Friday, May 31, 2013

We need this law to protect you from us!

The "off the record" meeting on media was held. Apparently, the Washington Post wants to knuckle under and be Holder's bitch. Among other organizations. Holder apparently pushed the media shield law that Dick Durbin wanted the other day. Because that dusty, old, ratty First Amendment is so hard to deal with.

Listening to the guy signing off on the warrants to spy on the media tell the media we need a law to protect them from him must really take some mental gymnastics.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Most Obstinate Administration Ever

What is it with this administration and their secret, off the record collusion with the media? Collusion is the only reason they would need to have official, off the record meetings with the press. This is flat out bullshit and needs to immediately stop. The only reason would be if the subject in question was an immediate action in a foreign nation, and our people were in danger of life or limb if the secret was out. At least not all of the media hacks are dutifully lapping up the crap and pretending it is ice cream, some are actually calling out the Democrats. Getting your phones tapped for fishing expeditions tends to wake you up, I guess. Too bad they will be back to shoveling along shit sammiches for the next election.

Invisible wall

The University of Iowa is putting up the invisible wall that was installed for flood protection around the Art Building West. My first thought, of course, was that this sounds exactly like what Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Gang of Eight want for the border. Then I realized what they wanted was more like an imaginary wall.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DoJ made a funny last week

The DoJ claim to not have hacked Sharyl Attkisson's computers. But, they also qualified it. The statement claimed, "to our knowledge," meaning they really have no clue. This was an old story, from May 22. So, maybe someone at the DoJ has either recanted, or found a way to cover their tracks properly.

You write what you're told

A Senator now has a problem with the First Amendment. Including bloggers and others using non-traditional forms of expression. Seem to be of the musket + Second Amendment, 1791 theory of removing rights. I always thought the gunny response appropriate. Ridicule based on limiting other rights to the technology existing in 1791. Didn’t think the Democrats would take that as a challenge. Silly me.

Durbin was speaking about a proposed media shield law that would only apply to approved journalists. Because the Constitution is over 200 years old. Those pesky upstarts just go around using words.  That way the more important animals like Durbin can get stories out in the way that he wants them out there. Without those pesky Americans having their say.

Nice thoughts, coming from a member of the party in charge when the IRS has been going after TEA Party groups wanting to get involved in educating the public about the excesses of government. And Holder didn’t did approve warrants for spying on the AP and James Rosen. Ironically, in the video from Fox News, he was willing to allow Fox News reporters to be covered by the law, but had doubts about extending freedom to others.

What it will do is help to solidify the government control of the press. If the only people not allowed to speak freely are the “approved press,” under a government proven to go after anyone who does not toe the line. Including journalists- authorized ones included.

Monday, May 27, 2013

A thought

Being the dumbass I am, I mortared the Blackout with the Bushnell TRS-25 on it. Want to know how many times? At least twenty. Maybe more. I said I was a dumbass. Most of them were at home, with unprimed cases, trying different overall lengths, case brands, etc. You know what? The cheap thing still works. The groups I shot at a reasonable pace are the same as the groups fired before my fit of stupid. Tough little thing.

Fun range time

No, not out of the ordinary. Made more fresh Blackout cases. Only problem was brass catcher related. I need one of those nice ones, not the $12 cheapies. Went back to 2.095 OAL, otherwise same specs as yesterday. Fed great. Full 30 round mags. The C-products mag was fine, as was a Pmag. I also ran single shots, all 4 times I went empty, it locked back. Even triple tapped fine.

How not to celebrate Memorial Day

Scum have been stealing the American flags from the Masonic Cemetery in Des Moines. They did it on Friday and again on Saturday. At least the second time, the caretakers claim to have video. For what good that will do.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Well, that went better

The 300 BLK brass I made today fit in the chamber and went bang. Always a bonus. Now I'm running up against the not enough .308 bullets wall.

Also got to fix a case over bolt malfunction. I made this batch a little shorter, and the aluminum mag hated them. Couldn't load over 20 rounds, and the last two decided to leave the mag at the same time. I pulled the buffer tube out, cleared it. Worked fine for the next PMag. Another PMag was fully loaded, no problems. Locked back properly, 3 o'clock ejection. 17.5 grains of H110, 125 Speer TNT, Rem 6 1/2 primers. 2.06 or so OAL. 2.09 has run fine in the past; this was also a new mag. And I was using it as a rest. It was raining, and I decided to just shoot at an existing target. So no pictures.


