look look look look look!!!!!!"

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Newspaper Advocates Removal of First Amendment and Murder of Political Enemies

In the Des Moines Register, of course. Link goes to Miguel's site. The absolute hypocritical nature of advocating for the removal of free association and the naked lust for power displayed in wishing for the government to murder its own citizens is alarming, frankly. This from a publisher (Gannett) willing to put gun owners in danger of being robbed or murdered for their weapons to further their own agendas. Link goes to Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned. Why aren't they publishing the mental health records of everyone in New York? This is what registration gets you, a map to your home published by people who want you dead.

75 Percent French tax is too low?

Seems to be what I get from reading the articles about the French Justice League denying the Commie guy's FSA tax. Non, you say? Au contraire, mo fo, read on:

 The court's ruling took issue not with the size of the tax, but with the way it discriminated between households depending on how incomes were distributed among its members. A household with two earners each making under €1 million would be exempt from the tax, while one with one earner making €1.2 million would have to pay.

The part I emphasized is the important part. Those darned rich married people could be getting off by making an assault salary just under the amount singly, but since they are married, that household is magically 1 person. Wow, progressives and socialists HATE women, otherwise they would value them equally and marriage would automatically tax 2 people each at 1/2 their combined incomes. The contortions people have to go through to justify a progressive tax pyramid scheme are entertaining to say the least.

LPKs going for $$$

Hmmm, maybe I need to get one or two. My LGS has them for what I was buying stock/buffer tube assemblies and LPKs from Palmetto. He hasn't raised his prices yet. His stock was wiped out after Aurora, but got a bunch in a few weeks later. Also, he thinks he will have complete rifles in a week or two, at non-inflated prices this time around. Who knows what will happen when he has to put in a new set of orders. But, he is not taking $$$ for a deposit, as he can't guarantee how many he gets. A betting man would know what time UPS gets in each day, and just happen to go by around that time. But all I really want is a stripped lower. Strange, a few months ago he actually broke up a rifle just because someone only wanted the lower.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Require insurance for gun free zones

The old standby: require liability insurance for gun owners. Not the worst article. I like my idea better- you post a gun free sign, you take full liability for people's safety. Put your money where your ideals are.

Gregory's true gun control contribution

All the people wanting David Gregory to skate are shocked that gun control exists. Or should be enforced. Because they automatically ASSume no gun control exists, it is for other people, or are pushing for more. Sucks when you discover unconstitutional laws have to be written to ensnare unwitting people to be "effective."

Friday, December 28, 2012

NYC has a Subway Problem

Sounds like they need to keep crazy people out of the subway system. Nah, they'll just ban non sugar drinks, because they can be confused with regular drinks.


Have all the Brady trolls and reverse mall ninjas on the web gone back and removed their pathetic comments about body armor yet? Since the shooter in Aurora and in Connecticut were not wearing it?

Reverse Feinstein

Okay, she can introduce a bill unrelated to what happened in Connecticut. So can anyone else.

Introducing the 2013 We Must Do Something and Need More Laws Now Act:

1: Nationwide concealed carry: All permit holders and constitutional carry state citizens are covered nationwide. States without shall issue permits are constitutional carry states. -The following applies to states forced to make a permit system after date of passage- Permits to be handled in the same manner as voter registration, plus a NICS check. No fee for a permit can be more than a driver's license for the same time frame.

2: No local firearms regulations- must be state level action. (Form your own state, big cities.)

3: All state firearms regulations apply to police/state troopers/aldermen with no exceptions.

4: All states with registration fees or ownership permits are required to provide full tax deductions for all firearms purchased and registered. Additionally, all ammunition purchased in said states is 100% tax deductible. Proof of consumption not allowed.

5: Any place, public or private, off limits to concealed carry must provide armed guards and liability insurance. At any time someone may be in that place, employee or customer. Funding for public Gun Free Zones to come directly from the political party with the most votes for the authorizing bill, with a portion from the party of the governor who signs it.(heh, not Constitutional, but neither is the NFA) No public grants to private institutions to pay for guards, and their pay cannot be deducted as a business expense.

6: National Firearms Act of 1934 is changed to use the NICS to transfer weapons. SBRs are allowed 3 shot burst on the same stamp. Suppressors $5 permit, same day NICS permit. Hughes Amendment is removed from the 1986 FOPA. Constructive possession is not a crime. Local police are notified but have no say in transfers. The ATF is notified on all stamps, cannot stop a permit other than NICS failure.

