Thursday, January 24, 2013

We need a reverse Feinstein

I know I've said this before:. Dems will want to start the "conversation" or "compromise" with Diane's gun grabbing list. We need the opposite.

1: NFA totally repealed. All related acts/modifications null and void.

2: Nationwide shall issue tied to voting ability. You can vote, you can carry. If you are to crazy too carry a gun, why in the hell should you be trusted to vote? All fees for firearms ID/carry cards are EQUAL to fees charged for registering to vote.

3: All states can only arm their police with weapons available to common citizens. Cannot apply laws to non-residents.

4: Gun Free Zones must have death insurance. Or armed guards.

See, we would compromise at removal of the Hughes amendment, SBRs and suppressors normal NICS check,  nationwide shall issue, no gun free zones. Oh, and police limited to civilian available weapons if a state goes all New York.

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