Friday, August 31, 2012

Mystery post

Random part is random. Or is it?; )

Quickie range trip

Shot by me and another shooter at the range. 75 grain Hornady Steel Match. Like the Magpul K Grip. Felt weird asking them to hold the camera, so I watched one of the guys there with me shoot it, too.

I had to remind his grandson to put his ears on once.... The remark was made after I shot the first mag: wow, that is loud WITH hearing protection on...

Oh, target was at 25 yards, offhand, unsupported. On the large aperture.

Police Dog Dies After Being Locked in Squad Car

Yeah, it gets worse. He was locked in the squad car on a day that almost hit 100 degrees F. Wow. His handler left him in the car while on an investigation. Harley (the K9) was Des Moines' dedicated narco dog. Going to expect the fallout from this to be big. Unless there is some kind of equipment failure, this will not be good. RIP Harley.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I like live comments

Over at Ace of Spades, they are commenting on each of MSNBC's non-white cut aways. Apparently they are legion.

British thieves want to tax wealth

As an emergency measure. Apparently the wealthier subjects haven't been bled enough, so a "one time" wealth tax is being floated to keep the socialism rolling along.

Hey subjects, how's that gun control working for you now? If you think "one time" is the only time, you are mentally challenged.

So I was at this Golf Course in Chicago

I didn't know that was double secret racist! Oh, wait, it was the whitewash squad from MS-NBC declaring it, because everything at the convention this week is racist. Romney speaking on Thursday is probably racist, because the Cosby Show was on Thursdays or something.

Look, lipstick on a pig

Okay, it's not a pig, but my homebuilt  5.56 11.5" barreled AR. (pinned and welded, nothing to see here, move along) It has been working out well enough to get a few things put on it.

Okay, so that is a 6.8 mag. Picked up some Magpul Ranger baseplates to try out. Helps differentiate from the 5.56 mags- sucks to grab the wrong one, and those will help. Going to try out the MOE K grip, too. I'm kinda meh on the MOE stock, so I'll run the carbine stock a little longer. Yes, still no optic on the RRA carry handle. Send me a Burris FFIII and I'll beat the crap out of it.:) test it. Yeah, didn't think that would work.

Fun shop stories

Stopped by Rhine, my local gun shop, today. Discussed with them further the new neighbors. Guess yesterday they were having some kind of "meet Obama" tickets to one of his daily twice a week visits. The shop guys said smelly hippie types were lined up around the block 2 hours before the campaign office opened. Took up all the parking, blocked all the businesses, etc. The campaign workers cars stand out, one even had drivel from the Scott Walker recall election on it. Guess the agitators didn't have to go very far.

Got some swag while I was there, too. Doesn't work, he kinda laughed at my comment, "oh, so it's a forth gen, huh?" Probably lucky he didn't throw me out of the store...

Fauxcahontas BS story gets smellier

No, not Elizabeth Warren's Cherokee story. The violence story. She claimed in the story of her driver assaulting the photographer that he was just some guy she hired that day. Whoops, there is proof that he has been driving for her for months now. Why can't she just admit her brownshirts don't like the little people?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zimmerman judge booted off the case

Guess his witch hunt attitude didn't go over well. Good riddance. The ruling stated he was too biased to stay on the case. No shit. Now if only Corey could be pulled too.

The Fifth District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach on Wednesday ruled that Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. in Sanford went too far when, among other things, he described Zimmerman as a manipulator.

It was "admittedly a close call," wrote Judge C. Alan Lawson, but Lester's actions, taken in total, would cause a reasonable person to fear that he is biased.

Though I believe I have heard judges say stranger things on the bench, it is nice to see one get kicked off a trial for his attitude.

And in other only ones bathroom news.

The Secret Service is among those who can't figure out the shitter carry conundrum. Guess they left a gun in the toilet on Romney's plane. Wow, in the holster always works for me.

Every time someone tells me only the police/government should have guns, I will recall stories like the above.

This might be an old defensive gun use

But it is a good one. A woman was attacked leaving her place of business, located across from a police station. Fortunately for her, she was armed and fought them off.

Then there was the above, in the comments. Nice, you read a story about a woman successfully defending herself against two attackers, and your first thought is to say she will have the gun taken away and used against her? How's that antigun dogma working for Allie? I also notice she's a "female gun owner, butt". A species similar to the elusive "I'm a hunter, butt" that infests the newspaper discussions of Second Amendment topics. Also hits on the "you must have training to even know what a gun is" meme. Oh, and the escalation meme, your life and body are not worth fighting over meme. What else am I missing?

