Thursday, January 3, 2013

Case study: Response to court decisions

Massachusetts and Iowa were told to have gay marriage or else by courts. Good ol' Mitt Romney moved heaven and earth to make that happen in Mass. Iowa, on the other hand, has seen Republicans pass bills out of the house to ban it, regulate it, etc. They all are stopped in the Democrat controlled Iowa senate to prevent the state lefties from having to come out of the closet (heh) and vote, one way or the other.

Contrast that with the state of Illinois- they have been told to allow carry or have it forced upon them. What do the Democrats do? Go completely insane and attempt to ban any firearm that is worth defending your life with. One party sure seems to be better at playing politics than the other. Of course, the political opportunists can't let a crisis of their own doing (gun free zones) go to waste, now, can they?

Additionally, gay marriage rulings stem from Equal Protection Clauses. So how do they get around that when states say police can have something the regular subjects can't? It would be novel to apply the "protection"  meaning of the word to weapons. Hey, an ordinary citizen has at least as much right to defend him or herself as well as any public servant. The person paying the public employee's salary has a right to come home alive at the end of the day, too.

I know, it means protection from the state and random laws depriving citizens of (certain) guaranteed rights.

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