Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Range trip: now with words

Went to the range for only the second time this year. Helped sight in the Burris FFIII/scope combo a coworker bought. I shot this 7 shot group through the Fast Fire III at 25 yards with 115 grain Noslers over Re10x. Not sure how many grains, we mixed up magazines once. I think 26-26.6 grains. I had a ladder loaded up in the box, I'm not sure which mag he grabbed. I was also testing new, fully loaded mags and didn't have Magpul baseplates on them yet.

The new 300 Blackout ran great. Locked back on empty. Fed great from a melted Pringles can lid, M3 20 round PMag (10 rounds) and 20 rounds from a 30 round Gen 2 Pmag.

Carry gun mag got a spring cleaning. No problems, even with all the lint on the gun. Also ran a Pmag that had been loaded for 2 years. Fed great in the 11.5. It locked back every time with the lighter BCG. That thing must have a small gas port- it runs the best with a carbine buffer and AR-15 bolt carrier. The M-16 carrier is in the Blackout now, no problems with it at all.

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