Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Seriously? I think the name is lamer than the lack of backwards compatibility. Will they keep selling 360s, since they are such notorious piles of screaming shit? I've owned three. :( Not because they are awesome, because I have too many games to just have a smoking dead box sitting there.

That, and the only thing you are buying is the permission slip to play the game, not the game disc itself. Great idea! Now you can't borrow a disc to play a friend's game to see if it sucks or not.

Stupid camera has to be hooked up to play games, too. ESAD.


Chaplain Tim said...

You forgot to mention the "always on, web-connected, high-definition camera and microphone combination that is sitting in the living room." Nothing to worry about there, right? I mean M$ has such a stellar reputation for security in their products, right? You do know that M$ owns Skype now, and claims the rights to all information that passes through their servers.
I've owned four 360's- took a while to find one that wouldn't red-ring after a long night of Halo/Gears of War/Fallout 3/Dead Space/Bioshock/Borderlands. Not interested in the Kinect games, I get enough exercise through work.

JD Rush said...

At least Kinect isn't required.

My last 360 (Jasper) has been on since I bought it 3 years ago. Only locks up when trying to listen to music from the hard drive while playing a game from the hard drive. Strangely, you can listen to music from a flash drive with no problems.

My Xenon actual crapped the DVD player. Then died in a flood. The Falcon RRODed and was warrantied. Still works, good for LAN parties.