Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don't hurt the cash cows at Penn State

Among other things. Now WE are paying a pervert defender to work on 'classified government work.' Maybe he is in charge of ignoring child sex trafficking. Wouldn't even require a change of mindset.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Not bad seats

Too bad the Cardinals didn't win. Sunday was my first visit to Wrigley Field. The beer is sold just up at the top of the stairs, the vendors hit us OFTEN, it wasn't 100 degrees out, nice breeze, and the fans around us were decent with just the right amount of 'screw the Cardinals' without being obnoxious.

Was caught up in a flash mob while visting Chicago

No, not that one.

This one:

If you look closely at the bean, I am way off to the left.

We were wondering why it looked like New Delhi for a few minutes prior to it........

Also ran into a cos-play wedding (Super Mario was there!) and there was some kind of retro 5K/scavenger hunt going on. No clue, just enjoyed the costumes.....

A funny thing happened on the way to Mordor

As we were driving to Illinois, we drove around the curve on I-80 that leads to the Mississippi River bridge. And there was a literal wall of darkness halfway across the bridge, as the Illinois side was in a thunderstorm. I made the comment- one does not simply walk into Mordor.* My wife was not amused.....

*You drive in, apparently. Who knew?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scalia: guns can be regulated

Well, duh. NFA anyone? The Hughes amendment is an outright ban to non 'only ones.' Random states regulate guns based on what worry warts and statists with a guilty conscience feel are dangerous. And the Supreme court talked sideways on the NFA back in the thirties too. I don't have the link to the case where the court said short barrel shotguns have no military purpose (nitwits hadn't randomly pulled the 'sporting' card yet) even though men on the court had served in WWI and knew how shorty shotguns are used.

I'm on a boat


Watching skeet on MSNBC

That is hilarious. The fact that Kim Rhode won gold makes it even better.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bacon!!!! and Beer!!!

Went to a restaurant featured on The United States of Bacon show- Paddy Long's.
Good stuff. Did not eat the Bacon Bomb. We did get the bacon grenades.
BLT and a Bacon Grenade
3 Floyds beer- tasted damn good after walking around Chicago
Wookie on the wall
I'm a sucker for Irish places, strangely I am mostly German and Scot. Plus they specialize in bacon. I had a 3 bacon cheeseburger, and more than half of my wife's BLT. (pictured above) I think I had around 3/4 of a pound of bacon before I left...

Oh, and the 3 Floyd's beer.....

Okay, it wasn't the beer I had.* But I want some.

*Alpha King was the beer I had. My wife had something different. I drank most of her second, it was good too.


That is what we need more of. The short story is why are gun rights the ones given up? Bob feels it is time to start asking for real compromise, not the compromise where gun rights end up dismembered in the corner, but expanded in exchange for slight losses to the anti rights crowd. I like his start, but I would even go so far as to designate 3 shot burst weapons as AOW's (still registered!) in exchange for not making firearm ownership mandatory* to all citizens not convicted of a felony. Also, all firearms and feeding devices available for sale to police forces publicly or privately must be purchasable (and bearable in the case of handguns) by citizens of and in said states.**

It's a loose start. It kinda seems silly to aim so low......

*Roberts would call it a tax, not mandate.:)

** Wanna ban x-random cap magazines? Git R Done, but the police roll with x-round magazines, too. Ban scary semiauto rifles? Swat team gets bolt actions for entry as well.. Can't carry in x area? Nor can the police. Illinois would not care for that one......

Friday, July 27, 2012


What kind of dumbass posts a video like this (some kind of autoplay on the page) without at least 2 layers of deniability between himself and the action?

Yeah, it's dangerous as hell, and at those speeds would also kill people in a car he hit.

I will admit to right click, save as of the 720p version, though....

Total Recall is out

I think I'll end up watching it next week. Half the fun will be comparing it to the Arnold version.

Doh!- it is out this week. Baseball/Beach Volleyball on the brain....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I don't know what happened

Or why I have two sitemeter counters at the bottom of my page. After the last cockup I had with them (free I keep telling myself) I'm going to leave it alone for a few days, then look into it.
Even reloaded the last known good template....

Also, I guess I should have stayed on the sqrpt.com chat- family issues (the good kind, not the bad kind) precluded me from doing more than seeing if my phone would log in (yes, but chat didn't scroll right- issue on my end) and audio was out of the question. After listening to last weeks episode, I had to email Jay G with my poorly edited video.

I didn't say that

So, that is all Teh Won can come up with when faced with a campaign that will actually run against him. And, so far, all Romney has had to do is just air Obama's own words, in context. Funny, (sad, not ha-ha) if Obama uses Romney's words, Mitt will come across as a more moderate Democrat, rather than some hardcore conservative. Being stuck with super fail or super duper fail will suck this fall. Starting to think, though, Rino-boy might offer slightly better poo sandwich than what McCain brought to the table. And that pisses me off even more.


