Monday, April 30, 2012

Project parts AR should move to a new stage

All my goodies will or should arrive this week. The new stage will be....assembly. I even have a receiver block set coming to do it right. I'd say I'm doing an el-cheapo build, but I did spring for a chrome-lined barrel-DPMS, so el-cheapo still applies. At least the specs in the DPMS catalog say it's chrome lined 4150. 11.5 w/pinned flash hider- yes, I'm weird. It went out of stock after I bought it- hopefully I don't get an email saying I don't get it. Saved at Midway using codes found on Might have shopped elsewhere if they didn't have them....hint, hint Midway.....

I'm getting an Aero Precision lower in my first internet transfer. I could have saved a little on the lower if I hadn't been in a mall ninja mood at the last gun show, but I thought I had a Spikes lower found. Live and learn. Between taxes/ transfer fee it works out closely. And I paid a little more for some parts locally (charging handle and LPK) but I like my LGS and give them as much business as possible. Just need a rear BUIS, but the carry handle will swap over from the other just fine. It isn't like I can shoot them both at the same time, after all, I'm not a lead farmer.... The locals have sights, I'll just get one there when I get the lower.


And by interesting, I mean pathetic. I need to read more to really opine, but it sounds like he should have raised the black flag a little sooner.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another cool tool I don't have...

And can't afford. The Benjamin Rogue 357 air rifle. Now with hunting video. Not for the squeamish.

Yeah, I'm spending the day lurking the GD on ARF. So sue me.....It's raining and cold and my wife has decided on a Star Wars marathon. I need something to do when Jar Jar Stinks is on screen....I could spend all day on wookiepedia or tvtropes, either of those will suck me in for days.

AR 15 kaboom

One way to explain it. Over at ARF. Some kind of Bushmaster Carbon 15 shooting Hornaday Superperformance blew its wad all over hell. The P-mag survived, with cracked windows.

Stuff that bugs me....

I arrived home tonight in time to watch the final laps of the NASCAR race; the 'Toyota' beat the 'Chevrolet' blah blah. Left the TV on Fox's broadcast until the news came on and I caught the race credits or some kind of promo. It included an animated wireframe(ish) V8 engine. Well, the pistons, rods and crank moved, but not the valves. So whatever uncanny valley instinct I have kicked in and I have a feeling I missed one other minor was a 4 valve engine, if I'm not mistaken. LOL. Now I have spent the last 30 minutes trying to find the video online and can't... Guess I'll check again next week.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Old target is old....

We were looking over the video camera files for stuff to delete when I ran across this:

This was at 50 yards from an 18" 870 with an antique Tasco Pro-point2. With a nasty saddle mount, and Walmarts finest bulk 2 3/4" slugs. If you can get the target to hold still, it prints fairly decent groups from the bench, and minute of deer off hand.

First Blogoversary

Okay, so it was April 7th. I know I blog in spurts, and for awhile there it was once a month. That was for a reason. I was undergoing some kind of federal background check at work (Nothing glamorous, but I am cleared to walk railroad tracks) and my wife outed me on Facebook within 25 seconds of me starting the blog. And it wasn't going well, so I decided to STFU. It turned out my denials were based on my holiday birthday, and that I had the same last name as another guy. Talk about stupid ass reasons to be denied. Here I was thinking it was all the NICS hits within a one month period last year combined with a couple of f^cktarded jabs at the 'Bamster. Silly rabbit, bureaucracy is far more petty than that.....

I have a "why I blog"/"why I carry" post brewing somewhere, but I need to generalize a lot to avoid too much attention from the parties involved. As it is, two minutes (or less) of goog-fu would get you their names. One of those, 'don't want the eye of Mordor focused on you' things. This was nothing these people did to me, nor I to them.

It is like we have a cat.

At work today a rabbit died right at the front gate. Others arriving before me noticed it was still moving. So it is up to me to dispose of it. Think I will make sure it is dead before I bin it, just in case it's rabid or worse. Don't want any dumpster divers getting bitten by a zombie rabbit.
O/T I don't know if it is my phone or browser, but I get double taps when commenting. At least WV catches them so I don't look like complete moron on some blogs.
This little bugger just ain't right. It weighed less than nothing, and had nasty looking parasites/growths on its ears. The other side was worse. The guys that left at midnight said it just sat by their cars twitching, so it made it about 15 feet in 7 hours. I'm not nasty enough to take an after picture.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I guess when all you have is sheep....