On a time frame note, this story is from April/May. Kathy Jackson, via her Cornered Cat page, posted it on Facebook today. The "female gun owner, butt" comment appeared today. Looks like the antis read her stuff, too.

Edit- Moved to top of stack.
If I have to explain the use of "Butt" vs "But" in the the antigun spammer description, YOU are the Butt, not me.....

Noticed a sale

I've never bought from them before, and if you frequent AR15 dot com or 68Forums, you probably already know, but Palmetto State Armory is having a labor day* sale. Of course, they are out of 6.8 BCGs and bolts. MidwayUSA has, excuse me for a second, click, ahem, still has bolts in stock.

I'm such a bad influence, another of my coworkers wants a 6.8. Of course, he is ex Army and unimpressed with the 5.56.

* I work for a living. I'd capitalize it if I wanted to.
No money was paid for this post- I'm just drooling....

MSNBC coverage of Republican Convention

Exclusive Pic below:

Bookmark this link


NYPD officer goes off on training requirements. Apparently, I could qualify with my eyes closed, providing I could handle the fucktarded 12 lb trigger.

H/T to Mike V.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If this is a time of national emergency?

Why is the President stumping in Ames, Iowa instead of flying to Nola and helping people onto the school busses himself? This is based solely on a comment I heard in the 10 minutes I listened to Limbaugh today on the drive to work. Apparently some lib commentators in the msm are saying Romney needs to stop campaigning ala McSucker in 08. Or something.

Also,why is Christie apologizing for Romney's birth certificate joke? Weak.

Hey Animal Rights Activists in Formerly Great Britain!

You want hunting magazines treated as porn? Aw, do you need a hug?

 Sadly, in Britain, such a ban might just be the next step. And everyone wonders where both parties in this country get the nanny fetish from.

Hey, Ferb, I know what we're going to do today!

I love Phineas and Ferb, there are enough jokes that an adult can watch and laugh along with a kid. That said, the post title is exactly what popped into my head when Tam posted the link to the destructive test over at the Vuurwapenblog. Just that subject might be a little too not-Disney for the Disney channel....

I've wondered what it would take myself, my DMPS HBar 11.5 gets damn hot when firing with the MOE handguard on it.

At least Fauxcahontas is a true facist

Having her security rough up the little people. Who does she think she is, Martha Coakley? Or Alec Baldwin?

Glad the party of the people always seems to be the party of "Some are more equal than others."

That was fun

Went to the range, ran a brick (okay, 450 or so) of Rem Golden Bullets through my CMMG 22lr kit in the Armalite 16". If you would believe, 0 misfires and only 1 misfeed the entire batch. I'll attach pictures sometime; I had way too much fun to worry about pics. Those damn things jam up my 10/22, Smith 22A, and any other gun they are exposed to. Go figure.

Monday, August 27, 2012

RNC protestors dressed as vaginas....

As opposed to looking like douche bags the other 364 days a year?

I'm here all week, try the veal.....

I am a bad influence

Two of my coworkers are now looking for Mosin Nagants.;)

GAO Reciprocity Report

From the GAO report (PDF) on reciprocity between the states. With Diane Feinsteins name on it. Iowa has a very high % of ccw vs adult population- 243,000 permits out of 2.2 million adults. Good job Iowans!

The report also makes fun of the pissant, dictatorial nature of may issue, singling out Maryland and California with examples that almost require you to have been shot before issuing a permit.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

That was pretty cool

Found out how many .223 rounds you can load with BL-C(2). With 27 grains of powder, it was 259 rounds. Quick math check. 7000 grains per pound, divided by 27, equals 259.26.

My cost is $5.34 per 20 rounds using 55 grain Hornaday at $14/100, 1 lb powder $23 - 259 rounds. Using Win small rifle primers at 3.79 per 100. (I have cheaper options) Saves $2.60/box on plinking ammo IF you don't mind the time. I need cheaper bullets. I can get them cheaper at Scheels, just need to get out there. Didn't include brass, as it is paid for already, but will need replaced eventually.

Okay, maybe I am taking it too easy.

These are pictures of past and recent range outings. The upper pic is at 15 yards and farther. With a striker fired M&P, in 9mm and 40 S&W. Neither have the moronic 12 lb NY trigger. No, I wasn't being shot at at either time. The lower is from my last range trip.

