Sunday, January 8, 2012

Light a Candle to Stop Violence

Counter vigil from Weerdworld. As he and others point out, just lighting a candle to stop one form of violence is short sighted. Here is part of my effort for victims of violence:
Here is my M&P40c with a Crossbreed Supertuck. Notice holster wear and mag scratches. Both get out and used at the range as often as possible. Practice is required with a firearms- shooting skill is perishable, and so are you.

This is the 40c's bigger in size but smaller in caliber brother, the M&P357. Rides in the same holster, and normally sports a 40 S&W barrel for commonality with the 40c, as the full size mags work in the smaller frame. And it came with both barrels in the box.
And here is the third M&P, in 9mm. With +P loads, the performance is very similar to the 40 S&W with 2 extra rounds per magazine(17+1).

This one won't fit in the holster, or the photo.

Eco friendly green everywhere!
   The small minded out there would leave us unable to use, let alone own, any of these. In other, "enlightened" countries, i.e. Britain* or Australia,  knee jerk reactions to incidents similar to what happened in Tuscon, AZ last Jan 8 were used to disarm (yeah, well, Fudd guns don't count) both countries. Wonderful gun bans existed in such progressive countries as the Soviet Union and Germany of the Thirties. That turned out great. For those in power. Not to mention our own Jim Crow gun control laws and the anti Irish/Italian Sullivan act that exists in New York City to this day, now in its 101st year. Or Illinois, Jersey (You can't have a Red Rider BB gun, you need a mother-may-I-card just for that. Seriously) Mass, Commifornia, and any others I have left out.
  So I light this candle for those who have no choice in the manner of their defense.

*Don't get me started on British self defense laws. If someone attacks you in your home, give them tea, crumpets and your life, because the government there will punish you for giving a criminal trespasser so much as a paper cut. And heaven forbid you aren't home at the time, because the government will assume that the thief lives there and you have no right to remove them if they "move in". For a country full of castles, they sure need a doctrine about something..... 


Home on the Range said...

the M & P is one of my favorite carry pieces when I want something a little smaller. Excellent choice Sir.

JD Rush said...

Thank you, my only problem is picking which one to wear.......

Weer'd Beard said...

Somebody likes their S&W M&Ps!

Great shots, and neat to see some .357 Sig love.

Also Magpull MOE furniture looks friggin' fantastic!