Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No poll watchers in Iowa

The local Democrat was all ready in allow UN observers to influence observe the polls in Iowa, until the Secretary of State pointed out that they can watch from 300 feet away or go to jail. And diplomatic immunity doesn't count as an excuse.

Reenactment not pictured below:

If you note in the first article, Texas also told them to go forth and multiply or spend time in jail, too.

Sad Obama Voter

At Hot Air they had a post about and a mention during the War on Bacon podcast about this article and the sad Obama voter mentioned within. And a photo caption contest for the whiner who can't sleep or workout because of the way the election is going.

Sucks when failures are so public

I like this infographic:

Apparently it offends sad Obama voters, because it was banned from Facebook twice. Sorry about the autoplay video.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The NYT accidentally does some actual journalism

The New York Times published a story about China's Prime Minister that really riled some commie feathers. Now if they only spent 5 minutes on Obama's background in 2008, maybe we would have a different president. Not that Hilary is any less scummy than The One.

Benghazi really was an epic command failure

The more I read about what happened, the more pathetic the video story sounds. This was no random mob. Our guys had target illuminators up to guide the fire they assumed was coming. Fooled them, they were expendable.

Monday, October 29, 2012

1000 6.8 SPC rounds in less than one month

Yeah, I couldn't help myself. I loaded up 100 more last night and lit them off after work. My main goal was to keep them on paper. So now this upper is at 1005 rounds. Since October 2nd. Not my highest round count in one month. The highest 6.8 SPC round count, though. The video explains the target. 50 yards.

Obama loses because of racism

Another seed article out there blaming Bush Romney racism if Obama loses. They measure "implicit" racism, one of those ???? Racism! deals. And the racist polsters use Chinese people as a control group during their studies. They first show a picture of either a white, Hispanic*, or black person, then a Chinese person and rate the response to the Chinese person as a control. So, are they showing pictures of Chairman Mao or Jackie Chan?

*Ethnic group, not race. How exactly does that prove anything? Why don't they show pictures of Italian, Irish, German, Slavic peoples? And Ethiopian, Western African and Southern African people? Where are the Indian (dot not feather) and Persian peoples? Lazy bastards.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

And the aftermath

At least I have figured out that if I keep the cases separated at the range, it makes prep easier.

Maybe I don't want an RMR

I've been following 10-8 Performance's use of the Trijicon RMR on his M&P's with great interest. He has broken 3 so far. In under 2000 rounds of standard 9mm per sight. Darn, I thought it would be fun to have a setup like that.

Range trip

I reload 50 or 100 at a time. If I don't go shooting, I use that time to reload 50 or 100 more. So I had built up 250 rounds, plus found some loaded Hornaday V-Max that was on sale. For a little more than the price of brass. So I went out today and finalized sighting the irons, and shot 300 rounds through the PSA 6.8 upper. That brings the total to 905 rounds.

 Hornaday V-Max. 10 shot groups.
 130 grain Speer or Sierra Spitzers. They shoot interchangeably. BUIS at 50. That is a 5 shot group.
 More of the same, I call that a flyer. I have video of how I beat this gun somewhere....
First BUIS group- figured out the stupid thing had loosened up. Tight now.

This is the current configuration. That is a Mako GLR-16 non-recoil reducing stock. It has the option of a cheek piece, which I did not get. Might be useful with a scope. Oh, and a BCM Mod3 charging handle. Only a few bucks more than a standard handle. I see the plus side to adding a second way to charge the gun, and feel it out weights the risk of wearing on the upper. At least the BCM seems to be a solid piece.

It shoots the factory V-Max near the POA of the 130 grain bullets that I am liking very much. 110 grain Prohunter groups opened up quite a bit save for one loading. I did a ladder, it was actually the second lightest load I tried. The 130's shoot like the 120 grain Hornaday SST. I worked a new mag into the rotation- it is a sticky, nondropping turd. And one other mag does not like to seat unless FIRMLY installed. This showed up with 10+ round loadings. Glad I am trying more than just 5 at a time.

Also finished sighting the 11.5 with a standard carry handle. It is so dirty it will not even lock back on XM193. I've lost count how many rounds since I cleaned it- June or so. 1K+ at least. Maybe 1500. Time to clean that one.

I do not know which is more insulting

Obama is now floating a new tax cut scheme. Of course, being a Democrat plan, it is a joke. It is mean to replace the Defunding of Social Security tax cut. So Obama wants to buy votes for an average of $400 per year. Sad.