Made some 300 Blackout brass from 5.56 and .223 cases. Short version, 7 out of thirty chambered and fired. All of those were LC 10 brass. S&B, other LC brass end up too large. With the same settings of the die.

My theory: when the expander pulls back up through the neck, it pulls the shoulder up with it. Still fits in my L.E. Wilson case gauge just fine. But will not chamber and fire. Functional cases actually sit down in the case gauge, even after firing. Some of the brass has thicker walls than others. For cases formed without the expander die in it, the shoulder is in the proper place.

Some of my reading indicates that 300 Whisper and 300 Blackout differ in the expected parent case. Whisper is from 221 Fireball cases necked up, while Blackout is from 5.56 cases cut down. Guess what kind of die set I have? Hornady 300 Blackout/300 Whisper. I don't know if that makes a difference. Something tells me it just might. Or I am just a moron. That possibility always exists.

I've thought about trying the cream of wheat fire forming method. Not real sure about doing it in a semi auto.

Added: Went on a case killing spree. Decimated (every tenth case got beheaded its neck cut) my prepped (and or once fired) .223 cases. Fiocchi held the proper dimension. So did FC marked Federal. PSD and PMC marked PMC cases also hold their dimensions. Seated only bullets in the cases that had the longest shoulders, all fed into the rifle. Hopefully these will fire okay at the range.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Protip:Zombie fad

Telling your small child you have guns for shooting zombies is one way of explaining your firearms to them. He can even get in on the act, buying you zombie themed targets and ammo. But, be warned, if you take him here:

Now that Fort Hood is a Terror Attack....

Obama declared Fort Hood shootings a terror attack yesterday. Another of the post election admissions of the sky being blue? Wasn't the government holding up proper recognition of the victims because Hassan actions were classified as workplace violence.

I notice in his speech (edit: as examples of terrorism) he also brought up the dumbass shooting up the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, the progressive who flew his plane into the IRS building, the Chick-fil-a terrorist and all the Occutards the FBI gave fake bombs... Just kidding about the last two.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am not a crook

But I plead the fifth anyway.

Perjury before Congress is a crime, right?

Strangely, Lois Lerner suddenly sounds like a the poster child for keeping the government out of private citizens lives. Except she isn't a private citizen. She is a government employee, one who hasn't been removed from her post and put into a rubber room like they have in NYC for the reject teachers they can't fire. Hell, than might be mean to the other putzes in the rubber rooms. Who knows what kind of oppression she could dream up in a place like that.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Range time

Sighted in the Blackout with my reloads. 16.8 grains H110, CCI 450, 125 grain Speer TNT. 2.10 OAL. All at 25 yards.
Playing mix and match with the purple. The A2 stock is a little long. Who decided on that length? I'm 6'5" and it seems like a stretch. But, the scope might be a little forward for an A2 stock.
The 6.8 target. 50 yards, 115 grain Nosler, 25.8 grains Re10x, CCI450. 2.29" OAL
The readjusted cases worked better. (bolt closing is good, right?) Lock back was intermittent. Hell, feeding was intermittent. This thing was dead nuts with new ammo. Now, anything over 10 rounds, it is pissy. Thought the rifle extension and its heavy buffer would slow it down. It might be too slow. I will also try a different bullet, see if it will digest some 130 grain hot cores. Its sister eats those for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. but groups like crap with the 115 grain Noslers. This load was on the light side.

Center was cold bore. Top right 8 were the finale. Top left 7 was shoot, clear, shoot, clear. Lube stupid bolt carrier more, shoot, clear. Bottom left and right were 15 round mag shot slow, steady with flyers caused by a cranky trigger yanker cursing the single shot crap.

Speaking of workplace violence

Looks like Formerly Great Britain just had their own little case of Islamic workplace violence. No word if the DoJ and Bloomberg are airdropping lawyers in to help advise the British PM on taking away the remaining sharp objects from the British serfs.

Approved reporters

David Gregory's protectors in DC will be pleading the fifth pretty soon, I'm guessing. There sure is a ton of that going around these days. In the meantime, those "co-conspirators" at Fox News get the KGB treatment, complete with secret indictments and spying. Wonder if the DOJ found anything exciting on Sharyl Attkisson's computers?


