Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You write what you're told

A Senator now has a problem with the First Amendment. Including bloggers and others using non-traditional forms of expression. Seem to be of the musket + Second Amendment, 1791 theory of removing rights. I always thought the gunny response appropriate. Ridicule based on limiting other rights to the technology existing in 1791. Didn’t think the Democrats would take that as a challenge. Silly me.

Durbin was speaking about a proposed media shield law that would only apply to approved journalists. Because the Constitution is over 200 years old. Those pesky upstarts just go around using words.  That way the more important animals like Durbin can get stories out in the way that he wants them out there. Without those pesky Americans having their say.

Nice thoughts, coming from a member of the party in charge when the IRS has been going after TEA Party groups wanting to get involved in educating the public about the excesses of government. And Holder didn’t did approve warrants for spying on the AP and James Rosen. Ironically, in the video from Fox News, he was willing to allow Fox News reporters to be covered by the law, but had doubts about extending freedom to others.

What it will do is help to solidify the government control of the press. If the only people not allowed to speak freely are the “approved press,” under a government proven to go after anyone who does not toe the line. Including journalists- authorized ones included.

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