They all look like they need sheered. Or is that sheparded?
So if the NATO summit and the illuminatti meeting,er G(x) meeting (that was moved) attract so much interest in the protest class, why not hold the meeting somewhere with clear lines of sight for miles and less flammable stuff(like Chicago). Like the camps they are supposedly setting up for the people they want to evacuate?

I do agree with some of the complaints against the G(x) groups. But the class of protestors they attract seem to be the burn it all types. Maybe that is what is hoped for, so crackdowns can be made on other protests.

And either at the above linked article or another recent article, the S Service has met with the protest group leaders. So.....did they just walk down the hall to the campaign office or stumble into a brothel at the same time....

No word on Skittles and Iced Tea or Hoodies here...

Looks like a woman shot an 18 year old "'teen'" (double scare quotes)who was trying to break and enter (Occupy?) her home at the bright and sunshine filled hour of 2:20 PM. She even warned them before she fired that she had a gun. Guess someteen watches movies where people who have a gun don't shoot. I think the curricula at the punk-ass training schools needs to be updated to include that more people who have guns will use them, as their minions in the gun control movement are failing to protect them by disarmament.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maybe I should join a hate* group...

Like the Brady bunch or similar. That way I could write fake whiney letters to the editor about how the Pro murder (self defense is not murder EMFDYSI) anti self help crowd doesn't really represent me even though I am a member.

H/T to Weerd.

*Against an established civil right (see Heller, etc)=hate group. Also hypocrites, since so many speaking out against guns and bearing them have carry permits themselves. Should not their rainbows and light be good enough for their own defense too?

Monday, April 23, 2012

As I sit waiting for work to start...

I see traffic backed up for 3 to 4 miles on 2 different highways. Supposedly someone hit a deer then several people hit that person. Hopefully they had stayed in the car....

Friday, 35 north out of Ankeny was stopped dead. We saw the head of the stoppage while going south- no accident there, just two morons playing in traffic. Wacky stuff.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dang sick people..

Wednesday I strained something in my shoulder, so work sent me to the critical care clinic so they could look at it. I was stuck sitting in the waiting room for an hour or two with every coughing, sniveling grossbag in the county, apparently. So now, in addition to a strained muscle in my shoulder, I have an interesting cough.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bloomberg 3rd party for president?

Is this some kind of tongue in cheek joke? The only guy that both manages to out nanny both Obama and Bush, with an undisguised disdain for both term limits and anything approaching freedom for the masses? Friedman opines:

if only to participate in the presidential debates and give our two-party system the shock it needs.      

What imaginary third party does Bloomberg lead? The People way too rich to be Democrats (lol), but so invested in controlling people down the the very last micron of their lives that they can't be Republicans either Party. Bet that party is pissed ABC has the Supernanny name copyrighted- they could run with it. I suppose the shake up in the debates would be how far each Bloomberg and Obama would go to eradicating what little is left of freedom in this country, and manage to make Romney look like a Libertarian by comparison. Then again, the Stupid Party loves to not only move to the center, but jump over the left's positions to try to attack them from the other flank.
I guess he would save the country in one way- his policies could finally unite the country against someone, because he wouldn't be from either party. I'll leave the rest to imagination.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guess I need to watch Castle this week

Adam Baldwin will be guest starring on Castle soon(this week?) Cool! I know I don't post about it, but I am huge Firefly fanboy.
Tweet below, I don't know how these turn out with dueling Andriod apps. Pardon the mess until I fix it

#Castle's #Firefly reunion: Can Adam Baldwin lead Castle back to Beckett? @Castle_ABC @NathanFillion @adamsbaldwin -- TV Guide (@TVGuide)

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Zombie shooting fad. Um, okay.

Where the hell have they been? Under a rock the past decade? Zombie shooting has been getting to be a cliche for the past two years. (or more) I'm not saying I don't do it. Of course, cool people don't like to do whatever everyone else is doing. If it gets more people the range, go for it.

