Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am not a crook

But I plead the fifth anyway.

Perjury before Congress is a crime, right?

Strangely, Lois Lerner suddenly sounds like a the poster child for keeping the government out of private citizens lives. Except she isn't a private citizen. She is a government employee, one who hasn't been removed from her post and put into a rubber room like they have in NYC for the reject teachers they can't fire. Hell, than might be mean to the other putzes in the rubber rooms. Who knows what kind of oppression she could dream up in a place like that.


Robert Fowler said...

If Issa had any balls, he would have declared her in contempt of congress and had the Sgt at Arms haul her ass down to the jail in the basement of the house. A few days of peanut butter sandwiches might loosen that tongue.

They should have Holder and Hillary in cells down there too.

JD Rush said...

The worst part, now that they have done exactly what I wanted, is that she basically gets a vacation.

aurictech said...

The biggest problem with pleading the fifth these days is that they'd probably give you one of those downsized 750 ml bottles of booze, instead of a proper fifth.