Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Range time

Sighted in the Blackout with my reloads. 16.8 grains H110, CCI 450, 125 grain Speer TNT. 2.10 OAL. All at 25 yards.
Playing mix and match with the purple. The A2 stock is a little long. Who decided on that length? I'm 6'5" and it seems like a stretch. But, the scope might be a little forward for an A2 stock.
The 6.8 target. 50 yards, 115 grain Nosler, 25.8 grains Re10x, CCI450. 2.29" OAL
The readjusted cases worked better. (bolt closing is good, right?) Lock back was intermittent. Hell, feeding was intermittent. This thing was dead nuts with new ammo. Now, anything over 10 rounds, it is pissy. Thought the rifle extension and its heavy buffer would slow it down. It might be too slow. I will also try a different bullet, see if it will digest some 130 grain hot cores. Its sister eats those for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. but groups like crap with the 115 grain Noslers. This load was on the light side.

Center was cold bore. Top right 8 were the finale. Top left 7 was shoot, clear, shoot, clear. Lube stupid bolt carrier more, shoot, clear. Bottom left and right were 15 round mag shot slow, steady with flyers caused by a cranky trigger yanker cursing the single shot crap.

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