Sunday, October 27, 2013

All sorts of handy

Picked up a primer swager tool. RCBS 9481. Very nice, even on those nasty LC crimps. I reloaded 20 cases- Winchester, Winchester 5.56 and Tula brass*. Also tried a few LC marked cases I had already used a cutting type swaging tool to trim. Primers slid in consistently after using the new swager. I feel the need to shoot up some of my nemesis- PSD marked brass from PMC. Too bad I got pissed and chucked most of the brass last time.

 A deal for the $40 Midway wants, and a steal for $32 locally.

*I swaged about 150 cases, only reloaded some samples. Compared to using the cutting type tools, it took less time and effort, although the cup on the base could be taller on my Lock 'n Load Hornady press. Maybe I can find a washer to space it up slightly.

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