This was supposed to be a new post, but I somehow scheduled it for the day I outlined it, not the day I actually finished it. Oh, well.

At least the Obama defenders can STFU now

You know, those assholes who always post, "But Obama doesn't want your guns, blah, blah." Shut the hell up, this shit just got real. More here.

And I thought the wheel of blame was going to stay on OMG! internet ammo sales! Guess it slipped that final peg to AWB II: The AWB Reloaded.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It is 102

With a 112 wind chill heat index. Tonight should thoroughly blow. It was 100 inside Monday until after 10 pm.....

And a decent storm BLEW in, took a layer of topsoil with it, then rained. Plus, the temps went down after the storm. Yay.

Looked at an M&P 15 today

It was a Magpul special- even the lower was marked on the right side. Guess if I'd went to the Shot Show, I'd have known about it.
I just want the lower and barrel (with a Wylde chamber)

I did pick up a Smith&Wesson today....see if that earns me a phone call later......

Debate on gun control

It's over for the anti rights crowd. People are voting with their wallets. Sales up 45% over this years already heated sales numbers.

The MSM wheel of blame seems to want to land on mail order! OMG internet!111!! sales of ammo. Because that bullshit worked when two sons of a bootlegger were shot within one decade, with no real political force opposing them. I also love the articles pointing out the NRA's lobbying cash spent ranks very low on the political scale; about 1/80th of what insurance companies (or was it hospital chains?) were forced to come up with to "support" the passage of Obamacare.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big set of brass....

Ovaries. The mother of the POS that kidnapped a woman in a Kroger's and was shot by a manager is now suing Kroger's in a wrongful death lawsuit. Sorry if I am late to the story*, but WTF? Should have said her son was only shopping for skittles and iced tea. Hell, that might be in her complaint. Need to subject
her to the punishment her son would have gotten for kidnapping if she wants to profit from his death in this way.
*Late to the lawsuit story, it was filed on July 13. I remember the DGU story and the initial irony of Kroger's being a No Self Defense Zone.

Bloomberg goes off the deep end

Now he is suggesting that the police go on strike nationwide until his "reasonable" gun confiscations take place. Irony is, such a move would backfire in the biggest possible way. In free states, people would still have the choice to arm up. But in criminal run states* the criminals would have nothing to stop them. Guess there would have to be a lend lease program enacted.

And the cops would be hated for abandoning the people to the criminal underclass that the judicial system has been coddling. Maybe he should go on strike from proposing intrusive laws on his citizens until people stop eating food he thinks is bad for them.

Here is a link to a better rebuttal than mine.

*The Sullivan laws meant to arm only Sullivan's gang buddies. Note that charges are dropped when non criminals from out of state get entrapped and might be able to make a 2A stand on that law- it is weak as hell and they know it.

New Jim Crow, er Gun Control laws?

Is this the new Jim Crow standard?  I noticed Sean at ncgunblog, on Facebook, posted that his state slipped a new law through. What a slimy deal- couldn't that technically outlaw public gun ranges, having to pay to get in? All it would take is one prosecutor.....
From Illinois:

(720 ILCS 5/24-1) (from Ch. 38, par. 24-1) 
    Sec. 24-1. Unlawful Use of Weapons.

   (8) Carries or possesses any firearm, stun gun or
taser or other deadly weapon in any place which is licensed to sell intoxicating beverages, or at any public gathering held pursuant to a license issued by any governmental body or any public gathering at which an admission is charged, excluding a place where a showing, demonstration or lecture involving the exhibition of unloaded firearms is conducted.
        This subsection (a)(8) does not apply to any auction
or raffle of a firearm held pursuant to a license or permit issued by a governmental body, nor does it apply to persons engaged in firearm safety training courses; or
Emphasis mine.

All a range would have to do is put out an ad saying "come rent the new ABC pistol on Saturday, range fees still apply" and that would be a violation of the law. (public gathering, charging admission) Hell, a gathering could be figured as two or more people in the same place at the same time.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Less JD post 5

I'm down 40 lbs to 213. At least I'll be able to run away faster when in Chicago.

On a related note, I was reading the gun laws for Illinois this weekend. They read like the Brady Bunches wet dreams. Can't carry. Can't carry while masking your face. (double plus illegal) Can't carry into places that charge admission. (triple plus illegal) Can't carry into places that serve alcohol (Quadruple plus illegal) Can't carry into government controlled places. (Quintuple plus illegal) Dangerous knives illegal. (No definition) I realize the rest of the state is more like Indiana or Iowa, but with a cancerous progressive welfare city (keep repeating myself) tacked on the northern end that skews the demographics of the entire state.

And with all these gun laws, only roughly 60 people in Chicago were shot over the weekend. Damn, that is one safe gun free zone. I think screaming as you run away is legal, as long as you don't do it too loudly and hurt the criminal's ears....