And it would only be for a year. Pathetic. Democrats (especially) cannot just let a tax cut go. It has to be limited to lord over people's heads indefinitely. Does anyone in that party really understand how real life works? They are used to their groveling minions who get handouts, but people working with a budget or companies planning for the future do not like having to beg the government on a yearly basis for their free lunches. People respond by not spending money. And businesses respond by not hiring people or upgrading- why do it, if in the next year, their tax burden may go up because of government interference?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hell has frozen over

The Des Moines Register endorsed Romney. Says he has a fresh economic vision. On the other hand, Romney is barely a conservative, and a bunch of wussies like the Register damn sure know it.

Reading on, it boils down to this- okay, us commies have had our fun, but the gravy train WILL end if somebody doesn't slow the economic free fall the the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is in no hurry to stop.

There goes the neighborhood

I would offer to pay one dollar to buy Current TV

IF I weren't afraid they would take me up on the offer. Would be funny to put James O'Keefe on for about 12 hours a day. The remainder of the schedule would be infomercials for gas fracking advocates.

Tuesday the 6th is

Shamelessly stolen from someone on Facebook who probably stole it from someone else.....

Actually, who am I kidding- most of the dead have already voted absentee....

Nice waste of money, California

Renting crew cab pickups instead of buying them, and letting supervisors use them. For daily liquor store runs.

CBS2 Investigates Caltrans Employees Who Use Taxpayer-Funded Cars For Personal Use « CBS Los Angeles

So in Modern Warfare IV

Will one mission just be sitting behind the controls of the AC130 cannon, watching your embassy burn, with no clearance to fire? Maybe the mission to get the big bad will consist of gathering gear and running to the chopper half a dozen times, only to be ordered to stand down for political considerations. I mean, they do strive for realism, right?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama has to show ID to vote

Part of Illinois law for early voting. Isn't that racist or something?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I like when Dems are caught with their hands in the cookie jar

Because the scare quotes come out to play. See this CBS "News" article about Patrick Moran telling James O'Keefe's investigator about how to commit election fraud. Suddenly, the Project Veritas "investigator" is more the problem. Deflect, deflect, deflect. The comments are better. Wonder how many came from the campaign? Several have undocumented stories about Republican fraud. Is it so hard to include a link? One other favorite- the commenter* is so stupid as to think that a person handing a utility bill to an election worker won't be able to memorize the address long enough to vote.

*commentor? Commentator is not the proper word.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Update to the Off the Record interview

Same speech, different day. Free money for unicorns and donor's special interests. Debase the labor pool with immigration reform. Bush's fault, Romney is so far to the right, blah blah.

Obama talks to The Des Moines Register but they can't talk about it.

Prior to their endorsement (it would be shocking if they didn't) of Obama, the Register got an off the record phone call from Obama. Per the editor, it was the greatest call since Bell invented the phone, etc. But they can't publish it. Off the record and all. Newsflash. I've heard him speak. Can't be that impressive. Sorry, not buying it.

They also state that Romney gave them a full hour, audio recording only. Heh, if I had the link to Michelson's little flap in 2007.....

Now Obama has lost Reuters

Are the rats abandoning the sinking ship?

So now we know that Obama knew it wasn't the video 2 hours after the attack. Yet they kept up the charade for a week at least. And still have to say video every time it is mentioned. I still have little use for all the lefties throwing the First Amendment under the bus out of fear.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What caliber for urban squirrel?

Apparently not .177, at least in Urbandale, Iowa. A man was cited for shooting squirrels with an airgun within the city limits of Urbandale in his own yard. (mom's yard?) He had a valid hunting license, so all they could charge him with was the Red Ryder clause. Glad I don't live there; my little garage range in the winter for BB guns would cause considerable bladder irritation.

Now what kind of candyass calls the cops on someone dusting squirrels in his own backyard? If the pellets aren't leaving his property, who cares? On the other hand, take a lesson from any decent TV show on snipers, buddy. Sit in a chair, at a table, and shoot at the squirrels from inside the house like normal people. Don't scare people dressing in camo to tag tree rats in your own yard.

I thought Chris Matthews played the race card

I could barely make out what he was whining about last night after the debate, but he did pull the race card out of nowhere. It was hard to catch with Maddow bloviating about flip flopping, but it happened. Glad I wasn't just hearing things.

