Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gun store report

The local Sportsman's warehouse has people standing waiting to look at or buy guns. Stopped at Rhine; he's having to raise prices. A curious thing happened while I was there. A guy came in looking for an AR-10, as he didn't want one of those "little poodle shooters." Fine, I like my larger stuff too. Turns out his nephew had an AR-15 on hold from over a year ago. Short version, turned out the nephew forgot he had it on hold. He was refunded the down payment, as he didn't want it now. Let that sink in. The price was $825 he had locked it in for. A gun he could have turned around on consignment for $1200 easily.

Yes, I asked if I could buy it, but it went to the next guy on the rifle list. Darn dealers with integrity.

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