Limbaugh is always delayed 2 hours here, he opened with the 270+ murder stat in gun free Chicago.

105 today?

Great. Be like working in an oven tonight.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ice T on gun control

Damn near had to wash, well, um, Ice Tea (no lemon) off my keyboard. Other that the whole CopKiller thing, he sound a bit like some of the harder core.......wait, he does sound that hard core.

So, douche bag's drum mag jammed

Sounds like ass-face's drum magazine jammed his rifle while he was working in the spree shooter preserve gun-free theater. Gee, if he'd had the more reliable 20 or 30 round mags, he'd have done way more damage. And the article goes on to whinge about "mail order ammo sales" and "thousands of rounds." Also, it wasn't a bullet proof vest he was wearing, just a tactical vest with suspension points. All the squishy libs can stop pressing the lie that shooting him would have no effect.

Added: May have also had a Promax Level IIIa. Or not. Still, start pounding him with lead, either he will stop shooting at others, giving them time to escape, or you will hit a squishy spot. Sounds like people ran right past the tool anyway, why not stop and point blank shoot/stab him.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yet another CCW holder

Soon, my friend Ace will be getting a carry permit, having finally taken the 'mother may I' class. Guess I'll have to give him crap about something else. This is the guy who introduced me to big bore handguns, letting me shoot a S&W 629 and Desert Eagle (also in .44 Magnum) way back in the day.

Also, sadly, Ruger 1911s were in stock locally. Already spent the money I'd set aside for one on other guns. Oh, well.

My reloading bench has recouped itself

Don't have exact figures, but in 6.8 alone, it has broken even. That was the primary reason I bought it, as I've said either here or in a comment elsewhere, I'd have shot every box of 6.8 in the greater Des Moines area at the rate I'm going.

I've never bought .223 brass, when I can buy 100 loaded rounds, and shoot it,  for $10-$15 more than the new brass is on the shelf. The .223 reloading is more for trying cool bullets that rarely show up as loaded cartridges, or to try to make accurate loads. Plus steel cased crap barely costs more than reloading, if you don't mind the occasional sucky batch.

News media and you

I started to make a TL:DR comment over at RobertaX's blog, then stopped myself, as it was getting way off topic. So I saved the edited portions for here.

I was going off on a tangent about media interviews, and I have had a camera stuffed in my face once, and at least one other time spoken to a reporter about a story. The first time was the day the O.J. criminal trial returned a verdict, that night a reporter was looking for quotes from college kids. Managed to not put two coherent words together; and guessed wrong about the verdict too! Needless to say I made the cutting room floor on that one.

The second, more of a conversation, was more exciting. The setup: Our business faces a major street with good sightlines. So the Channel 8 weather crew set up a live shot out front when a "Big Storm" was coming. Three trucks worth of people- weather guy, reporter, cameramen, producers. So, we watched them watch the storm come in. Sky gets nastier and nastier. All of the sudden, someone jumps into one of the trucks and hauls ass to the business next door. The wind hits, and the power went out. We rush to manually shut all our doors, as heavy rains followed the wind by 10 seconds, if that. Power is back, we go into the office. Notice the rest of the trucks are heading next door too. Wind is heavy, then I start seeing the front door and windows moving in and out. I tell my coworker; time to hit the restroom (concrete walls). 20 minutes later, just light rain.

The station set up a live shot next door for the 10 pm news, never talked to us. Turned out we had a tornado go over the top of our shop. After the news, the reporter stopped in to chat. She was the one that banzai charged our neighbors first. We compared war stories- she liked the moving windows part, and she admitted she ruined the video they took- she was screaming the whole time "we are all gonna f'ing die" over and over, and had been yelling at them for 5 minutes to take cover before she told them to all go screw themselves and bolted for something with a basement.

I have gotten some inside baseball time too, at the same station- my wife interned there, one of her jobs was to run the closed captioning. Provided I could shut up, I was actually allowed to watch a couple of newscasts from inside the studio. That was cool. I think I had to hold a door while one anchor smoked; or she just wanted a big ugly ass dude standing outside to scare away the weirdos.

You didn't build that part MCLVIII

Yes, I made up the title. Found a photo on Legal Insurrection in a post about Obama's Fauxahontas speech.

One quibble- it should have been The You Didn't Build That Executive Order, not act. In keeping with the spirit of the current administration and all.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Brb batman

Wish me luck. No Bane cosplay sicko ows wannabes here.
Total recall not in top 3 trailers.#5

Good movie

On a pure geek level, there was at least one moment I was thinking, well, he changed that......no, Nolan didn't.

What are Obama And Romney going to do about guns?

Guess Bloomberg has this shit ready to go. I have an idea, pass nationwide reciprocity.

Great. Zero is going to announce his plan to solve this now. At a fund raiser...

Wow, he didn't manage to make it too political.