I've thought about the NYC shooting a little more. The dipshit with the .45 was closer than the steel, about at the range I shot the silhouette. And he moved about as much as the silhouette did by watching the video. The high shots on that target are the result of me moving my point of aim up- a 6'5" shooter aiming down causes ricochets off the ground when aiming down to center of mass, so I aimed between the 7 and 8 for 1/2 the shots. My guess in 151 rounds fired at the green target, and 250+ at the steel that trip. With all my poor shooting skills, the silhouette sure looks shot to hell in all the right places. The one miss would have been through the heart or lungs had I been aiming center of mass. Some of the video I posted shows the speed I was shooting, too. Mag dump speed. (with a poorly executed New York Reload included) After a (pistol) layoff of 2 months. (Gawd I love not having people whine because I'm shooting too fast- needed skill, folks)

So, I, as an average CCW holder, could or could not do better than the average NYPD? I don't shoot in matches, and have in the past year fired around 2500 pistol rounds, give or take. Well, maybe I'm not exactly the average CCW holder. I know I'm on the low end for (half ass, on my part) gun bloggers.

Mosin Recoil Pad Review

Swung by the range Saturday to try out the custom modification to my 1943 Mosin-Nagant. I'm getting tired of sore shoulders after shooting, and this rifle seems to shoot well. I installed a Remington Supercell pad on it. PN 19471, meant for a wooden stocked 870/1100.

I also have this pad on an 870. I have a Limbsaver on my 500, but chose the Supercell primarily because I was going to hack the living crap out of it, and it was cheap. I've never liked the slip on pads, so this one was it. The wooden stock version is flat on the edge, and has some flex to match the Mosin.

Wow. Talk about recoil reduction. Blasted 20 rounds of Brown Bear 174 grain ammo as fast as I could get it back on target. I wasn't sitting there on the last five shots thinking, "okay, you masochistic SOB, why again are you shooting this thing again?" I highly doubt Remington will make one to custom fit the Mosin, but they should.

I don't think that I can sand this to fit. I don't see the advantage to doing much more to it, other than adding material at the top to keep the pad from catching on clothing

I melted the holes with a soldering iron, as the material is very resistant to the screws. The extra hole was me attempting to use measure once, cut twice method.

50 yard target- Darkotic targets are fairly waterproof, as it was raining while I was shooting. I wasn't the only one at the range in the rain, either. Just like I wasn't the only one shooting in 0 degree weather last winter.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stopped by the fun show and fun store today

Stuck at work until 2:30am = no chance of going to Searsboro. So, I went to a small gun show in Boone, then swung by Rhine. Only things interesting at the show were a 1902 Mosin, and a 1915.  Grabbed some Brown Bear 7.62x54R.

So I just decided to swing by Rhine, Obama Campaign was open for (un)business. While I was BSing, a pair of workers came in and looked at guns. :) They also sold 2 AR-15's, 1 AR-10A (T) and a stripped lower while I was in the store. So the campaign sure isn't hurting business. I need a picture. Cars in the way today.

Watched the video of the suicide by cop in NYC

My personal opinion on it. Video on CBS here. Grabbed it and screen shot it.

I think most of the blowback online is due to the breathless reporting of "Mass Shooting at Empire State Building" when the actual story is ex-employee shoots boss, then draws on police. The actual shooting takes only a few seconds, from draw to gunman down.
 Here the suspect is starting to draw, with the police behind him.
 Here it looks like his gun is in hand.
 NYPD is moving to cover and shooting.
 Second officer moves away from first.
 Gunman starting to fall.
 Almost down.
And down.

You can see from the bus moving, this did not take very long- 8 seconds at most from the suspect turning to his fall to the ground. Yes, the police fired at a suspect, with a gun, in a crowd of people. It doesn't seem that the police randomly fired into the crowd. (UK Guardian headline) Yes, they did have people behind them get hit. They shot on a crowded street in one of the largest cities in the world. Unfortunately, the police are unable to choose the time and place of the shooting- they have to react, as anyone does, to the situation at hand.

I give up

I have one of Remington's fancy pads on my 870 and like it. Fudd Pro (can't really call 'em that anymore; AR feevva is there too) had the one for wood stocks. Well, hell, the Mosin has a wood stock.......Plus the Supercell is fairly cheap at $20.

