Saturday, March 23, 2013

Banned from Facebook

I follow and or like a ton of people on Facebook. One of whom I follow is a model/photographer that Oleg Volk worked with last year. She recently posted on Facebook that several of her accounts were locked because of a photo she posted with a gun in it. Given that my Facebook news feed has more AR15s pictured at any random time than the average gun shop has in stock, I was intrigued as to exactly what she had posted.

If you are familiar at all with her, um, shooting attire, you will understand that the following link the photo in question on her tumblr account is NSFW. Which might also explain the ban on Facebook. She normally airbrushes the good bits out, so I guess the combo of the gun and the rest of the photo pissed someone off enough to rat her out to the Facebook censors.

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