I'm still going to TDKR. One of the first callers on Mickelsons show was advocating taking all guns away. Pretty sure he's one of the usual fascists that always calls in and whines. Guess his final solution would leave him smiling and happy at all the death that would ensue.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I knew I saw a B24 last night

They are selling rides/tours in a B17 and B24 in Ankeny.

I was right the first time. I saw the B17. My dad saw the B24.

Interesting review

Not that I wasn't going to see TDKR, but now I really want to. Sounds like the plot is what I expected.

So, another legal end run (now the norm)

In the drive to give everything away that isn't nailed down, now we are partnering with Mexico to give away food stamps, to whom exactly it doesn't stay. Victims of Fast and Furious? How in the hell do you even buy the votes of people who aren't U.S. citizens and can't vote anyway? That is the correct question.

Added: And it started under Bush. Of course, it expands further when a new party takes over. None of the above '12.

Aww, how sweet

The bus bomber in Bulgaria (allegedly) was a former guest at Guantanamo. Who would have thought that? Even had a fake Michigan driver's license.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not this excrement again

Bloomberg for vp. I think I've seen this theory before. Pretty sure that it struck me as the most insane thing I had heard of then, too. Just as Romney almost looks palatable, (Zero going full retard, er, lefty does that) here comes the plan to put Nanny Mayor Bloomers at the #2 chair?  Holy crap, might as well start campaigning like McCain, too.

Sorry, could not resist

My first thought yesterday was this DGU needs something.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Occupy Gotham=Romney?

Great, spelling challenged projection experts progressives compare The Dark Knight Rises Bane to Bain Capital? I'm seeing a pattern of Obama supporters having worked for Bain capital in all the "ZOMG, Romney is felon" stories out there. Way to tar your own team, morons.

I thought holding my nose and voting for Bush was bad- with all the nutty imperial executive orders coming out of the White House during Zero's leftist doubledown tour, voting for RINO Romney almost looks palatable. Anyone got a spittoon?

Buy this guy a bigger gun

I just read the story of the CCW holder in Florida who prevented two enterprising young youths from taxing a local internet cafe. There is video. No word if Angela Corey is going to be put on the case. I can see it now- "They weren't even pointing a gun at him when he fired!"

Good work, sir. Makes me want to not carry a .380, though......

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday range time

Target pics from today

All 6.8, from sighting in the new scope. I should have been happy with the center group 2-3" high, silly me. I finally ended about 1" high (@100yards) with hotter loads.(not pictured) These were all 90 grain Speer TNT over 30.2 grains of H322.

Here is 15 out of the Mosin, (/) with some 6.8 in the lower left. The other holes were from the 11.5, doing mag dumps with iron sights and Tula steel 55 grain. With the lighter carrier, it runs on the 55 grain stuff, but not the 75 grain ammo. It runs sweet as hell on XM855....

Pictures of the beast. I think it will be changing soon. I want to try parts that I will use on the next build to proof them, and see how they hold up to, um, my daily wear/tear/storage. The scope is a Redfield Revolution 2-7x scope with the base crosshairs. Picked it up cheap as hell at Jax in Ames. For $129, I want another. But I want to abuse the wee out of this one before I even think about that. The glass is many times better than the Simmons Aetec antique that replaced it, even with the lower power. On 2x, it snaps up fast. Also, made in the USA. Seems to slot in between the Leupold Rifleman and VX-1 series in terms of features. As it should, being a Leupod brand now. Guessing at the price they are asking, it is from the scope's intro, they all seem to be around $180 now, with intermittent rebates lowing the cost.

Brownell (yes, that one) on the radio

Jan Mickelson of WHO Radio is having Michael Ware of Controlled Chaos Arms and Pete Brownell of Brownells on the radio today. Discussing AR building, among other things.

Added: The interview starts around 36 minute mark, from what I'm told

We are not animals

Do it right

My Neighbor's Chickens are Done (for)

The one's I mentioned here, when she was having raccoon/ predator problems. Oh, no, you say, what happened? Well, I ate one of them for dinner. :) It was tasty. She actually had them prepped at a locker in Amana to be able to sell them at the farmer's market/etc. The Amana Colonies are a large Mennonite area/ tourist trap in eastern Iowa. Some good, homestyle places to eat. Among other stuff to buy. For those non-Iowans going WTF, the appliance people? Yeah, I think they used to make them there; don't know if they still have a plant there or not.