 Burned screw holes with a soldering iron, drilled one in the skull crusher, screwed it down. I'll give it a run and see how it feels, then try to make the curtains match the drapes.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Romney and the birth certificate joke

Damn it, why does he have to go being all funny and likeable right now? Of course, that was McCan't and Bob Dole's bane*; acting like stick in the mud wussy boys when they should have been jabbing and punching. Perfect antidote to the Mormon hit jobs. Now we are back to 0bozo. Whatever I dislike about Romney, he is a tough guy in a campaign. Hope he keeps it up. This is fun.

*Batman Bane, not Bain Capital.

Interesting Koolaid parts

Burris Fast Fire mount for M&Ps from Speed Shooter Specialties. They also have them for RMR and Leupold.
Not sure if want- don't know if I'm ready to give up irons yet. I've found other mounts searching as well, and have no real plans as of yet to do it.

Watching a Current TV hit piece

What else does Current have? It is a hit piece on Mormons, they even talk to Mia B Love. I tuned in about 10 minutes in, they were busy on the multiple marriage part. Strange, if the Mormon part was such a turn off, as all the lib outlets claimed back in the primaries, why are the outlets to the left of MSNBC the only ones to talk about it?

I started this post Wednesday, and some personal stuff came up. I noticed yesterday Drudge had something up about 2 (real) networks running hit pieces on the Mormon Church. Heh. Again, all the libs were stage whispering, "He's a Mormon, those evangelical types will never vote for him." Guess now is the time to remind everyone of that fact. So, is the MSM also not fond of Harry Reid?

Emily Miller on Ammo

Good read. It's amazing she is forced to hide reporting in the opinion section.

She points to the PSH about the government ordering hollow points. My objection to the whole issue is, why does every tin pot government agency need to be armed, with police powers? I could care less WHAT they will shoot me with, and more to do with the fact that they CAN.

Though hollow points have been around a little longer than the 20 years she alludes to in the article, she may also be basing this off of Winchester's own bullet points from her tour this week. Modern hollow points have come a long way in the past 20 years; that may be the point she was trying to make. She does have to get her point across without having to do a 2000 word essay on the history of the brass cartridge. And she has to do it in a town populated by PSH artists who love to get things banned because it only increases their power.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Second Amendment Rally This Weekend

I am unable to go. Too many family things going on, with crappy work scheduling, (for me) to attend the Iowa Firearms Coalition Second Amendment Rally this Saturday. It would be interesting to hear Bobby Jindal speak. Plus there will be suppressor demos, full auto rentals, and all kinds of cool stuff at Brownells Searsboro Range.

Maybe next time I can get a media pass (HAHAHA. Pause for effect, WHOO I think I'm pretty funny, anyway) and an excuse to get off work.

LOL at the Gun Shop

Stopped by Rhine Group for the usual reasons. Got a Shield yet? (no) How are the black rifles selling? (well)
Then they asked, "Did you see who rented the storefront next door?"
Me: ????
RG: "The Obama Campaign. :)"
Me: LOL!

Looks like they are setting up a satellite office right next door to a tactical firearms store! One that sells stuff on the internet! I forgot to ask them if they have to pay extra to be located next to such a sales booster. I'll get a pic sometime and post it.

Our fine justice system on the case

Wow, you get 25 years in Iowa for burglary, but only 5 years for involuntary manslaughter if you whine to your judge in a bench trial that you didn't think the gun was loaded. Oh, and get out 8 years after the fact. And tell the parole board that:

"It was an absolutely horrible decision," Lee told the Parole Board. "The worst decision I've ever made in my life."

Well, that is nice- admits he decided to pull the trigger. Doesn't matter if he thinks the gun is loaded or not. That is a childish excuse. Tells you what works and doesn't work in our legal system. I could go to prison for not having health insurance (if you believe the bull in that bill about the IRS not actually being able to do just that, you really don't know how our system works) but murder gets you 5 years by saying "I pointed a deadly weapon at the guy, pulled the trigger, but it's not my fault it was loaded."

I'd say release the guy to a halfway house next door to the judge. Too late, judge passed away a few years ago.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coffee on keyboard alert

Apparently the media is getting stupid trying to trap Paul Ryan into saying something similar to numb nuts down in Missouri. Ace of Spades lets them have it.