7: States refusing mental health information to the NICS lose all federal school funding of any kind for a period of 2 years after they provide said information. Enforcement date of this provision is 6 months after passage of this law.

I guess the #5 provision does relate to Gun Free Zone shootings. Silly me. And #7, for that matter. Maybe if was called the  "Gun control act of 2013 that we must pass to know what is in it" Obama would sign it without reading it.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

RIP Norman Schwarzkopf

Dead at age 78. George HW is hanging in there.

Sleazy News

If the papers were to publish the names and addresses of people with felony convictions, or those who have seen a psychiatrist in the past 6 years, people would be pissed. And sue. And win. So why are gun owners special?

Most transparently biased administration ever

How much do I have to give to Democrats to get NFA weapons in Iowa? It looks like covering for the President on Fast and Furious gets you out of trouble in DC, by way of waiver via the ATF. If Obama had spent as much time helping the Libyan Ambassador and his men as he has covering for David Gregory, well, maybe they would still be alive.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rules for Radicals

Make NBC and David Gregory live up to the rule of law he wants enforced on the rest of us. Since they asked and were denied permission by the DC police for the little show and tell of the standard capacity magazine, it is now a conspiracy. Too bad little will come of it. I recommend treating him as fairly as DC treats our veterans.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An old story

But a good one. Merry Christmas.

New York has some good ideas

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Services

You get to play with fire (candles) and sing "ass" in church. Yeah, I'm a goober sometimes.

Merry Christmas to all. BRB, get to light the Advent candles this time.

Stop and frisk this

The NYPD has got this. They are going to search chatrooms and forums to find deranged gunmen. Maybe they should check Twitter for all the people making threats to kill NRA members. No word if they are also tasked with finding out if you are buying high capacity sugary drinks, too.

No wonder Piers Morgan likes it here

He is more likely to get violently attacked in his home country. Of course, Jeremy Clarkson did contribute to that rate, by punching out one Piers Morgan. Funny, I remember this chart, with a different header, in one UK paper touting how they may have more overall violence, but not gun violence. Because only guns count. I wonder what the current numbers are?

Hat tip to several blogs listed to the right.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why is David Gregory Above the Law?

How could he have a banned in DC ammunition feeding device? Guess they are legal now. Buy up, DC residents, if you can find any.

Reloading bones

Just going through my reloading trash. Most of the .223 FMJ came in a sack. Two of the boxes are full of spent primers. And I have about 700 pieces of brass to deprime and prep.

I'm guessing 6 to 8 boxes are not present in this photo of empty 6.8 SPC boxes.

Cheap Red Dot Battery Update

From this post. The Bushnell TRS-25 battery died sometime in the past two weeks. That is 2160 hours- 3 months of on time. The replacement battery in the Truglo is still working.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Yep, just like everywhere else

Only mags around are 5 and 10 Rounders. They just got two rifles on consignment. (Not mine)


That was a theme on the radio yesterday. Now, it would help if Des Moines had not been bragging about their new snowplows that were supposed to "solve all the plowing problems in the past". And last seasons snow totals equaled this storm's amount (pretty close) with a helping of blizzard conditions to really pack it in. Doesn't seem much better or worse at this point- some storms do take days to dig out from.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Build your own Daniel Defense Rifle

Daniel Defense has a web based builder for their uppers/rifles, supposedly in advance of ordering DDM4 rifles on December 26. Kinda fun to play with. I did find out their 6.8 barrels will be 1-11" twist, at least on the 18" length. Also, the builder doesn't like the 300 Blackout, it wouldn't let me add a handguard.

Republican gun owner butt

No, not Scott Brown of Massachusetts, some random judge appointed by a Republican president. (his words) He did preside over the douche bag from Tucson's trial and let him plead away the death penalty, so he is pretty squishy on punishment, if you ask me. He also admits the only way to really make a dent in the problem he has with guns is shredding the constitution and cattle cars.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I like my tires

I've switched from dedicated snow tires on my Silverado 4x4 to Firestone Destination AT tires. I liked the Firestones when I had them on my Grand Cherokee. (POS otherwise) I would have bought them for the Silverado several years ago, but found a deal on snow tires mounted on take off rims that I could not pass up. Snow tires on a 4x4 are cheating. But they wear like an eraser on a belt sander. And they work best on ice, okay on snow. The Destination AT's work damn well on both, in my experience.