Iowa Republicans need to get their story straight

One Republican state senator keeps looking wistfully at Illinois and their high gas taxes. While they are attacking Boswell (D) for supporting increased gas taxes. And Boswell is barely running a campaign. Even the daily liberal, er Des Moines Register picked his opponent. He (Tom Latham) might just be the token R for the election, though.

Camera Mount

Looks like Strikemark is making a Picatinny mount for Go-Pro cameras. And standard cameras. I don't know how Iowa treats people using such a system while hunting. I'm sure if there isn't a law allowing them, game wardens will treat it as something illegal.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ordered ammo from PSA

Of course, that shipped right away. Made the order Thursday, UPS says I will have it Wednesday. They had a special on 6.8 ammo, plus some XM193 that Ace wanted. I realize the uppers have to be built. But my last simple parts order had to be posted on the magic thread on to get shipped. Had I known they would ship it this fast, I would have tried for a barrel too....

Fauxcahontas tries her hand at comedy

Libertarians should vote for her because her specialty is contract law. Because nobody heard her "you didn't build that" speech.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

L.A. mayor brags about free stuff

At the Jefferson/Jackson dinner in Des Moines. This dinner is a part of the President's green energy scam project; they have wired both men's graves with copper wire. Their spinning generates enough power to run the printing presses at the Fed for duration of the event, or so I've heard.

Back to the mayor, Stromney* will do all kinds of bad things to the free stuff gravy train, or something.

“If they had their way, Mitt Romney and the Republicans would repeal the 20th century.”

Hell, the Democrats are working hard at repealing everything since 1792. Why not project a little of that onto Mittens?

This quote was pulled off Facebook, from someone who was most likely there:

"This country was not built on the principle of me first. It was built on the principle of We the People." Antonio Villaraigosa

I'm guessing his "We the People" concludes with "get free shit." From evil rich people, er, the 53% still paying into the system.

*Straw Romney. I really don't see the huge difference between Romney and Obama on most issues. Competence seems to be the main difference.

Global Warming is fake but Planted Gun Control Questions are real

Guess you would call this a "tab clearing" or "I'm too lazy to write two posts" post.

More blowback for the article last week on 16 years of declining temps. Crickets in American "media."

From a comment at Shall Not Be Questioned, the concern troll that asked the gun control question at the Romney/Crowley debate is a member of King Bloomberg's Illegal Mayors Against Illegal Guns. I thought they only had undecided voters asking questions. /sarc Of course, I didn't know moderators had transcripts prepared for one side in a debate, either....

I also see the newspeak is rewritten to cover The Won's ass in the Failing Foreign Policy Debate on Monday. Good. I would hate to see a scapegoat arrested for a crappy movie fake id to go to waste.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scott Adams Tees Off on Obama

Specifically on drug policy. Can't say that I blame him. I always thought going after the (state) legalized pot was like shooting fish in a barrel. Immigration? No, might piss off the voting block they want to cultivate. Not blowing money on failing green energy projects? Too much money funneled back to the campaign to stop that. Too hard to stop guns going into Mexico or Chicago. Of course, those schemes always followed the ???? Conviction! model.

The sad part about this price

Is that it was around 15 cents cheaper in the afternoon.

Tactical latch yes or no?

I have looked at several assembled  models, from BCM and PRI specifically. Plus the latch only parts from Badger and others. They all look grabby, other than the mod 4(?) BCM.

Yes Ace, I told you to get the BCM and now I am asking for myself.

Saw my first defaced yard signs

Romeny Ryan of course. Too hard to get pics right now. Maybe later.

Friday, October 19, 2012

BRB, Baseball

Go Cardinals!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama's latest speeches

Let's sing for the man who got Osama?

Okay Bruce, I will also sing for the guy who canceled the mission so many times that they had to pull an end run on him to get it done....

Mr Bean is unimpressed with censorship

Rowan Atkinson has some comments about Formerly Great Britain's fetish about not offending religions (other than Christianity). Apparently they are now arresting anti-Scientology protestors in addition to those protesting Muslims. Atkinson points out that they should have the right to offend people. Sure he is not an American? Wait, I've seen his character....

I like Romney's new ad campaign

Talking about all the things he will cut and such. Makes me feel a lot better about voting for him. What I don't get is how Romney gets away with putting the tag line in "Paid for by Obama for America" but I guess he does.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Less JD Post 7

Finally dropped 50 lbs. Today the scale read 203 lbs, from a starting point of 253 back in March. Still not setting a goal.