Is it bad that I was walking through the Easter leftover aisle the other day thinking cheap stuffed bunnies would be fun to plink? Pull the stuffing out, red dye filled packs of some sort inserted.....yep, I'm a little off sometimes.....

Sunday, April 15, 2012

BAG day

Bought enough random parts that I'm only a barrel and charging handle away from another AR upper. And moar 6.8 ammo. Almost bought another lower. I hate to sound like a mall ninja snob, but I wanted a different brand of lower than what was available at the show. No sights yet, almost picked up an Aimpoint 4 MOA comp CL with a base. And there was a Stag 6.8 that won the award (in my head) for the most affordable AR at $725. Too bad I already bought a 6.8 upper.

Drop it, mouse! This thing don't just shoot poodles.

This is a mockup with the no name handguard I bought- sorta looks like a copy of Midwest Industries T series. My DPMS wrench works fine on it. The flash hinder is just spun on- for that matter so is the handguard. I still haven't decided on scope vs red dot, so the elcheapo scope setup is on place holder duty. Leaning heavily to the Aimpoint or EO-Tech side, with backup irons. I also just realized- tearing down the old 6.8 setup and putting this back together counts (in my head, again) as building my own AR from the ground up. Of course, everything still needs tightened down.....

Oleg Volk I am not.

But we do have one thing in common. I also have taken a photo of a KSG. Saw my first one in person at the show this weeked. $625.......... If you wait about 2 years and there are 22 guys ahead of me already on his list. Nice gun.
Also said hi to Robert from Roberts gunshop. Picked up some oddball ar parts at the show as well.
Added: $1500 moves you to the head of the line......way too rich for me...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Now I remember why I didn't like Mike Wallace

I remember having to watch this in high school, video's 6 and 7 specifically. Referenced from Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive. Short version- Wallace would have watched Americans get slaughtered in an ambush, and help hold the camera for his journalistic thrills integrity rather than attempt to warn the Americans. Then, being too dumb to even realize Peter Jennings is Canadian, he bullies Jennings into changing his mind. The best is when the Marine Colonel steps to the mic and says, to paraphrase, as a Marine I would still advance under enemy fire to rescue the journalists bleeding asses if they were shot in an ambush, because of my integrity as a Marine.

So if poor little piss baby Wallace got some "big" stories spiked, I could care less. Again, my contempt for the MSM started early in my life.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Now with less JD to go around!

I thought my pants were fitting loosely! From 252 ish to 241 over the past month. Cutting all forms of pop/soda out have helped. (1 diet Dew last week. Bleg)  Plain iced tea (w/o Skittles) and black coffee- no sugar or cream- help. No junk food other than nuts or trail mix that may contain M&Ms (200 cal per packet). Or pork rinds. If I don't snack at work I tend to be hungry and order something a little larger than my normal 200- 300 cal "meal" of Hormel Salt and Alleged Food.
 Two eggs (farm fresh, coyotes allowing- I would work for eggs, people ;)) in an omelet w/ cheese, jalapenos, and tomatoes for breakfast w/ 2 strips of bacon plus whatever seasoning I randomly throw at it.
 Random taco salad-y dinner or if forced into fast food, no fries. Add veggies to taste.

I don't have a goal weight. Last time I did that, I slacked off at 215 or so and gained it all back plus interest and penalties.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New 6.8 info- might be big

Might be old news, but sounds great to me.

Here at LWRC forums. Short version: Federal will be making 6.8 ammo. Hell yeah! More ammo makers, more choices, better prices? Spent bullets look good. Also there- prototype P-mags that may or may not* need LWRC's special magwell, whatever that is. Plenty of speculation that somebody big may soon be offering a contract for rifles and ammo.

Short Response: DO WANT!

This may change my plans for rifle number 3.5

*Added: Dang, it will take a new lower. Looks like another lower will be on the menu too. Oh, dang, another 4473 to fill out. It does suck, in that it takes away from the ease of using existing parts.