Seriously? I think the name is lamer than the lack of backwards compatibility. Will they keep selling 360s, since they are such notorious piles of screaming shit? I've owned three. :( Not because they are awesome, because I have too many games to just have a smoking dead box sitting there.

That, and the only thing you are buying is the permission slip to play the game, not the game disc itself. Great idea! Now you can't borrow a disc to play a friend's game to see if it sucks or not.

Stupid camera has to be hooked up to play games, too. ESAD.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nice try

Lois Lerner wants out of testifying before Congress tomorrow because she will be embarrassed by pleading the fifth the entire time. Nice to see she found a dusty copy of the Constitution while skulking around DC. Not to mention a sense of shame. (yeah, right)

Do it. Make her repeat herself like a broken record.

Reassuring sight

That today will suck just like the last two days. Man, look at those gas prices!

Monday, May 20, 2013

If only there was a way

If only there was a way for people to protect themselves. And not earn "increased police presence" every time there is a murder. And not have to pay $$$$ to fascist overlords to do something that people in free states can do.

Related story in more ways than one, my in-laws in Mordor have gotten their FOID cards. I just hope they can find some guns and ammo to purchase.

Round two

Moar weather tonight. Yay us. Not as bad as what happened down south, but shtf is possible.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tornado missed us.

Lucky us. Sounds like they went north and east the other east of us. Plus 70mph straight line winds.
Algore bin took the worst of it for us. Other than no power. Guess I'll read MHI while I listen to the generator run the sump pump.


Readjusted sizing dies today, since one 6.8 has a pretty tight chamber. Also set up the 300 BLK dies. Loaded up a few test loads in both. Destroyed one 300 case. Gross stupidity + mechanical multiplication of force = crunch

 Also, does Hornady have any kind of consistency in their primer crimps? Once you break the crimp on the factory loaded cases, some of the pockets feel damn loose.

125 grain TNT's loaded to 2.09 OAL do not work in Pro-mag 42 round mags. Hope they work for 5.56. At least they were cheap.

Of course, my wife gets back from her road trip, and we get thunderstorms and tornado warnings. I can't go test my piddling few loaded cases. Well, I could, but I can wait.

Good thing too, Tornado on the way.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Great, Wilding Weekend in Chicago

And my wife is there. Yay. Why, again, is carry prohibited in Illinois? To keep from hurting the criminals?

Another way to get extra IRS scrutiny

Urinate on a sign in front of your local IRS building. Then post it on instagram. Helps to be an NFL player.\
I'll go out on a limb and say he's gonna get an audit over this one. Might as well change his middle name to Patriot.

Friday, May 17, 2013

What's in the box

If I can only order 2 mags, I will order 2 of each. Problem solved.

Gonna need a bigger tin foil hat

The one I've got just don't seem to be working. I'd swear I read that the IRS official in charge of keeping the TEA Party out of politics was promoted to head of Obamacare at the IRS. That's just crazy talk. It's not like the IRS is stealing patient records or anything. Combing that level of institutional vindictiveness with control over peoples lives could never happen, right?

 I suddenly feel the urge to not get sick. Ever. Or old.


This gas must be pretty sweet stuff. It is $0.60 higher than the last gas I bought. Must be some special, high test shit.
A big fuck you to shutting down 2 refineries in Shitcago at the same time. On the other hand, this seems to have cooled the Iowa Legislature's raging Viagra fueled erection for increased gas taxes.  And, no, I don't buy the ethanol, except at gun point. Mileage loss negates the $0.13/gallon savings. At this price E-10 would need to be $0.40 cheaper to make me buy it. Funny story, the E-85 hasn't kept pace with the E-10 and real gas price. It is currently $2.79. Depending on the IRL mileage loss, one might come out ahead.

Just think. With Algore's carbon taxes, this would be the price per liter. So, yay!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I should have taken a picture

I was happy about some road repairs today. They finally paved over the abandoned rail line by The Lumberyard.
And there was a sweet AC Ace at the Outer Limits. I would have taken a picture, but whipping out a camera at a strip club is probably frowned upon. ;)

Yeah, the detour I was bitching about the other day takes me past some interesting places.