Punny Zombie Ad

Or proof that zombies have jumped the shark.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

0bama Channels Elizabeth Warren and Karl Marx

From his little speech yesterday:

-blah, blah, bah, Marxist screed, I rule, stole this quote from Liz Warren.....
I mean, imagine if everybody had their own fire service.-

Wow, that's how fires were fought for years. Why do you think they are often called companies? And private fire insurance paid companies to put out fires. Can't say that I mind local government running fire departments*, but a little historical acknowledgement would be nice. Otherwise, this is almost a carbon copy of Warren's "All Your Base Belong to US" speech. That just pisses me off to no end. The elitist smarm dripping from his and Fauxhontas' speeches rubs my rhubarb the wrong way. PEOPLE WHO PAID TAXES DID ALL THOSE THINGS, NOT GOVERNMENT. Sorry about the yelling. End of discussion. Our government is of the people, by the people, for the people. Not your benevolent Big Brother. Or your vote buying piggybank. (it torques me off when the stupid party does it too)

*Last time I checked there was no federal fire fighting, save forest fires. We don't pay a penalty tax if we don't buy firefighting insurance. And I realize there is a ton of fed money paid out for firefighting.

Added: Marko states it far better than I ever could.

New Bacon Show!

The United States of Bacon on Destination America. I can barely resist not making some right now.

Added: I made it to the 30 minute mark and made some candied bacon w/chili powder just because.

Man freed in Florida Stand Your Ground Law Case Killed

Pro-crime commenters rejoice. This the the guy that chased down the thief that had stolen his car stereo, and killed him in the ensuing struggle with a knife. The judge freed him based on the Stand Your Ground law. Poor guy was shot while driving by an unrelated gang fight.

Morning conversation

My wife was reading headlines this morning. "They caught one of the most wanted."

JDR: "Really, what, did they go arrest GWB? That's how bad the campaign is getting."

SO: "No, some guy, it says he killed a woman."

JDR: "They finally got Ted Kennedy? Wow, little late there."

SO: "No, was in 1988. He also faces drug and weapons charges."

JDR:"Great, just like every kid in elementary school with a Tylenol and Spork."

About the Bain story. If it was a real problem, it would have been the October surprise. Seems more like a progressive red meat organic tofu, not smart enough to move to the center move, like Clinton supposedly did. If it was a deal killer, why do it now, when the Republicans can replace him? While that would put the Republicans on the defensive, many might relish the chance to get a new putz. As in the roughly 75% that didn't like Rommney to begin with.

And they say the UN treaty won't affect us

How about this one. Another lawless agency, the EPA, is trying to enforce a treaty signed by Hillary in '10, but never ratified by the Senate. Do we really think that the BATFe will really just go, naw, we can't enforce that. Petty bureaucrats love more power, especially when they think they can exercise it at will.

Odd search terms

Yeah, I get one or two odd searches now and again. Guess I could whore it up by posting about the Walking Dead being awesome (Instead of facepalm city) or about the fact that Sofia Vergara is the only name actress that will get me to pay attention to a television commercial. Or watch SNL. Hope The Dark Knight Rises doesn't suck- with three quarters of the cast of Inception, it should be great. Of course, I'll be attending with an eye for the parts of Pittsburgh I've been to, like the Warhol museum, Stadiums, Pitt, The Duquense Incline, other places. What else can I toss in to get odd searches?

 Still getting Chiappa Rhino Total Recall searches too.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Proof that Top Gear is wrong.

You can kill a Toyota pickup! But I don't have pictures- it was on the side of the road at 2 am last night. It was totally insane- I don't know how much air this jackass got, but it was tangled in the power lines at some point, because it pulled them down with it- in the middle of two poles. Front end was smashed back to the wheels on one side, and it didn't move. I'll try to drive around town and get pics; I think I've seen it before. Nobody died-apparently walked away.

Productive Day (sort of)

Went to the dealer that always has a rack of Mosin Nagants. Three guesses- not open on Saturday was not one of mine- every time I have been there in the past was on a Saturday. So that was a wash. Headed to Rhine- lucked into an Armalite BCG for $20 off by my awesome haggling skills (okay, I am a repeat customer, that always helps) and a lighter buffer. Trying to help the 11.5 run on steel. And collect a BC for the 6.8 build. Now I have a spare name brand bolt to boot. Went to another gunstore/surplus store, found a scope $50 cheaper than Midway. I'll play with it and see how it does.

The store formerly known as Borders in Ames is now called BAM. Looks like the same store with a new name. Guessing they are built off of the festering corpse of Borders. Or maybe just this location. Texas Roadhouse just opened up there too. Very close to Hickory. Didn't stop by the Burrito place yet- didn't really feel like parallel parking my truck.

Bacon Safety

Read the directions on a package of nanny approved bacon recently.

Place bacon into cold pan. Turn heat to medium.....

So, you mean don't cook it in a cast iron pan that, on medium, is hot enough to flash fry bacon like a tactical nuke? (true story) I'm betting they expect me to wear a shirt while cooking the stuff.

FWIW it was Bourbon BBQ flavored bacon from Wally World. And it was really good. Normally I stick with whatever bulk is at the meat counter at Fareway....

Friday, July 13, 2012

Think I found a new place to try

It's hard not to go to Hickory Park when in Ames (Yeah, it's cool to hate on Hickory in some places, but I still like it. Plus the standard BFYTW applies) But based on the logo alone, I want to try this place:

I Just like it. So sue me.