Dirty gun fail

No, not a dirty gun jamming on me. I have a shotgun I'm looking to trade, and today I popped the barrel off to look it over. Whoops, those 2 slugs I ran down the bore left it dirtier than I expected- more than just a patch and fast wipe down would cure. So it stayed home today. Of course, the gun shop near my parent's house actually had something I was interested in. Might have to give it a good cleaning and go back Monday. Or wait for the show next week.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Whine and you shall receive....

After I posted about looking for one last week, an attentive blog reader sent me the following item: Colt .45s hat. Shown below with a Cardinals water bottle, because I'm not an Astros fan. I just like the .45s for some reason. And that baseball wasn't going to let them do it. Now to find a cheap jersey or shirt.....

FCC disclosure: My wife sent me the hat, so sod off.

Hahahahahahahahah. I just got a bullet proof vest ad through adsense. (see linked post) Good thing, 'cause the Chicago thing is definite.

That's a sammich

The Jethro from Jethro's BBQ in Altoona Iowa. A tenderoin with pulled pork, ham and 1/4 lb bacon. Good stuff.

This restaurant (the original in the Drake neighborhood, anyway) was featured on an episode of Man vs Food, for the Adam Emmenecker Challenge. See the sammich below The Jethro, and eat the thing including fries in 15 minutes. Adam Richman failed.
The Jethro didn't kick my ass, but I was feeling it walking around after eating it.

So, I've eaten at Centro, Splash Seafood, and Jethro's. Hmmm, am I leaving out any restaurants owned by the same guy........;) cough, Zombie Burger,cough

Finally saw the Movie of the Book.

re:The Hunger Games

OMG they changed it. It sucked.

Just kidding. Good movie. Had a few 'I see what you did there' moments, the game seemed shorter than it could have been. Peeta should have been taller. I need to reread the book for a couple of sections, just to see if Cato's lines rang the way they did in the movie vs the book. The actor playing Seneca Crane kept bugging me, realized he was in the first Ghost Rider movie.

The previews should have said "Sponsored by Marvel"

Some stuff on NBC doesn't suck.

Video of the Day: The best first pitch you’re ever gonna see | HardballTalk

Via Adam baldwin's twitter feed.

Updated with a real PC instead of stupid app.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

6.8, now with extraction!

Today went out and shot the 6.8 SOTA upper with the o-ring around the extractor spring. No extraction problems. These were shot at a bench, seated or kneeling, with no rest other than my elbows on the bench, at 50 yards. And not much more sight picture discipline beyond, f... it, looks like it's on the bullseye, bang. This is not my final scope solution- just the make sure it goes bang one. My goal is low at 50, 100 straight on. Or 200 straight on. Haven't decided. Need to decide scope or Aimpoint PRO.

The range had some firewood hanging with the bowling pins. I asked the Range Officer if I could shoot the 6.8 at the wood. He looked at me and said, "Only if I can too, and don't hit my damn steel with it." So, of course, on the first shot I blew the 25 yard chunk of wood clean off its eyebolt. Must have split it- it was screwed with the grain, not across it. The 50 yard chunks didn't blow apart, but rocked and/or spun pretty hard with the 110 grain S&B and Hornaday.

The ASC 15rd mag was a pain to seat and feed the first round with the bolt closed. I was only loading 5 at a time. I also used my 20 round Bushmaster mag loaded to 5 max, it was more reliable loading.

My M&P40c had a FTEx with the 10+1 loadout I'd been carrying the past 2 weeks. First round didn't extract, slide grabbed another round. Fixed it and all 10 left shot fine, plus 3 more full mags of range ammo. Funny, I was there to shoot a used old G22 3rd gen I had picked up (Shocked face! Different brand of Kool-aid! And not the hive approved 9mm!) in a trade with a guy I work with (calm down dear). It shot fine, I didn't. Not shooting pistols for 2 months makes me shoot like crap.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Looks like the Chiappa Rhino is starring in Total Recall

Seems to be the sidearm of the, for lack of a better term, clone toopers. And of the Sharon Stone trade up Kate Beckinsdale too. Screen shots from the trailer:
 After busting clone trooper ass.
After disarming his "wife."
I liked the original, think I read the Philip K. Dick short story it is based on, and will at least see this on video. I am a sucker for near future (or far future) stories.