Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cold and old

Broke out the Type 53 and the Blackout pistol today. 19 F, but windy enough to forcefully inhale.

Mosins pass the "white glove" test. Mainly, I can load them while wearing heavy leather insulated gloves. Had I used my clips, it would have been even easier. The BLK needed me to switch to my tactical batting glove to load the mag. Otherwise, it too could be operated with the heavy gloves on. Putting a finger inside the trigger guard takes effort.


Chaplain Tim said...

I can't tell from the picture positively, but it looks like you have a pivot on one end of the trigger guard and a detent on the other end. Use the point of a bullet (not sure if 300BO has a small enough point) to push in the detent and the trigger guard should swing out of the way, makes it a lot easier to use gloves while shooting.

JD Rush said...

I have a Magpul trigger guard on that one. Can't do anything without tools. And I don't think they will pivot anyway.

Plus I was trying it with gloves I wouldn't normally wear. Passed.