Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gun Store Trip

Decided to go shopping today. The LGS was darn near empty. He had to bump ammo prices on what little he has, as he can't get more in or the distributors can't give him a definite date for shipping. Just happened to be there when Obama's dead kid waving ceremony was on. I pointed out to him Obama will probably require him to do the private sale checks for free or set a price that is ridiculously low. Got a dirty look for that. No new 4473's came in over the fax while I was there.

Sportsman's Warehouse has limited primer sales to 1K per SKU and 2lbs powder per SKU. Or 1 bulk container of powder. I think most ammo was limited to 200 rounds per person, or one bulk box. But 5.56/.223 may have been even more limited.  The MSRs were limited to 1 per (none that I could see) and I think handguns were limited. The handgun shelves were near empty. Still had many shotguns. Even the bolt action rifle section was picked over.

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