Democrats in Mass need a binder of women

If all they can find to run for Senate are morons like Martha 'no self help here' Coakley and Elizabeth 'Fauxcahontas' Warren, maybe the Dems in Mass are the ones in need of a binder full of women.

Windsor Heights Needs Speed Cameras?

The police chief, having solved all other crime in the area, really, really, really, really wants a speed camera on the roughly 2500 FOOT(!) stretch of I-235 that is within Windsor Heights "city*" limits. Enough to sue the state to get one on his terms. This is a city that has artificially low speed limits on roads within it's jurisdiction and enforces them without mercy. So I'm sure his rejected proposal has the speed camera "grace" setting around 59.5 MPH on a 60 MPH speed limit. The other cameras he is jealous of are set for 70 MPH in a 60 MPH limit before getting  a ticket.

I'm not even sure if Windsor Heights is responsible for both directions of travel on the little stretch of the freeway. They may only be responsible for the westbound lanes.

*Population 4860 in last census.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Debate drinking game

Anytime someone says "47 percent". Especially from someone who looks like math is a foreign concept. Now, if you don't drink, at least shout out "47" like Randal from Clerks shouting "37."

Monday, October 15, 2012

Play home invasion win real consequences

Some kids decided to cut the power to a friend's house and break in as a joke. One was shot in the head for his trouble. Can't say I feel sorry in the least; some things you just don't joke about.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


One of my last times at the public range in Polk county, I was talked to by a range officer for firing my 22 conversion kit too fast. The same one I had mag dumped many times next to other ROs without a complaint.

Guess what they have for rental now?????

A 9mm AR with a Slidefire stock.

Took the 6.8 out today

Ran 245 through the PSA upper. In under an hour. It was windy. 30 mph winds across/down range and drizzling. So, I gave up on targets- they would not stay on the cardboard. Put some cardboard up at 25 yards and plugged away at that. It was more of a bullet/minimum load test anyway. Turned it into a full mag test- found out one mag hated being loaded past 16 rounds at 2.295+ OAL, so it wasn't a total failure. Also placed a cardboard box on the ground at 100 yard and plugged away at it. Okay, it blew off the stand and ended up there. Had an interesting hole in the backside with 130 grain Speer #1458 bullets. All shots fired standing, kneeling or sitting. The benches and tables were soaked, the concrete was dry enough to sit on.

I think it was from a lengthwise shot at an angle- about 2x3" total. This pic was taken after recovering the moving box and tacking it the the 25yard stand. Most of the holes were from 90 grain Speer TNTs.

 These were from some 130 grain Speer 1459 bullets. Do like. Referenced on the crease.
This was factory SSA 115 OTM fired at the end of the trip- again, the only reference point was putting the dot on the crease in the cardboard.
Current config- that is a Truglo Triton TG8365B. So far it has held up to 605 shots through this thing. Still haven't picked out a matching stock.

Today's loads:
130 grain Speer 1458 and 1459. 24.2 grains Reloder 10x, Win Large Magnum or CCI 450 primers.
90 grain Speer TNT, 29.5 grain Reloder 10x CCI 450 or Win Large Magnum.
120 grain SST, 26.3 grains H322 Win Large Magnum primer. These flattened the primers. No swipes.

Added: Ace was supposed to bring out his new Rock River to try it out. Guess I'll buy his excuse that it would be hard to sight in with the wind and rain.....

We had to give my son the talk yesterday

No, not that talk. He's five, for goodness sake. The zombies are not real talk. He asks about zombies every time we go past cemeteries, asking when they will come out, things like that. He even asks when he hears about a news story about someone dying. My wife had to handle it; she saw my shit eating grin* and took over for me. Cartoons for grownups was the angle we took. I'm not sure if he completely agrees. He almost seemed disappointed.

*Because I shot them all already, of course.....

Note to Climate Change Thieves: You Fail

Of course the year 2000 or so was the tipping point year- because temps were already starting to decline and you knew it. Of course the EPA office of High Inquisitor CO2 monitoring will not be fired immediately, or even reduced in size. RICO the lot.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

We don't need no stinking badgers

Taken in a cave with scraps an iPhone...

Maybe the Chinese wish they had clung to guns and religion

I actually read the article in my previous post that was next to the Henry ad. So when did China stop disappearing people and then taking their land? So even they have figured out Eminent Domain is cheaper than bullets.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Nice ad in the McPaper for Henry Rifles

Maybe it had been running for a while and I didn't notice. I don't usually read USA Today. At least the dead tree version.

