Sunday, February 23, 2014

Range thoughts

It was warm enough (+25 F) and I was free enough to hit the range today. SIG pistol brace= nice. Still won't keep an extended charging handle off of my nose. KAK super tube time. My 40 round Gen M3 PMag  did not work well with my reloads in 300 BLK. It did work in my 5.56. My guess is rounds sliding forward and then hanging up. They were squirrelly when loading the mag, wanting to jump around worse than in standard capacity magazines.

Mags still have to be pried out of the FNX 45 at +25 F. Guess it will be a summer toy. I have too many mags to just get rid of it. Unless I can get a G41 or M&P45 and a bunch of 14 round mags in trade.

Tula Brass 9mm is crap. (duh?) I had 4 fail to feeds in 100 rounds on my M&P9. One of the FTFs was the last round in a mag that would not load past 12 or 13 rounds. It loaded fine before and after that. And one cut the hell out of my finger while loading. Wonder if I can unload it at the next gun show. Half of me wants to sit on it, the other wants it shot or gone so I can reload the brass.

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Chaplain Tim said...

Save the Tula 9mm for training new shooters. Clearing a FTF is an essential skill.