Wow, Obama really set the IRS straight

He fired the intern temp filling in and was scheduled to quit next month. What an exciting and bold show of leadership. Why, the President could probably manage to organize, for America, a few community projects next. Nothing too big or bold at first, this executive managing thing is tough work.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Range trip: now with words

Went to the range for only the second time this year. Helped sight in the Burris FFIII/scope combo a coworker bought. I shot this 7 shot group through the Fast Fire III at 25 yards with 115 grain Noslers over Re10x. Not sure how many grains, we mixed up magazines once. I think 26-26.6 grains. I had a ladder loaded up in the box, I'm not sure which mag he grabbed. I was also testing new, fully loaded mags and didn't have Magpul baseplates on them yet.

The new 300 Blackout ran great. Locked back on empty. Fed great from a melted Pringles can lid, M3 20 round PMag (10 rounds) and 20 rounds from a 30 round Gen 2 Pmag.

Carry gun mag got a spring cleaning. No problems, even with all the lint on the gun. Also ran a Pmag that had been loaded for 2 years. Fed great in the 11.5. It locked back every time with the lighter BCG. That thing must have a small gas port- it runs the best with a carbine buffer and AR-15 bolt carrier. The M-16 carrier is in the Blackout now, no problems with it at all.

Lowering BAC

Because activists and the government would never keep chipping away at something. Exactly what would lowering the BAC to .05% do, anyway? Make the loser driving at .15% be triple illegal? Or set more people up to be criminals?

We banned texting while driving. Now everyone drives around looking at their hidden phones. So that worked out well.

I realize BAC was either meant to be the news of the day yesterday or a distraction. (NTSB! We haven't done anything unethical. Lately.) Kinda overshadowed by the despotism coming out of D.C. and Angelina Jolie's !boobs. Which actually makes sense, she wants to be around and carries that gene. She has the money to do it now as opposed to when Obamacare ratchets up and she has to let the government decide if she needs to do it and when. (Hey, that !choice is probably in the law somewhere) Her dad is a Republican. And her husband admits they have guns for self defense. The IRS is practically salivating to deny her something.

Police can be across the street

For what good it will do you. A convenience store across the street from a Chicago police station was robbed at gunpoint. Carry your gun. My bad, this was in Chicago.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Comforting thought

The apolitical, competent and wise IRS will be in charge of Obamacare and by extension, your health.


Well, the IRS scandal turned nasty

We are now up to intimidation of private citizens for exercising their right to free association. Yes, the left and right live for that, but this is on an industrial scale. No wonder they released the AP phone records story- the IRS story goes deep enough that bugging phones on Capitol Hill looks like a jaywalking ticket. And we still have the dead ambassador in the corner, stinking up the place.

Harry Reid said today that this type of stuff is awesome, and more IRS agents need to break the law against conservative groups. Of course, I just watched the jackass claim that Gosnell's abortion clinic, receiving no inspections or oversight since 1993, is what results when restrictive laws force abortion to be underground. In a licensed clinic. But, he had a sad look on his face.

Does Obama do anything?

I recall Reagan being accused of being behind every thing that happened in the 1980s. Yet Obama can't seem to control any of the executive branch. AP phone records, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS harassing his enemies, none are his fault.

But he did get Bin Laden. I guess. But, no pictures.

Spotted locally

Two little ponies.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Coworker gets something cool

I sold one of my 6.8s to a coworker. One, he needed a rifle. Two, I buy his brass because I know the darn thing makes good brass. He just got this off the the UPS truck. Apparently, they now come with a Fast Fire III standard. His plan for now is to sight it in as shown. When he gets his second rifle, the FFIII may migrate over to the new rifle.

Road construction

I'm getting sick of it, I am. My primary route to work and home involves a bridge over I-80. Which, in the infinite wisdom of all involved, needed to be widened, raised, all around shut the hell down. Great, it was a narrow POS. It is all part of a larger interchange project 1/4 mile away. But, the official detour is a 2 mile pain in the ass. Not because of the construction there, but because you have to pull into or across an intersection that often will have 20 cars waiting with pissed off people inside them. Wild west Indian/com-bloc style moves at a 315 degree intersection sucks. Then 6 lights within a 1.5 mile stretch. All of which seem to be programmed to change when the heaviest traffic approaches from the last light.