More Ames geekery, but when I went to school there, the local Panchero's was great- the 2lb steak burrito was awesome on a, um, drinking, night (ok, any night I had $$) but when they sold out (expanded/franchised) to this area, all they had was wussy ass rice filler and sucky beans, not the awesome steak, bean and block cheese monster of my State days. Might not be 'authentic', again, BFYTW applies.

Loose ROE only for citizens?

We are done. If non citizens truely have more rights than the people of this country, what good is it to be here? Guess I better watch for 'FBI van' appearing on my WIFI hotspot list now.
Not that any of the other random stroke of the pen 'laws' stuffed through recently do anything to cheer me up either. Seems that dear leader just rewrites anything to suit his parties whims, to the point that he is daring the media to spin it his way. Re: welfare de-reform especially. Of course, when they come to enforce the Obamacare mandate, turning tail and fleeing will not be on the ROE table that day.

Someone does make one

A .308 bolt with iron sights. Savage 10 FCM Scout.

Looks like a long eye relief scope is required. Detachable box mags (4 round, WTH) I could see the primary being 4, but extras? How about a Pmag version? Had to throw that in:) Mossy makes a .223 that takes STANAG mags, why not .308? Or am I not looking hard enough?

So, the FBI says 'nothing to see here'

In regards to the racial aspect of Zimmerman being beaten by Martin. Guessing that means Zimmerman is just down to special persecutor Corey, and her reach for the stars second degree murder charge. "Betting on America's" big wish is for this to be continued until next year at a minimum. Don't want to rile up all those "White" Hispanics they are profiling* on the 4473 forms, now, do we?

Not that it would always be the wisest choice, but what if the speedy trial option was chosen? As in what happened to Jay Lewis here in Iowa? I realize in his case, to put it mildly, he had nothing better to do, being locked up with no ability to get bail. With the secondary bonus of an incompetent, antigun media that values the antigun sentiment far above and beyond any other aspect of the story.

I wonder how much money will be owed to the officers losing their jobs over the more and more justified non-action they took in this case?

Sorry for the linkage to the DM Regi$ter. I feel like a 47%er with the $, but their crapola isn't worth paying for without a major attitude adjustment.

*Actual profiling! Not the made up, 'your** mean' kind, but actual profiling! Would make no sense even if the Agency forcing it on FFL's hadn't just been allowing guns to flow to a country populated by those of that ethnicity.

** wrong on purpose

Added: read some of the later comment thread at Hot Air. Some real winners there, almost like they haven't been following the case since the day it broke.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paper punching

Fired off some 6.8 and the M44 today. Some of the M44 were reloads, the other were factory Prvi Partizan 182 grain factory loads. Out of 40 rounds fired, 34 are on target, and 4 just above the target. All fired 5 at a time, the PP's had to be held at 6 o'clock hold, my reloads are only about 2" high.

These 6.8 loads are shot through my new Troy Claymore. Shot 3 with ear pro off my left ear; no ringing, WHAT DID YOU SAY SONNY? So it might help for hunting. Seems to have moved the POI right.

The left group marked 120 was fired after the first 20 7.62x54r rounds were fired. The right group I took more time, but still had trouble holding it steady- 3 of the shots were ripped off. The loads didn't lock back on the last shot once, either. The center group was a mag test fired as quickly as I would like to beat on this gun and get on target.

Another guy showed up midway through the time I was shooting. Since the M44 had reduced my 6.8 time, I got bored and watched where his pistol rounds went. Most of the 22 LR stuff dropped to the ground around 80 yards and skipped up to the back stop, about 6' up. The centerfire stuff also hit the ground around 80 yards, and skipped up the back stop 3-4 times. Last puff of dirt around 8-12' high. I started noticing because I was hearing bang-zing quite a bit. At least I was seeing large puffs of dirt behind my 100 yard targets, if only because it means I kept my eyes open and rifle controlled enough to still see the target.

And it's back

Sitemeter must have tripped over the server cable too, but this time my account actually works. Just in time to miss linkage from Tam over the Roll Yer Own post I made last Friday.

Still don't know about teh phone; it went nuts again, so I tried one last thing- cleaning the contacts on the micro USB port in the off chance some freak bit of metal got in there on the same day as the update. (actually a possibility, between work and trimming brass at home) I did like the custom rom I tried, no bloat and very easy to install. Maybe I'll find the links tomorrow and post them; it was quite an improvement over the stock shit sandwich T-Mobile Gingerbread. But the Galaxy S 4G is down to 219+$50 airtime card......

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We must do something now!!11!

We must start doing something, or else global warming will be irreversable. More like, our bullshit will be proven false.  Just like every emergency! scam needing a law, more time makes the urgency seem downright laughable.

Now if we can just get the US out of the UN....

Phone fun

I'm rapidly learning new info on my brick*. The rom didn't fix the root problem (su ru gimme new old firmware) so now I'm looking into the firmware and flashing that back to stock.

