Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reloading notes

One of the screws backed out of my powder drop linkage while I was using it yesterday. I ended up weighing every loaded round from that batch. Any suspect rounds that deviated too far from a known baseline were taken apart. All had powder; all were within +/-.1 grain. I'm now checking the screws each batch. If they get loose again, a dab of blue Lock-Tite 242 will be in order.

A can of R134a dry air is invaluable in keeping the press clean.

Verifying that the press is locked in position after indexing saves cases. I placed marks on the press as visual aids, but mostly a slight tug as I'm guiding the bullet into the seating die does the trick.


Robert Fowler said...

I've had a screw back out on my Pro-1000 and bring everything to a stop. It was one of the screws that hold the operating handle on. Screws you don't have a lot of reason to take out should get a dab of thread locker. Any other screws that have to be loosened or remove, just check for tightness before a run. Sounds like you got a good deal on a press.

JD Rush said...

I'm not sure which screws will need removed on a regular basis, yet. I'll probably just get a second drop for rifles, or the adapter for my existing drop.

The only downside of the deal is that I have to build a new spare 5.56 upper. The good side of that- I get to build a new spare 5.56 upper...