Also, we are being infested by those stupid yellow flashing left turn arrows. The concept is fine with me. /sarc The theory: people will be more careful when pulling out in front of oncoming traffic, because YELLOW! The practice: you never get a turn arrow, because, um, because, er, because....shit, I got nothing. And, I sit there getting antsy, again, because YELLOW! Yellow means floor it or nail the brakes. They really do not do anyone any good in a town where the pastime is seeing if the light can turn yellow before you clear the far side of the intersection.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

How do you say redneck in Chinese?

Taken from this article.

IRS scandal goes deeper quickly

Officials knew about the dirty rogue workers in 2011. Say, that is a year before the story they admitted to yesterday. And it wasn't just in the Cincinnati office, either. We really could stand to fire 50% of the .gov employees and suffer no loss.

Watched Ironman 3

Good flick. Didn't watch it in 3D or at the local feelaround theater. I think Ben Kingsley stole the movie. A few gripes about Conservation of Ninjutsu.*

The pre-previews for the movie were odd. When did they start advertising TV shows before the movies? There was a 3 minute or so ad for Steven King's The Simpsons Movie Under the Dome. Made a few jokes. "Look, that's Police Chief Wiggim!" "Is he Homer?" "How about that guy?" Totally forgot to yell "Where is Spider Pig?" Doh!

*Spoiler below:

Guess this shows us where we stand

The our government allows pissant "lower level employees" of the IRS to go rogue* with no accountability. Yet teams of armed men in Libya were actively told to stand down and not attempt a rescue of our Ambassador.

*Rogue, not rouge. Gotta get the coffee brewing sooner.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Just low level IRS employees

Official story: Nothing to see here, a bunch of bureaucrats randomly decided to give the third degree to right wing and/or TEA Party groups during the last election. Solution: fire every last one of them and charge them with felonies under RICO. See who rolls over fastest. Oops, forgot who was in charge.

Shocked, shocked I tells you

Not that Elizabeth Warren introduced some hair-brained scheme to give student loans some random ridiculous low rate. I'm shocked that the Daily Beast calls her out as scheming to look like a populist twit by trying to suck up to the FSA: Occupy Division. Is the Dem plan to get everyone dependent by giving them free shit? Holy crap, I can't believe I just typed that. Derp.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Noted Obama advocates concerned about Attkisson

Sharyl Attkisson must be doing something right. The same network that let Dan Rather fester on air for years is concerned that she might be showing signs of digging too hard into Benghazi. The sign being that she is covering the story at all and not is not buying the administration line.

Guess I will drag this one out again.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More of that bipartisanship

I read a previous post somewhere else about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg working with conservatives to help immigration reform. The part that makes me snicker is that the liberal nutroots are pissy Zuckerberg is working with "teh enemy." Wow, someone shows bipartisanship (not that I agree with the goal) and the commies are freaking.

Of course, the first comment that popped up is from Adolph Jr blaming in all on the joooozzzz.

Speaking of the LA Times, I hope the Koch brothers do buy the rag. Wish they could buy the Des Moines Register, too.

Department of Justice study-no gun show loophole

Guess Obama really dodged that bullet, trying to rally around such a worthless, incompetent, unnecessary bill that even his own biased people say would affect only 2% of gun toting criminals. Could you imagine how silly it would be to worry about a problem that is barely a rounding error?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Marketplace unFairness Act of 2013

I was looking over text of some version or other of the Internet Sales Tax bill S.743. Don't know if this is actually it, since "read it after we pass it" is the name of the government game. Besides, what it lists isn't 900 pages long and full of bullshit bureaucrat summoning weasel words. Only 2-3 pages of weasel words. And free shit.

I think the smelly thing actually requires a state to mandate 1 tax rate for the entire state* if they want their interstate excise sales tax. So does that mean the states get to hash out internally who loses out on the free $$$$? That makes too much sense, because then there would only be 57 50 tax rates, and half the bill is dedicated to setting up a government monopoly on sales tax calculation software.

tl;dr: Boner, don't let it pass the house. :(

*Nope, read it wrong. The bill just makes the state setup/designate one "entity" to deal with. So, yay, it requires more government to do the job of collecting money for the government. I actually like my version better. Imagine all the fighting over local option taxes being mandated statewide for interstate purchases; or better, all the crying by localities not getting their "cut" that they suckered people into enacting upon themselves.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Proper attire for horseback riding

Bikinis and/or sports bras.(for women)
I'm JD, and I approve this message.