It's not actually bricked, it just goes apeshit thinking it is plugged in sometimes and cornholes drains the battery in a matter of hours. Hope it isn't a hardware issue, but it came on when T-mobile/Samsung decided to rebrand the phone with new firmware.

*added. Returned to bone stock- see what happens.

Test post

I installed a new rom on my Samsung brick. Getting phone up and running now.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quote of the day

I don't know if it is original or not, but I like it.

Communists are just liberals in a hurry!

The article itself deals with a WSJ article about union spending on elections being 4x higher that what is offically admitted. Because they are required to disclose more to the Labor Department about the actual amounts spent  internally organizing vs the FEC only looking at amounts spent on external money spent. (I'm guessing ad buys, etc- No WSJ sub, can't read the whole thing) I'm sure the reaction to this is, OMG, we can't let this continue! Quick, transparency bury those stats under a rock! My guess is they get an even bigger write-off for the labor department info.

That was wierd

Sitemeter ate my account. No clue why. Sent an email to them, they don't even acknowledge the address I signed up with- even by sending a copy of the sign up e-mail. Guess I'll try again later. Only reason I noticed was the counter stopped moving and the internal Google counter still did. It's just that the internal google counters are defective, as they allow spam hits that sitemeter doesn't register. Wish they had an ignore option built in.
Instead, the annoying new interface makes it hard to do layouts in a WYSIWYG format. Progress!!!

I let a pollster slip through the cracks

I don't know why I don't try to answer more of the calls. For whatever reason, I took one Saturday*, and said my piece. I don't think they interpreted my answers correctly, but what the heck.

Question 1- Do you approve or disapprove of the job President Obama is doing?

Disapprove, that is a given.

Question 2- Are you going to vote for Obama, or Romney this fall?

None of the above, at this time.

Question 3- Are you going to vote for Boswell, or Latham (house)?

My answer confused the guy a little. It's a tossup. He counted it as none of the above, too.

Not really. As part of our depopulation (or just slow growth) we are losing a rep, so we have two incumbents running in one district. And Boswell actually does give a rip about gun rights- he did vote to hold Holder in contempt, after all. And there is the whole whipping ass thing he did during the home invasion that included the anti-gun freaks worst nightmare- a gun was pointed at people, no good guys died, and the crime was thwarted by the introduction of the self defense weapon.

Going to have to think this one over.

* It was from the Republican Party of Iowa. Don't think they liked my answers. Well, too bad- get a better ticket, or grow a spine on issues other than the economy. The VP better not be a drone hack.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Death and Carbon Taxes

Like a good Liz Warren sound bite, the Carbon Tax in Australia is a gift that keeps on giving.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said it would be "reprehensible" if any cemetery was taking advantage of grieving families by overcharging them for funerals.
scare quotes in original, don't know if he held up his hands while giving the quote, or wrote it that way.

So, how do you implement the carbon tax, sir? I'm assuming the tax is levied on all businesses that employ workers, machinery or exist. I prefer that all taxes be passed directly to the person paying the bill, in this case, the dead man's family, not hidden. (The Tax That Shalt Not Be Named) After all, they are a direct tax on an activity, correct? Just like a sales tax, they are quantifiable.

Whoops, got ahead of myself. It is illegal in Oz to point out the cost of government to customers. Technically, businesses are having to raise prices to cover all the supply chain increases, and the TTTSNBN commission is insulted by blaming it on their taxes. Fauxahanutas would be proud.

And they give direct payment to those making under a certain amount to "offset" the costs involved.  I thought you tax an activity to reduce it from occuring. The whole point is to price the lower income types from being able to afford electricity or fuel, thereby reducing carbon emissions. Hell, hasn't the U.S. dropped to below 1999 CO2 levels just by having a crappy economy? That is the first stated goal of the Aussie TTTSNBN law. The green nuts should be happy as hell, but they are pissed that we did it the easy way, forcing banks to make loans to people that can't pay them back, not hammering them with irrational taxes.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

R.I.P. Ernest Borgnine

I can't count the number of his movies I've seen. My 5 year old son will even miss him- he liked Mermaid Man on Spongebob.

Parts ordered

Nothing major, just a case trimmer and Lee factory crimp die for 7.62x54R. Had trouble even finding it on Midway, Brownells was sold out. And random trinkets, magazines etc.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Grrr, somebody go kick the server

Why is it when you find parts you need at an online retailer, their webstore tanks and you can't finalize the order? I'm not going to list the retailer or products, as they are oddball and may only have a few, (not that anyone looks here for advice on odd calibers) at least until after I can order the stuff tomorrow.


Found me some new bling today in town.