I like Henry's quote. And the note: bible holster made by DeSantis leather.

Area 51 is not for tourists

Just ask the BBC. Show up at a government installation, get cuffed and stuffed.

So it costs 150 bucks to not support Fauxcahontas

If you are in a union, anyway. You know, that organization you joined to protect you from the "rich owners."

Sounds like money well spent. Wonder if you can claim that on your taxes.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ohh, starting with Bengazi

And not the lies about the video, from the moderator, no less.

And Ryan just bitch slapped Biden and Obama. Sweet.

Horse manure dumped at Democrat headquarters

No, not the horseshit about the dead ambassador, actual horseshit was dumped at the Ohio Democrat Party HQ. How did they notice?

Kinda dusty in here

Young cancer survivor gets a ride in a triathlon from a Marine.

Maybe there is hope for the next generation after all

If they can keep a tradition like jello wrestling going in the modern candyass school environment, there may be hope after all....

So not enough money is the new video

I mean excuse for not bothering with security for the Libyan ambassador? You would think they could hold a bake sale before they sent a check to the UN, or money to terrorists Egyptian "freedom fighters" or money to some random campaign donor failing green "business."

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sucks when your debate is not against a strawman

Guessing that is the reaction the Zero campaign is having right now. I noticed one ad, that was pulled, claimed another ad was lying. Proof- one guy on the ad's committee worked for BAIN! Guess someone reminded them that many Obama bundlers worked for BAIN too- I haven't seen that version since.

And the laughable notion that foreign policy is where the President will shine? Hell, he would do better to literally not show up for that one. Bowing to world leaders does not an excellent foreign policy make. All the rest of his policy is a joke. Unless you count blaming American deaths on crappy videos on You-Tube.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who writes this stuff?

Dr Ganske, (RINO*) our former Congressman from central Iowa, is running ads encouraging farmers to bring their saggy boobed, horse faced wives by for a nip tuck. I fixed the wording slightly. WTF?

*Stupid autocorrect fixed that to "Rhino". FFS.

Monday, October 8, 2012

PSA upper still works

Put another 200 through it Sunday. 50 new and 150 reloads. I've had three problems the whole time. One fail to feed on a 100 grain Speer hollow point. Those buggers have a very odd shape, and I was loading them right at 2.295-2.30" inches. One mag would not feed them properly. Shortening the them to 2.285 solved that problem.  One fail to lockup, the primer was not seated correctly. My SSA brass has crimped primer pockets, I am working on getting them reamed out to seat correctly. Usually, I work around those cases, but was running low on prepped brass. And one failure to eject. At the end of a 30 shot string. My fault again- the brass catcher was full- it has nowhere to go.

It shoots fine when hot too. Of course, it was at 50 yards. I did make a loose cardboard target dance at 100 yards......

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I feel all parenty

I am running the toss across game for school carnival night. I think it is rigged. I can't score 3 in a row...... kids will all beat it, I'm  guessing.

I do want to enter the raffle for the Go Pro camera.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Atlanta is going to burn tonight

That was a piss poorly called game. And I am a Cardinals Fan. At least we know where all the replacement refs went....

Shhh, watching baseball

If Cards win, it will be a long week or month. If the Cards lose, I'll get more range time in.......

Thursday, October 4, 2012

12 gauge for mountain lion, if you were worried

That is what KCCI's report said.

Photo from KCCI.

One of the July sightings of this or another mountain lion was about a mile from my work. Looks like I need a "In case of mountain lion, break glass" kit......

Zimmerman sues NBC News

For the edited tape of his 911 call. Good. Agenda driven news helps no one.

What caliber for urban mountain lion?

Des Moines police shot a mountain lion today in town. Awesome! At least the DNR has to admit they are in Iowa now. Wonder if it the same one that was sniffing around the kids camp on the NE side in July? In before the League of Inconsolable Organic Nitwits cry about murdering the poor defenseless animal.

Correction below:
Update: it was shot at a known drug house. Near a recent grow house. From the KCCI FB story. Yep, 300 comments whining about killing a predator and it is 3 hours after it happened.

What little I saw of the debate

Obama looked like he was trying to pass a kidney stone last night. Or was having trouble believing his own bs. One or the other.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quick range test update

I fired my customary 10 rounds through the Palmetto State Armory 6.8 SPCII upper. It is now good to go against any zombies I might see.........

