Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Washington DC says 30 Round Magazines Okay -Update

They will not prosecute the crime David Gregory committed. The 105 other people they arrested in 2012 didn't wave them around on TV. But we don't have selective prosecution in this country. Or a biased media carrying water for one side only.\

Mention David Gregory at every chance when "high capacity" mags are brought up.

Emily Miller noted they changed their minds and may or may not charge Gregory by the end of the week. Guess they want to see how the optics go on the free pass idea first.


Robert Fowler said...

I hate hypocrites. We are going to have to use this every chance we get.

The gun haters have rules for them and then there are the rules for everyone else.

Robert Fowler said...

Where did you find the update?

JD Rush said...

Facebook. She changed the article soon after it was published.