Work in progress

First world problems

To third world religions. Seems that someone left some bacon on the ground in a park in Staten Island. Of course, the ever vigilant NYPD will downgrade it to littering; oh, wait, someone special is whining. And somebody may have posted something online! Ohs, noes! At least in France, they go whole hog, well, at least the head. As I said in that post, which insider dropped the bacon and defaced the post on their own website?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Target pics

Pics from the videos posted below.

I like the way this mosin groups.

The 9mm was NATO and +P Ranger T 124 grain. The 40 was Ranger 180 HP subsonic. Tula "hunting" 148 grain was run in the '43 m91/30.

Shooting like crap- now in HD

Well, some of them, anyway.

Took the 1943 out, had the range to myself, so I whipped out the camera and tripod. The new Mosin has a bayonet allergy, so it was sight adjustment time. Initial shots:

Watch more dirt fly, after adjusting the sights. All shots aimed at the bottom of the target.
Now for the comedy part of our routine:
Wow, I am rusty as hell with a pistol. Glock or M&P, no difference. I flat suck .7 or 10 yards. Yes I hear the zings- they are from the bullets impacting the ground at 80 yards or the side of the berm. I've watched other shooters do it before. But I do adjust my POA for later shots. As seen below.
Remember, I'm 40 lbs lighter than only 6 months ago. Yes, my fly is up.
And my own commentary:

Illegal Immigrants protest their Illegal Status

Fail on so many levels. What a bunch of "me first" whiners if they think that only Hispanics can be "illegal aliens." What about all the Irish, eastern European and Asian Illegals? Talk about being racist in their "anti" racist pouting. If you break immigration law, you are here illegally. End of story.

And "racial justice," what the holy hell is that? Sounds like something the asshole in Wisconsin thought he was engaging in.

Looks like Emily Miller is enjoying the Winchester tour

From Facebook, yesterday she posted a check in from the Winchester facility in Illinois.

Today, she posted a video shooting kool-aide a M&P with Rob Pincus. If I knew how to post video from FB, I would.

I hope she doesn't have to do the female range dance today.

Monday, August 20, 2012

ABC blows it again

First calling the tool in Colorado a Tea Party member based on a random search for a name, now they published the wrong info about Tony Scott. He didn't have a brain tumor per his wife. Man, maybe I should be a source, I could pull something out of my ass and have a better chance of being correct than ABC.
Edited no proof Brian Ross is behind this-yet.

Employee shoots sword wielding suspect

A Dairy Queen in Las Vegas was being robbed by a criminal with a sword, and one of the employees rightfully shot his ass dead.

Below is a reenactment of the incident:

National Right to Carry

Still held by Diane Feinstein*, last news I heard. Guess my prediction won't come true. But, the election isn't over yet. Not that 0bama has the faintest clue about running to the center. Somehow, he thinks full left lock, then tying down the wheel will win him this one. If it does, well, the dead have truly risen, and gone to the polls en mass.

*Spell check fail- it recommend "Einstein." And they say computers don't have a sense of humor....

Director Tony Scott Dead

Freaky, sounds like he jumped off a bridge.

Added: He had an inoperable brain tumor.
HT to Weerd.

Rumors and speculation- Chicago

Over at Second City Cop blog- see the post All Hands on Deck. Chicago's high murder rate will get national attention from the MSM soon, and the wieners in charge are scrambling to make like they have police in the areas with the highest number of murders.

Let me guess the angle that will be taken. No mention of the strict gun control in Chicago and Illinois, creating a monopoly of force for those in charge and for those willing to break the law. If they do, it will blame the court cases spanking Chicago for banning handguns for the uptick in violence. The guns will have come from "evil dealers" or the "gun show loophole." (ATF Violent Crime Bureau running guns in and around Illinois recently? Look there, media types) No mention will come of the insane practices of the courts in Chicago- offenders back on the street before the officers have even finished the paperwork is a common comment over at SCC.

Why would the media be allowed choose to cover this before the election? After all, this is the "hometown" of the President. Are they secretly in the tank for Romney, but not quite allowed to express that opinion?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Elizabeth Warren’s Dukakis Tank moment

Elizabeth Warren’s Dukakis Tank moment

Elizabeth Warren
Seriously, I've been reading Professor Jacobson long before Limbaugh mentioned him on air. Yes, I linked twice to him in one day. But, his stuff is worth it.

Bored, made some photochops

Stuck on call, can't do anything cool, so I did some fail responses based on google image searches.