12 inches of global warming

This sucks. It is over the intake of my 26" snowblower. And a blizzard.

I never understood why

The Brady Bill banned cosmetic features on rifles and included magazine limits to 10 rounds. Brady was shot with a 22 revolver. By a mental patient. Guess in the hurry to ban guns in 1994, they forgot something.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Great. Joe's got this

On one hand, not sure if serious. But, it is Joe AWB Biden. Actually, it is more telling that Teh Won got grilled on taxes after the special "not a commission" was announced. Don't think he really expected that; maybe the natives are getting tired of his pissing match with Boner, or at least their polls are showing them that and are trying to give Obama a hint. Funnier still are all the antis worried that their rush to take away guns is less important than passing a bill of attainder on success taxes and spending cuts.

USA Today: ban the sun!

They run a headline saying Mass Killings Occur Every Two Weeks. Then they admit 1/3 of mass killings involve fire. Read further, the number of mass killings has gone DOWN in recent years. The kicker, you are more likely to die from a migrane,  falling out of a chair(!!!!11!) and are 3 times as likely to get sunstroke and die as be caught in a mass killing. Hence, they must support sun control. No word if Congress will be introducing a Sun Free Zone bill without a sunset provision in it. Maybe the Guam tipping over mental midget can introduce it.

Gun Free Zone Education

Some people just don't know history, so we are condemned to educate them on source of the blood they dance in.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pop up polls

I really think they need an extra response, for example:

Are you going to use Product "X"



___If it is on sale

___Because you wasted 5 seconds of my time and I had to click close, I will never use your product and go out of my way to avoid other products made by your company in the future.


CBS has special bumpers for the nightly news cast "Tune in for more coverage of Sandy hook." Bloodthirsty ghouls.

Hypocritical Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Bloomberg doesn't know what a gun would have done in the Sandyhook situation. So why does he have bodyguards? Shouldn't his people just talk down anyone who might get near the mayor? Besides, with the NYC's track record, innocent bystanders probably will get hurt. But, they can then stop and frisk them for contraband.

Stock rumors

Leftist politicians are buying gun company stocks? No links, just crap I read here and there. Makes sense, gun sales will skyrocket in the near term and stay there as long as they can. And most Dems have never shied away from profiting on a tragedy, in the political or fiscal sense. All those fingers they point at Republicans for profiteering are just a distraction.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just to recap the obvious

Connecticut meets most of the anti gun crowd's dreams. "Assault Weapons" ban. Gun Free Schools. Registration. None of it worked, except the gun free school part. I guess that would be the first gun control thing to fix. This is so glaringly obvious that the Brady types were calling into talk shows locally Friday to preemptively, shoot down dismiss the idea of arming school personnel.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Shooter Autistic?

At least that was what was posted on this NY Post article. Cough, Port Arthur, cough.

And this ABC/AP report.

Nice healthcare to look forward to

A coworker uses the VA for his healthcare. Some of it is related to injuries received in Iraq. You would think someone would want to make the VA look good at this point in time. Instead of looking like a bunch of paper pushers that happen to be stuck in healthcare when their dream job is postal supervisor or pothole filler watcher. Just an observation of the care he recieves. Sure, once in a while, he runs across someone who cares. Doesn't happen very often.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Endangered Species

I feel like I'm in Zombieland and I've found the world's last Twinkie.

NJ Senator employee a sex offender

And an illegal alien. But the Department of Alleged Homeland Security ordered him arrested AFTER the election. No bias at all.

Tried to get bacon fest tixs

It sold out in 4 minutes. My wife was on it at sale time. 8000 tickets in 4 minutes. Guess I won't be going in February:(

Technically, there are some high level packages left. I'm not spending -that- much. Call me crazy, I can get a whole pig for a lot less....

Knife meme

Work knife. Very cheap. Cuts stuff.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Illinios might become a free state after all

Judge strikes down the scam laws. No linkage right now, heard it on the radio.

Detroit children set to learn something today

Don't get what you want and suck at your job? Call in sick and protest about it. Might be one of the few days the kids in Detroit actually get some form of an education.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Party of Retroactive Taxes

Now the Democrats plan to "not adjust" the withholding tables if the tax the rich scheme is not passed this session. Then they plan to make all the changes retroactive. This is the same party that passed middle class tax increases (the same Clinton increase we will be getting back) and made them retroactive to the first of the year back in 1993. Here is my trusting Democrats face:

Like it? It kinda reminds me of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny....
Also, my trusting Republicans face is kinda MIA right now, too.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

More Duck Eggs

Chicken egg on the left, one big duck egg on the right. The big one was double yolked.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Alcohol Culture or Driving Culture?

