Monday, January 28, 2013

Feinstein saw a Slidefire stock ZOMG

Guess she was on Face the Nation with Bob "I Hates Me Some Gun Owners" Schieffer whining that people could buy a Slidefire stock, saying it makes the "gun act fully automatic." Um, no. Even the ATF, who prides itself on killing people over a 1/4" too short of a barrel, says the Slidefire is not full auto. But, shoe strings are. Guess Diane didn't want to sound like she had gone full retard by bringing up that story.

Some loser just called in to Limbaugh repeating Feinstein's bullshit about "collapsible stocks" making the guns full auto. What a moron. Even Rush knew that it was a bump fire stock. So now the anti rights spammers are out there saying collapsible stocks = full auto. So they are going full retard.

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