Sunday, May 19, 2013


Readjusted sizing dies today, since one 6.8 has a pretty tight chamber. Also set up the 300 BLK dies. Loaded up a few test loads in both. Destroyed one 300 case. Gross stupidity + mechanical multiplication of force = crunch

 Also, does Hornady have any kind of consistency in their primer crimps? Once you break the crimp on the factory loaded cases, some of the pockets feel damn loose.

125 grain TNT's loaded to 2.09 OAL do not work in Pro-mag 42 round mags. Hope they work for 5.56. At least they were cheap.

Of course, my wife gets back from her road trip, and we get thunderstorms and tornado warnings. I can't go test my piddling few loaded cases. Well, I could, but I can wait.

Good thing too, Tornado on the way.

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