Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Gun Related Shopping

Both Sportsman's Warehouse and Bass Pro Shop look like they were robbed. A few revolvers (SA and DA) and odd caliber autos are all that are left. And a few 1911s at Sportsmans.  Shotguns seem relatively unaffected. Even the bolt action rifles seem to be down, but they are spread out more to make it look like they have stock. And the lever action pickings are slim to none. Most common reloading components are wiped. I've been doing my part to keep the 270 bullets in short supply, but I shoot the crap out of them. No powder that I shoot (Re10x, AA2200, H335,H322) in the stores. Most .223 bullets are gone. .308 too. Did find some .311 for the Mosin Nagants.

I'll admit I didn't go to the gun show this weekend. Not because of the ND one dealer had; I was working and found it very tough to get free. Plus I read on ARF com that the main reloading guy I go to was pretty much sold out. (See powder list above)

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