Sorry, no pics.


A friend of my wife noted on Facebook that a local theater had a Deputy Sheriff frisking (maybe? see below) people and inspecting bags for weapons. A weapon permit holder was allowed to return his gun to his car to be stolen. My wife noted: "I would have asked for a refund, obviously that place isn't safe. Even if I had no weapon on me."

Last time I checked, it was a Carmike theater.

She did not ask if they posted guards on each of the fire exits.

I'm not sure what the going rate for private security is, but I'm guessing it is more per hour than most of the rest of the minimum wage monkeys make for selling popcorn.

The deputy told the permit holder to leave it in his car. Which, in this state, a private property holder is within its rights to ask. No clue if they have signs posted. Iowa law is that you can be charged with trespassing if you do not leave after asked to. Also, everyone was searched, except children.

Bought a PMag locally Saturday

$20 at a local shop. And the only reason I bought it at that price was the fact that it was a Gen 3 20 rounder. Just to try it out. The first 6.8 round I tried did not fit at all.

The local Sportsman's Warehouse had no primers. They seemed to have a few more handguns, and an AR15 lasted until the afternoon, if you believe the counter help. Plenty of .270 bullets good for reloading 6.8, at least. The defensive ammo shelf was completely wiped, save for some big bore revolver loads.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

No Brains

Guess when there is nothing worth eating, zombies just chill out.

H/T to SCC

Saturday, May 4, 2013

You know you have made it

When a crappy meme of yours appears on your facebook feed.

I did a google image search. It appeared on Infowars at one point in time. Does that make me a super duper tinfoil type? Of course, my original post linked to an Infowars article.

So, Steve King will not be running for Senate (tinfoil time)

If Steve King will not be running for the Senate seat Tom Harkin is abandoning, I really do wonder which putz the Republicans will run. So far, all of the usual drunks and losers high profile Republicans in the state have declined. Steve King was the only real exception to the part I struck above. I'm smelling a fix, as is usual. 

Good column in the Iowa State Daily

From a familiar writer, too.

Gun people don’t trust anti-gun people because they always bemoan the NRA, claiming the NRA is the source of all their anti-gun legislation problems. We don’t trust anti-gunners because it never occurs to them that perhaps it’s not the NRA per se that has the power, but the millions of members that belong to it, and the millions more Americans who otherwise support it and its mission. The NRA is probably the largest private organization in America; maybe that has something to do with its influence...? We also don’t trust anti-gunners because they’re too ignorant to understand that the NRA only represents a minority of us anyway.

Read the whole column.

Full disclosure: I have met the author and purchased firearms from the store he works for.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The long and short of it.

Hmm. I guess he did remember that our drug laws and lax border security help the cartels to make money hand over fist.
Alt text for the Bushitler types: Takes over Resurrects failed Bush program; Makes it worse 

Leave some bugs for me

I hope the cold snap doesn't kill all the insects off. At least before I bust some NaCl in their asses.

Even the fowl are crying foul

The slush and snow mix is deep enough and wet enough that these ducks were swimming across the lawn.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

You got your global warming on my window

Please take it back, Mr Gore.

Wait, what?

The AP headline is:

Obama to pitch immigration overhaul in Mexico

Guess we know who he really gives a damn about. Must be part of the missing 7 states.

Why don't we just annex Mexico instead of pussyfooting around? Just think of all the fun the EPA could have down there. Not to mention every other pissant bureaucrat storage agency that issues itself tin stars and guns. With Congressional approval, to be sure. Hell, we can whip up some QE XIX and just pay for it all on credit, too.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

All that door kicking

And it turns out the police in Boston didn't check the street that Niko Bellic bomber junior was found on. At least according to the people who live there.

Twinkie sign

Proposed Illinois Carry Law

One of many. I personally find one thing funny- it allows concealed carry only. And there is also a duty to inform anyone asking, not just LEO. Wow, if only there was a way to show that you are carrying a gun without having to chat with every Tom, Dick, and Ninny out there.

And I'm not talking about the CCW sash or badge.