Sunday, March 17, 2013

Funshow Sunday

Scored all the 300 Blackout in the building again! Yes! A whole 100 preformed cases!

Primers were large rifle, pistol, and priced from OMG to HSYHGTBFKM.  Wolf primers were $35 for 1k, stopped looking at tables that had primers more than $75 per 1K. And you had to by 5k from him to get that price, otherwise it was $10/100. Powder didn't seem bad, for the powders I use, maybe $2 to $3 higher. 1k bags of spent 5.56 brass ran $60 higher than last October.

 The $2000 polymer lower ARs made me grin, especially when two tables down Colt 6920's were only $1300. Pistols seemed $50 to $100 higher. One of the Cock's Dick's Troy rifles was $1800. Do want, even with the funky stock. I wish I had found one when Cock's Dick's was giving them away for $800.

I did find some cheap flashlight mounts, now I see why no one stocks them.

AR uppers with port door and forward assist were around $110 from a vendor I had paid $65ish last year. A solid meh; I picked up an Aero last week to match my lower for the the same price. Stripped lowers ran from $229 to $300 for unremarkable brands. (Aero to Stag)

.223 ran from $0.75 to $1/per round, maybe more, my brain currently filters out prices above $1/per on plinking ammo, if only to not make me hate every vendor in the place.

Magazines existed; many didn't have prices, but I didn't see any insanely priced PMags. Someone had Troy 3 packs for $90


Robert Fowler said...

I've got a New Frontier polymer stripped lower. I guarantee it's not 200 bucks. More like 110. I couldn't believe the zoo that was Friday night. I sold out of 380, 9 and 223 in just a couple hours.

JD Rush said...

Didn't see that. You should have built it up and undercut the guy charging 2k for one. ;) I figured Friday would be nuts, not that I could go Friday.