What will Bob Costas choose to blame for this NFL death? Hell, he will blame guns, who am I kidding.

So this is where crazy cat ladies come from

Some parasite that lives in cats can be transmitted to humans. Yay.

Friday, December 7, 2012

I joked about this

I missed slightly. I figured the DJs would wake up dead, not the nurse who answered the phone and transferred the call to the duchess.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I just built an AR lower without referring to instructions. And it works.

Perfect timing

We were watching The Dark Knight Rises last night. At the moment Bane hit the detonator in the stadium, my cell chirped for full charge.
I was struck by how much most of the fair share crap Bane used as propaganda sounds exactly like Obama singling out TEH RICH for MOAR taxes. No wonder the movie came out on Bluray after the election...

If you criminalize carry

Only criminals will carry guns. Oh, and Illinois politicians who can write themselves loopholes. Illinois needs to close the politician loophole!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All these sportswriters have mice in their pockets

When they say "we" have a problem with "gun culture." "I" would be more descriptive. But then they sound selfish, trying to disarm everyone for the actions of a few. The fill in for Jim Rome today sounded like he was reading right off of the Brady Bunch's homepage, for example. Turned that crap off.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sunday range trip

Took the 6.8 out for a few shots on Sunday. Nothing major; 350 reloads of various grains. I've it said before, if I don't shoot for whatever reason, I still reload a few more. Had to buy some more ammo boxes this time. Also ran some .223 reloads through Fugly. I am convinced it works much better with a commercial bolt carrier vs a mil-spec (m-16) carrier. Or my M-16 carrier sucks. Or I need an XM177 moderator....wait, that would be 2 stamps in one....

 I actually tried on this target-the corners are 110 grain Prohunters that I loaded in a ladder. The best groups were the lowest and second highest loads. There is a "but" I will get to later. Like a dumbass, I spilled the box of reloads after the first time through. So that batch turned into blasting ammo. Guess I could have brought it home and weighed them. Nah....

 The center was 130 grain of some type. I don't have a picture of the 120 grain Hornaday SSTs- I loaded them hot and they hit about 3" above the center of the targets. Ok, I do have pics, but they are of 25+ round groups. Not very informative.

Last of the zombie chick targets:

Zombie bacon:

I mentioned a "but" earlier. I was not shooting off my normal rest. Other people were using them, so I was shooting my ARs off a crappy sandbag and 2 loose 2x4s. Yeah, might be time to get/make a proper rest. It was funny, watching one of them resting the barrel directly on the 2x4s. Um, you have a bolt gun that is free floated.... ah, never mind. Says the guy shooting a non-free floated AR :)

All targets 50 yards, irons or cheap red dot. 1395 rounds since early October on the 6.8. Put 90 through Fugly, including some Fiocchi 40 grain v-max. Shoot that, then shoot 140 grain from a 6.8 back to back. The latter does not feel like a poodle shooter.

Soon to come- case annealing.

Random Blocking of Offensive Websites

For some reason, my T-Mobile account decided to turn some form of safe search back on* yesterday. For a few hours, then went away. It was strange where it would let me go to. For example, it blocked Tam's blog, but not /b/. I decided to check exactly what the goofy thing blocks.

I can't believe I could visit my own blog. I fail most of the list. I've discussed guns, ammunition, weapons, gambling, tobacco, violence, alcohol, and drugs. Suicide probably counts from yesterday, too. Guess I need to get on the rest.

*I turned that off the day I got the phone.

Monday, December 3, 2012

This is a good FU to Bob Costas

A blogger/ commentator(?) at Ace of Spades has her take on the gun grabbing stupidity of Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock. I love the blog name, BTW.

I turned off the TV early last night

Mostly because I was tired and bored with the game- I couldn't care less about the teams playing. Turns out, I missed a damn good reason to turn it off. Besides Chris Colinsworth jumping to the defense of every crappy receiver that has ever played the game.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

How sweet- now SWATting is a problem

Doesn't matter when SWATting happens to conservative bloggers. But now that it is being pulled on those icons of American democracy like Justin Beiber or Simon Cowell, now it is dangerous.