Troy 7.62 Claymore. I've loaded up some 6.8 to play with soon. Hornaday 110 grain HPBT, 120 grain not-Z-Max, and Speer 90 grain TNTs. Also, the last 6.8 Hornaday loads were 28.0 grain, not 28.5. This week's loads are 28.3 and 29.1 grain. Along with 30.6 and 31.2 in 90 grain, and 27.4 in the 120 SST.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Betting on America

Who thought that up? Why not, "Gamble with our future" or "Momma needs another vacation!"

Quick, call 1-800-BETSOFF.

Roll Your Own

Not being a smoker, I had never even heard of 'Roll Your Own' cigarettes. Guess I never will buy any, either. Sounds like a combination of 'Evil Big Business' and 'For the Children' with a dose of 'Hey, they figured out a way around our inane taxes' thrown in for good measure.

Not that smoking will be allowed in the planned healthcare future. But every moron bureaucrat's random ideas will be. There must be something in those 13000 pages of healthcare regulations that are being churned out based on the whims of a madman bill no one read.

No range report

Overheated at work yesterday, had stuff to do around the house, and by the time I was freed up, watching reruns of Big Bang Theory and Men at Work seemed like a fine distraction. MaW isn't that bad. For a cable show.
I have some hotter loads for the 6.8. More of the 28.3 grain stuff and some 29.2 grain loads.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fun fireworks last night

We went to see the fireworks in Windsor Heights last night. To me, they seemed to detonate kinda low.... Some of the stuff was still alight when it was hitting the parking lot at Wal/Sams. We were downwind in a stripmall next to the lot, and caught some of the paper wrappings several times. Wondered for a little bit if I needed eyepro and a fire suit....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Simon Conway at USS Iowa video

Here's a link to the live video of Simon Conway in LA at the dedication of the USS Iowa museum. There is a lot of inside baseball on the live feed, and he is talking with sailors who have served on the Iowa in the past.

I guess I now have exactly one reason to visit LA now......

Bloomberg presides over eating contest weigh in

Either Bloomberg had no sense of irony, or is straight up two faced when it comes to his own ideals. What's next, presiding over an event hosted by the NRA? I noticed other sites have video, but I haven't had a chance to watch yet.

H/T to Ace. Bloomberg annoys him too.

Monday, July 2, 2012

My wife dined with the Governor today!

Okay, she was eating at the same fine establishment as Branstad and the Lt Governor. Rubbing elbows with those in power and all....

Range time

Went to the range tonight. It was only 94 or so. Think I found a good load for the 6.8, 28.5 grains of H322, Hornaday 110 BTHP, 2.275 OAL with a CCI 450 primer. The reloads for the M44 kicked my ass- seemed like the last 5 really hammered the hell out of me- I made up 20 total, half with Winchester large rifle primers, 45 grains of Win748. The others had 44.6-8 grains of Win748 and CCI 250 magnum primers. The last five sat out the longest, had regular primers, and kicked like a mule.
50 yards- 10 shots, all on target- this m44 doesn't like me.

The batch marked 4 started to really hurt.
This 6.8 target cheers me up- I fired the 28.5 grain loads last, and was having a hell of a time holding the gun steady. I also bent my thumb backwards at work today- between that and the shoulder, it was starting to get to be serious work. It does seem to be make tighter groups at this speed than the other groups.

I need a chronograph....
Obligatory zombie target- I'm almost through these, then it will be zombie boars. Believe it or not, this was 150 or so Remington Thunderbolts from my 10-22. Only one misfired, and it went bang on the second trip. Somehow, the scope on that gun is shooting 3" right. I'll post the name of the trigger maker's kit I installed, but it has been 15 years or so, and I don't remember offhand. It did require fitting.

Reloads ready for range time tonight

Put together some 6.8 and some Russian stuff. It's only going to be 97* today. Cooler than last time.

Looks like ARP is taking barrel orders again. Now I've got to decide- 18" or 20". I guess his 16s are faster than most 20" barrels, so anything longer is gravy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wow, France out nannies the civilized world

Breathalyzers are now mandatory in all cars in France. Not just for drunkasses or presidential uncles, but all cars. Apparently interlocks are not mandatory*, just the testers.

Reminds me of the Top Gear episode they were doing the fuel economy run, and Clarkson noted that all cars in France must have a reflective vest in them. So he wore his the entire time.

Another article notes that one of Sarkozy's buddies runs a formerly failing breathalyzer company, and personally lobbied for the law. Guess that makes it crony socialism? Sarkozy was conservative for France, still socialist.

Which proves that the law has no point. Are the cops in France too damn cheap to have their own testers?

Less JD post 4

I wouldn't normally post this soon after the last post, but I'm down to 217. Hadn't checked in a few days, and was rather surprised this morning. If anyone had seen what I've eaten this week, they'd think I was full of it.....
Eating reduced carbs, the weight comes off in groups sometimes, at least that is my experience. I'm guessing I'll level out at 217 for a few weeks, then rapidly lose more. I suppose there is a tax on weight loss in Obamacare somewhere that I owe.