Go Ryan. Meh Romney

Totally unscientific poll

WHO TV runs a poll during the state fair, allowing you to drop a corn kernel in a jar for either the Democrat or Republican. Well, Romney has a slight lead this year.

I always wondered who was pro-zombie

If you own a business, you didn’t build that, zombies did

From Legal Insurrection.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Photographic proof of my dorkitude

Um, it's because Jennifer Lawrence is really hot. Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket

It's not like I bought the one with the pendant included....

My wife has (had?) a mockingjay bookmark/pendant thingy at one time or another. She's the one who got me started reading the series.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Canada is very low key

Apparently they are having a severed body part problem, but the kicker is at the end:

Since 2007 on the western coast of Canada, about a dozen severed feet encased in shoes have washed up on beaches near Vancouver, along the southern Georgia Strait and off Washington state in separate incidents. Most of the remains are unidentified, although investigators said at least two of the feet belong to men who were reported missing.
In previous cases, police said it appeared the feet separated from bodies naturally in the water and foul play wasn't suspected.

Wait, what? So how did they get there? No foul play suspected. Do people just cut off their feet and throw them in the water in Vancouver?

We have reduced carbon dioxide to 1992 levels!

The earth is saved! And we have environmentalists to thank......wait, what was that, the free market did it? Natural gas is so cheap, it is now burned for power and that has reduced our carbon output? [statism on] No, the government had to have done it. Nothing ever gets done without the government forcing it to happen. [/statism] So driving SUV's had no real effect?

Wow, what a waste of government time. Looks like they can fire the entire EPA division devoted to CO2. They sure as hell suck at their jobs.

University of Colorado Segregation

Found via ARF, the University of Colorado will be segregating students with carry permits. Seems to be voluntary. Would be interesting to see the assault stats on the safe dorm vs the gun free dorm after a year.

They do a bunch of legal ninja bs though, claiming that the purchase of an athletic ticket constitutes an agreement to not carry at the applicable events. Wonder how that holds up in court.

Death Cards

These are death cards:

This is a chicken sandwich:
This is a chicken sandwich on a death card:
Any questions?

Normally, I wouldn't feel like being such a tool. Today, I've decided to urinate on the media double standard of motive- "Can we tie it to a vaguely right wing cause, or one that we claim is right wing? Run with it! Is the nut quoting Marx better than us, or acting on our dehumanizing a group WE have decided are H8ers? Bury the story!!" 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

FRC shooting

Sounds like domestic terrorism to me. Planned to murder people and leave Chick-fil-A sandwiches next to the bodies. Failed because he never fired his weapon prior to his fail fest, limpwristed it, and it stove piped. And anti gunners don't believe that gun control is using both hands. All unconfirmed, just pieced together from random blog posts and articles I've read.

Maybe if he shaved his junk......

Quick, somebody warn the wacky cawk guy about this

Per this article here, random doctor #45243523 is warning of the consequences of Brazilian waxes. Someone better warn the Shalom cock shaving guy, but his comments are turned off!!!!1 Maybe I better get a bumper sticker for my oversized tired, loud exhausted pickup truck; but, oh, the humanity, all the NRA and Calvin stickers took up all the room. How will he ever find out!!!!

*Not trying to be a prudish, just didn't want one of the 7 words in the title.

Mosin unboxing

Unboxing a new to me Mosin.

What was that, you say? Lazy blogger, duplicate post?

Last video from yesterday.

I was just goofing around. Not the best video, but the non-ejecting thing shows up again- always on the last shot. I may try loading one round at a time and see if I can tell just where it fails at.

I did learn something yesterday- the Mac's iMovie thing would have nothing to do with the .mp4's from my cell camera. I read some vague cure on Macworld, lost interest, and did these in MSPaint Windows movie maker again. But I did find out that the Mac likes the heck out of the files on our real video camera. Next time, I will use that. Bring the tripod and be all fancy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Range videos

Just of me shooting the Mosin. Partially to see if I'm doing it right. I wish I had video of the 11.5; I was running it pretty hard. Also had a pierced primer. It was either Winchester small rifle or CCI41- I figure the former.

 The third video, from a different perspective, is stuck in YouTube hell, I guess. I'll post it later.

Line at the new Chick-fil-a

The new Chick-fil-a opens at Jordan Creek in West Des Moines today. People camped out overnight.*
No word on if they are pro-gay marriage, pro-not gay marriage, or pro-first amendment. My ace reporter didn't walk up and get the 411. Screw 9.5 from Chicago and Mumbles from Boston. Let the customers decide.