Yeah, I didn't buy that either. I shot around 150-160 rounds through it over the course of 2 hours.
This target is at 50 yards. All shots from a rest. With a red-dot. (More on that later) The center was 15 rounds fired rapidly (have video!) of 100 grain Speer hollow point reloads.  Bottom right and top right are 4 shot groups of Hornaday 120 grain SST factory loads. Top left is Silver State Armory 115 grain OTM. Bottom left is some .223 reloads used to sight in the other red dot (even more on that later)

The PSA was that accurate with the Magpul buis and front post too.......

More of the Speer 100 grain reloads.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Headspace Checks on the New Upper

Finally, all my goodies are here. Palmetto can take a long time to get parts shipped. Anyway, here are a couple of pics of the headspace checks on the new rifle. I used Manson brand gauges from Brownells. Near as I can tell, there is no field gauge available in 6.8. With the price of brass what it is, you don't want to ruin brass with a rifle that passes the field gauge.

First, I removed the extractor from the bolt. Mainly, to prevent damage to the gauges- they have a rim similar to a case. Then reassembled the bolt carrier group. If you can get as far as removing the extractor, you already know how to reassemble the bolt carrier group. Obviously, I'm very lazy with my how to stuff here.

The bolt and carrier are NOT Palmetto State Armory. 6.8 parts availability is hit or miss right now. The bolt is a PRI bolt sourced from Midway USA. The price went up around $10 recently. I've read somewhere that PRI buys them from Stag/CMT. The carrier is a new commercial carrier found at the last gunshow. It looked acceptable for $65. The firing pin, cam pin and retaining pin are Armalite, as is the o-ring I put under the extractor to aid extraction. All my ARs have one.

Here is a pic of the assembled bolt carrier group sans extractor. The two gauges are next to it. Yeah, the other bolt carrier is just sitting there, mocking me to build a rifle around it....

With the no go gauge, it doesn't close all the way. Don't drop the bolt with the bolt release. You will damage the gauge and the rifle. Instead, ride the charging handle closed, then press forward with your thumb on the divot in the bolt carrier- this is the original Stoner designed forward assist. If the bolt will not rotate closed on the no go gauge, the chamber is not too deep (long?)

Repeat with the go gauge. The bolt should rotate closed this time while pushing forward on the bolt carrier group. This indicates the chamber is deep enough per the SAAMI spec. Mine did. The bolt looks just like the pictures of the rifle below.
 I decided to put the black MOE stock on it for now. A battery carrier insert is coming for the pistol grip, and I haven't decided on what I want to hang off the handguard.

Oh, here is the barrel spec:
It is the Palmetto State Armory 6.8 SPCII Cold Hammer Forged 1:11 twist, A2 midlength barrel. It tapers down to .599 under the handguard, and is about .670 from the FSB to the muzzle device.

Using my bathroom scale, it is about 6.6 pounds in the configuration pictured.

Range time tomorrow!

FTC/FCC whatever: paid for this stuff myself.

So, the Police are just seconds away.

Oh, really? Last night they weren't. There was a wreck on 35/80 that took the entire shift of the sheriff's office to take care of. Which means all of Polk county covered by them and many smaller towns without their own police force were potentially unprotected last night. The response time to distant areas would have been in the 15-20 minute range.

Of course, this came to light because of the heated sheriff's race in Polk county. The Republican candidate seems to be as close to a wookie suiter as one can be and still be in the R party. And the Dem incumbent hates evil high capacity magazines. This race is more interesting than the Steve King / Christine Vilsack race... Not that a Republican has a serious chance of winning in Polk county.

Upper porn

Monday, October 1, 2012

Zombies (and Pelosi) Best Campaign Ad Evar

Something that is Bush's fault

Let's end it now. Why are we paying Mexico to advertise all the welfare we will give them if they illegally enter the country?

I though Univision was owned by NBC

Apparently, only they give two craps about Fast and Furious this close to the election. Bet MSNBC will be denouncing them as racist any time now. Wait, they will still be blaming Romney and the cheesy video for a terrorist attack. While painting signs in the subway.

Well, that is some gross insensitivity

I'm not sure if this is a joke or the real thing.
It reads like a parody. Self defense will only cause MORE death? This person places no value on anyone but  thieves, rapists, and murders. I don't care for one second what made them "that way" if they are attempting to assault me- they are only a problem to be solved. As to the door lock screed- so, you also blame women for "dressing that way" and murder victims for "not submitting properly."  Why defend criminal behavior at all? Like I said, I think I am railing against someone putting all the fake gun control arguments into one set of posts.