My $0.02, get the .gov out of the marriage game. Civil unions for all; you want a marriage, get thee to a church. On the other hand, vote the Iowa Supreme Court judges out that "allowed" it in Iowa. I always vote no on every judge, I'm uncomfortable with appointed jobs for life. Like we will run out of lawyers anytime soon.

*They had some kind of free chicken for a year giveaway.

Trolling for clicks

I changed the Chris Matthews comment in the blog title. I've always wondered about those folks searching for erogenous zones, seeing a blog titled  "Zombie Rush" and thinking, ooh, that looks informative. Either they have a Limbaugh fetish, or are necrophiliacs. Or assume I do. See the "about the name" widget on the right side.

I thought about "not plagiarized on CNN" but like what I settled on.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You can have my eggs when you pry them.....

What in the hell is this crap? Eggs are as bad as smoking? Why aren't they looking at all the people who don't have heart attacks and eat eggs? Shouldn't the stinkin' nannies encourage eating stuff that is bad for you? Saves all that Social Security money.
Next week, the exact opposite study will be released, of course.
So was this study sponsored by whiney vegans or the beef alliance? Of course some fucktarded* lawmaker** will rush to intro a bill....

*spell check on my phone likes that word.
** cough, Bloomberg, cough.

Added: I hate to reiterate, but are they sure they aren't looking at symptoms rather than the problem?

You might be a gun nut

Is that the meme? I forget. Anyway.

Buying a $100 rifle, then picking up a $40 cleaning rod to clean it. Justifying that by the reasoning that at $100, you will pick up one or two more down the road......

President shuts down the most important part of the state fair: Updated

The Bud tent! Well, per a Facebook update by Chuck Grassley, it was the Secret Service. If they can't have fun on the job anymore, no one will.;) Bud tent owner claims $50,000 lost tonight because of this. More of that helping the small business attitude.
Glad I am stuck working tonight. What a mess that must be down there.

“I was in a position to make a campaign donation against my will,” said Cunningham, a Republican.
Cunningham played the gracious host during the president’s visit ­ smiled, posed for photos, raised a beer with Obama, gifted him a “Save Water; Drink Beer” T-shirt.
- From Des Moines Register blog

Update: At least $25K. He was keeping up the tradition of hosting the President when he comes to the fair. And the American tradition of free speech, too.

I want that job

Being the security guard at the National Weather Service. They are ordering him (or her) 46000 rounds of 40 S&W and 500 paper targets. That article has some serious PSH over hollow points, to the point of cribbage from the Brandy Bunch. The only question I have is, why does the NWS need ammo? But, then I realized they must have a security guard force, and actually want them to hit something once in a blue hockeystick graph moon. It's not like ordering a bunch of short barrel shotguns for the Department of Education. Now, if they they were asking for 4 million rounds of .50 cal linked for a Ma Deuce, I'd be worried....

There is a little blurb about the Army ordering riot gear. Now that might fire up the old tin foil hat.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mosin range pics

Went to the range today. Shot the M91/30 at 50 and 100 yards, with Prvi 182 grain and Winchester 180 grain loads. (Bayonet installed, thank you very much) Also shot the 6.8 after reinstalling the original free float tube and an iron sight front base. (No adjustments to scope at all) And the 11.5 got some run time- with 60 grain nosler at 100 yards and Tula at paper plates.

If you think I slow fired the Mosin, you must be kidding yourself.......I have stripper clips coming :)

And I got approval to use self healing rubber targets at 100 yards. Woo- hoo.

50 yard target, prvi 182 grain. 10 shots

6.8 at 100. 110 grain Nosler. No scope changes after being remounted. The rifle was sighted with 90 grain loads. The 110 grain stuff always shoots lower at the same setting. You won't believe me, but the top 5 were shot after jogging down to check the center of the target. Honest.

Winchester 180 grain at 100. Some sighted at center, some sighted at bottom center. 16 total.

10 more Prvi at 100. All sighted bottom center. 223 holes are from the 11.5 at 100 with Nosler 60 grain.

The range was packed today. When I got there, just one family was shooting. By the time I left, people were waiting for space to shoot. On a Monday morning 11:30 AM or so. I'm used to being the only one there. Danged perfect weather...

Should get me a rep as "that guy that rapid fires Mosins," though. For good or bad....